Lotus was created with the aim to provide its users the option to practice Yoga & Meditation at their own convenience. It helped all those people who could not always manage to go to a Yoga class as well as keep track of their health by practicing Yoga.

Project idea

Lotus is a Yoga & Meditation app with an engaging user experience for people who want to keep up their fitness but can’t attend classes regularly.

Target audience

Lotus is meant for the millennials and mostly for women who are a fan of having a healthy lifestyle but can’t regularly attend a yoga class or prefer practicing yoga from the comfort of their homes.

Project Challenges

  • People who want to start practicing Yoga
  • People who want to practice Yoga at home but need some guidance
  • People who travel frequently but need to keep practicing Yoga


The client was provided with a Yoga app solution with video classes that can run both online and offline as well as a means to communicate with the instructors. Furthermore, features such as keeping track of their health and yoga sessions were included too.


The client provided us with ideas on:
  • The target audience
  • Aim of the application
  • Revenue model
After thorough analysis of the client’s idea we devised a plan:
  • 3 weeks of research and planning was needed
  • Back to back meetings with the client to understand their expectations
  • Business analyst prepared a requirement document along with an estimated project deadline
After internal discussion, the end result was:
  • Wireframes
  • Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Testing plan

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Wireframe & Design

Once the requirements of the project were clear, our team of designers started working on the wireframes and final design of the application.

Yoga and Meditation App Development

User persona

The main objective of the Lotus yoga app is to enable anyone to do yoga from their comfort zone. The app is a boon for women and millennials who could not manage their time to visit yoga classes. On research, it appears that there are various types of people with different preferences for practicing yoga. So, we studied different yoga people and came up with below personas that added a great help to design the user-centric app.

    George Hunt

  • Age: 25
  • Location: Sydney
  • Profession: Business Analyst


George works a shift of 9 hours and is frequently required to work overtime in a month. He gets to sleep 6-7 hours roughly. Sometimes, he goes on jogging, mostly on weekends. Some of his allies have gym memberships and do their workout daily, but he is fond of yoga. He is active in his social life and events and cares about his personality as well.

Needs & Goals

George wants to maintain a balanced metabolism and have a healthier life. He is willing to track his exercise and do more cardio workouts with measuring improvement in his body. He intends to do some yoga sessions with his friends on weekends and long trips. He is looking for online yoga sessions that can be saved for later to practice during his free time.

developed app like Daily Yoga

    Julia Mead

  • Age: 34
  • Location: Malbone
  • Profession: Developer


Julia is a health freak and likes to workout on a daily basis under coach guidance to be fit and healthy. She wants to keep track of her daily exercise to evaluate her fitness improvement periodically. She wants to learn some on the go stretching exercise during her office hours to feel energetic. She needs a diet chart and yoga routine to follow regularly.

Needs & Goals

Julia is a working mother, and so she has a tight schedule for her yoga and workout sessions. And also, she sometimes forgets to keep up with yoga class. Joining expensive yoga classes is worthless for her as none of the yoga classes provide a flexible schedule that she can manage. Moreover, there is not any gym or yoga class nearest her home. She has been trying to do yoga every morning, but she forgets and fails every other day.

    Ami Jordan

  • Age: 28
  • Location: Townsville
  • Profession: Yoga Teacher


Ami lives a roving life and travels anywhere to maintain her Yoga practice. She barely earns to meet her ends, nevertheless, she values a natural and unpressured lifestyle. She is active on social media like Instagram to express her yoga skills. The studio where she works as a yoga instructor is not so helpful for her so she started to give private yoga classes online to several students through the live session on her private Instagram that she created only for a class.

Needs & Goals

Ami wants to teach her student without any stress and hassle from anywhere she can operate her laptop. Sometimes unpaid students break into her live session; she wants to be paid for each class attendees with a track. She is willing to create compelling yoga videos, diet charts, and a routine for premium students.

Mood board

For Lotus Yoga and Meditation mobile app, we adopted the tranquil theme that generates peaceful vibes and evokes tranquillity within users throughout their app experience. Have a peek at the visual presentation of the yoga app like Daily yoga.

User flow

Our UX designer creates a path that includes the user journey from their entry point through a set of steps towards a final action, such as enrolling in a yoga session.

Main Features

01. Onboarding

When a user launches the app for the first time, the onboarding session will take them through individual yoga sessions available on the app to entice them to take any action, such as more info or enrolling for the course.

Yoga & Meditation App developed app like Daily Yoga Yoga and Meditation App Development Yoga and Meditation Application

02. Sign Up/In

As soon as a user tries to take any action, the app will ask them to sign up on the app first to access further information entering their basic details or a social account.

03. Yoga Session

Yoga Session feature is like a catalog of the sessions the app is offering. Users can check the insights of each session, including yoga instructor, price, duration, etc.

Build Yoga & Meditation App like Daily Yoga Yoga & Meditation App

04. Profile & Setting

To keep track of every activity and fitness improvement, users can quickly check into their profile in the yoga and meditation app and set their fitness goals accordingly.

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Technology stack

Here is an exclusive list of technologies that helped us successfully complete the project.

Lisa T. Holmes

Owner, Lotus

“We are satisfied by the application we received from Kody Technolab. The team knew exactly what they were doing and were extremely clear about the crucial points in the project as it could have changed the course of the project. Overall an extremely responsive and hard working team.”

Het Shah

Project manager

“We enjoyed working with Lotus. Polishing the business logic and user experience turned out to be quite a challenge but we don’t have any complaints as we are happy with the end result that we managed to achieve. “