Clean Code Principles for android app

In the 21st Century, Android has become one of the leading most wanted operating systems for every Smartphone Mobile user. Google made these android projects as open-source for everyone. Android is basically developed on an advanced variant of the Linux kernel, and other open-source software. Moreover, being an open-source platform, it can be evolved by several developers.

In order to know more about android development, we require learning how to write the code properly. As an android developer, we must know how to write better code for android applications. So, to be a good coder of Android, we should maintain the Android app design principles. And hence, we must discuss the below-listed steps:

Initially, study the codes of experts and try to modify that.

Use descriptive names.

Provide each function one purpose.

Keep a consistent coding style and right Architecture.

Remove unnecessary codes and make the code as short as possible.

Importance of clean and better code for Android application

We can consider coding as an art. In the case, if a person can start coding correctly, he/she will enjoy the flavor of this art. Moreover, by making a clean code one can solve a complex problem is a decent process. The design and maintenance of any software will be much easier. Not only that but several companies looking to hire Android App developers.

And hence, we need to make the code more clear to grab those opportunities. Generally, we can see many coders, making a huge code. However, it is problematic in numerous cases. At the time of maintaining, it may not be so clear for that particular developer. Moreover, writing a shortcode will make the program more understandable, and it will consume a little time. Also, we can reduce the chances of having bugs by making a clean code for android applications.

Clean And Better Codes For Android Application

Android App Architecture Patterns

The first target of a developer is to choose a proper pattern of the architecture of Android. In the case, if we do not have an appropriate design, some problems may arise. For example,

Inside a huge class, we will not be able to keep track.

As it contains a considerable number of functions, so it will be too tough to debug a class.

It can create problems for other developers to maintain the software.

And hence, we should have a small discussion over Android app architecture patterns to avoid as many issues as possible.


In the word MVP ‘M’ stands for model, ‘V’ is for view, and ‘P’ means presenter.

In this architecture:

The view is not able to access the model.

A single view can tie the presenter.

The View is totally passive.


In the word MVP ‘M’ stands for model, ‘V’ is for view, and ‘C’ means controller. It can be considered as the most basic pattern. Three layers of Model View Controller allow users to handle the model and user communications independently.


It means a model-view-view-model.

Clean Architecture.

It depends on the time, requirements, resources, and it does not contain any rules or specific layers.

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How to write Clean and Better Codes for Android App?

We have already mentioned the need for writing better code for Android applications and the need for proper architecture patterns. Now, we should switch to the next level by discussing the way to write clean and proper codes.

1. Use Smart Descriptive Titles

A proper name of title can make a massive difference in coding. Some little things can make our code more prominent and clear. Suppose, after making a colossal code, and we named it ‘som.’ Apart from that, it will be so difficult to understand the code by its name. Also, we have to go through the full big code to understand the concept of the program.

However, if we name it ‘Some of Matrix’ that will be quite easier for us to understand the whole concept by its name. And hence, learning the Clean Code Principles for Android app has become essential for a developer to learn more to demonstrate a new project effectively.

2. Avoid magic numbers

In some cases, magic numbers are more problematic as compared to the randomly named variables. As an example, we can give the reference of the ‘Facing’ variable in a basic 2D game’. In that game, a player has to move left or right. Some developers assign ‘1’ for one of those two sides and assign ‘0’ for another side. But in the time of maintaining, if there is another programmer, it will be very problematic for him/her. Moreover, the new developer will face a problem to figure out the side, defined as ‘1’ and the side defined as ‘0’.

3. Remove the Unnecessary Codes or Lines

After making a huge code, it will be too difficult for us to identify and delete the unnecessary lines. Sometimes before making a code, we do not notice the previous codes existing in the same place. If we forget to remove the previous ones, then it may cause junk in the program.

In some cases, coders do not want to erase the last programs. Moreover, this is because they worked very hard to make that program. But we have to keep in mind that for delivering a Better Codes Android Application, the extra lines must be removed.

4. Define Methods and classes for everything

Wherever it is possible to break the code, we should create methods and classes. After that, we should give a logical and readable name to those particular methods. The code will be so easy to understand and develop by the others.

Clean And Better Codes For Android Application

5. Maintain a theme for Coding

All coders tend to experiment with new things. Experiments bring improvement to the quality of the coding. But these experiments do not always work. Changing the style of coding may bring difficulties for the particular coder.

Some programmers are also influenced by the style or technique of other coders. Moreover, they try to follow that, and it leads to a decrease in the quality of his/her coding. All the coders should follow a proper style for making programs.

6. Never re-assemble the already available codes

Programming is not only about the creator. It contains so many classes, libraries, and example snippets of code. Those are already available on the internet and free for use. We have to know the searching processes of those codes. Furthermore, these available codes will help us a lot with making complex codes, and it will save a lot of time. We can also assemble some ready-made codes to make a big program.

7. Develop Android App Like a Professional Developer

Follow the Patterns of Android Architecture

Practice those patterns regularly.

Attend the Clean Code Principles.

Learn the Clean Code for Android studio.

Study Kotlin Clean Code For Android.

Research new things In Android Development.

It is not possible for a human being to learn everything about programming. Also, we should always keep learning and practicing for being prepared for upcoming features. In our free time, we should look into old codes and try our level best to modify those.

Bottom Line

We all know that Android is one of the famous and user-friendly software. It has a great contribution to the smartphone market. Currently, Android development is becoming a huge industry. All the credit goes to the developers. We have several Android App Development Company that helps to lead this industry. In order to become a good coder, we should consider the steps mentioned above.

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