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Vue.Js is the framework written in JavaScript for creating an attractive and captivating view of software. It does not have privileges like other JavaScript frameworks React which has been built and backed by Facebook and Angular that is supported by Google. Vue.Js is supported and maintained by its enormous community.

Within just a few years of release, it has gained a lot of popularity and love from developers. On the GitHub, it has ranked on the top for the 4th consecutive years with 31k start in 2019 followed by React. The progressive framework Vue.Js is widely being used across the world to build the user-interface of modern applications with minimal usage of resources.

Vue.Js benefits web and hybrid apps with its out-of-the-box functionalities, namely, Data Binding, Animation/Transition, HTML Templates, Routing, etc. Besides, scalability and a gentle learning curve make it easy to use Vue js for web application projects.

Furthermore, It is surprisingly replacing Angular and React like popular frameworks. Vue has been learning from the mistakes of Angular & React. Thus it is a way more lightweight and versatile than others. Besides, it allows two-way data binding like Angular, and it has Virtual DOM the same as React.

It was just an overview; the sea of Vue.Js is a lot deeper that leads it on the top frontend frameworks. So, let us have a sight on those top reasons that answer “Why vue.js.”

Why choose vue.js

Why Choose Vue.Js Over Other Frameworks: Top Reasons

These reasons will surely change your mind and drive you to Hire Web Developers and go with Vue.Js. Be ready; here we go!

Small Size With Great Capabilities

Vue.Js has one of the most significant advantages of being a smaller size than any other JavaScript Frameworks. Surprisingly, the size of Vue.js is hardly 18-21 KB. Henceforth, it becomes super fast to install and start with the framework. Such a small size of the framework captivates many developers’ attention and knocks out the heavy frameworks like React and Angular.

Detailed Documentations & Vast Community

Vue owns the in-depth documentation and an enormous progressive community. A complete guide and ready to help the community enable newbies to get started with Vue.Js in a matter of time. The learning curve of Vue.Js is comparatively very convenient to learn that it just requires basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.


Vue.Js is a more flexible and modular solution. It offers official support for a variety of build systems, including the myriad environment, and work even with JavaScript and PHP. There is no restriction to structure your web application in Vue.

You can integrate Vue.Js into any existing JavaScript projects easily. It also provides web-pack templates that can be used to avoid coding for every part of the app.


Components of Vue are considered as one of the powerful features. Using Vue components, you can extend basic HTML elements to encapsulate reusable code. Vue saves you from reinventing the wheel by providing a lot of built-in solutions and enforcing effort-saving components for everything.

Exceptional Performance

Vue.Js is a lightweight framework that offers excellent performance and quality at high speed. Even if any project requires a performance boost, it is advisable to rewrite it in Vue.Js. The progressive nature of the framework can be introduced into the existing codebase gradually.

Simple and easily debug coding increases productivity and accuracy of the development that makes the Vue stand out from competitors.

In-built Supportive Tools

Vue.Js comes in handy for building an attractive frontend view for simple to sophisticated software with its in-build tools and technologies. These tools help and play a vital role in boosting the speed of Vue app development. The tools include Vuex, The Vue Router, Vue Test Units, The Vue CLI.

Vue Command-line Interface

Developers take Vue CLI as a blessing as it offers various benefits. It helps with high productivity, decreases latency rate, assists in identifying bugs, and ensures assured project completion. Further, it saves time in project setup and scaffolding and offers below advanced approaches;

Allows programmers to create plugins and presets;

Enables to focus on the development rather than configuring;

Open to integrate plugins during the development phase.

Beyond Angular & React Js

Vue.Js is a blend of Angular & React. During Evan’s employment at Google, he thought he wanted to create something lightweight with extracting parts from Angular he liked. As a result, it comes out with a more compelling framework than Angular.

Nevertheless, they have some similar elements. Let’s have a sight on similarities Vue share with Angular & React, respectively.


Code Syntax


Model & Event Binding

Loop, Conditional


Virtual DOM

Component-based approach

reactive and composable view components

routing and state management

Why choose vue.js

When To Choose Vue.Js? The Best Scenarios From A Business Perspective

By now, you must be aware of why the Vue.Js has been a buzzing word around. You must be thinking of choosing Vue.Js for a web development project. But wait, we have some of the best-suggested scenarios to choose Vue.Js.

Animation And Interactive Elements Are Necessary For The App

The animation is something that can capture anyone’s attention in a second. Creating animations is a great idea to grab users’ attention and to hook them on the app for a longer time. Besides, it has become an integral part of modern websites and apps.

For such requirements, Vue offers a truly elegant and flexible API with composable architecture and seamless transitions between views. It has tons of ways to create eye-catching animations with already built-in components based-on CSS animation.

Vue.Js will surely be a way out if you want to make your website or web app more engaging with animation and interactive elements.

Prototyping Without Advanced Skills

It is easy as pie for any less experienced designer to rapidly prototype using Vue.Js. An approach like writing components in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and HTML templates comes in handy to get started with it.

Besides, using the Vue Command-line interface or Vue UI, developers can set up and configure the app to use the features in no time. If the developer gets stuck, Vue’s highly admired documents and community come to rescue at any stage and make it amiable for beginners.

Want To Publish MVP In A Nutshell

Need to publish an MVP at the earliest? No problem, Vue.Js’s templates, and existing reusable components can speed up the development and launch of your MVP.

“We didn’t have to spend a month setting everything up like with React, Vue had us operational in a week. We would never be at the point we are now if it weren’t for Vue. I’m 100% sure of that.”

Gilles Bertaux, Co-founder & CEO at Livestorm

Seamless Integration With Multiple Apps Needed

The JS framework, Vue, can be an excellent choice for both SPAs (Single Page Application) and integrating with existing server-rendered (multi-page) apps. It offers the benefit of seamless integration with the existing app developed using frameworks like Laravel, Express, Rails, etc.

Do you want to know who is using Vue.Js?

Because of its exceptional frontend capabilities and features, many big and reputed brands around the world have been using Vue.Js. Let’s have a look;





Yours Faithfully, Vue.Js

Vue.Js is easy to learn, Progressive, and more accessible than React and Angular. It focuses on the view layer, and you can easily pick up and integrate it into your existing projects. Unlike other frameworks, Vue was created from the ground to be incrementally adopted.

Vue.Js is the perfect choice to develop single-page apps-SPA and highly recommended for Progressive Web Apps-PWA. If you want to integrate Vue.Js in any of your existing projects or want to start from scratch, get in touch with Vue.js Development Company.

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