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Today, it’s no new fact that a programming language is a crucial factor in the creation of an MVP in order to market a product with better chances of getting sold. So if you are up for setting up your own startup and have also conceptualized an amazing design for your product or service, you are unsure that which programming language would be the best suited for developing an MVP. Moreover, let's face the fact that choosing the wrong Programming Language for your Startup can impact it negatively in every possible manner and you obviously don't want that.

Also, the right Programming Language for your MVP can change the entire scenario for you by helping in saving a huge chunk of investment of time, money as well as energy when it comes to executing the concepts of the product design in the form of an MVP first. Other than that, according to a few experts, founding the technical team that can be productive with the use of a new language is way more crucial than any founding a language itself.

How to find the best Programming Language for Startups?

A programming language has the ability to relieve your mind off stress in the case of product scaling or to implement various functions of your product. It will further help you meet the various specific tech-related needs or when the maintenance factor is into consideration for any type of customization in the future. So now the question is how to find which programming language would be the best suited for your startup?

Well, it’s well-known that creating an MVP i.e. Minimum Viable Product is crucial for a startup so you can get the investors to fund the project along with the early adopter feedback to improve your product for your users faster. And since programming language like Python helps with the development of an MVP with the above needs, Python is perfect for startups. But why choose Python for small businesses?

Well, here is an in-depth guide on how & why use Python for Startups:

How is Python the Best Programming Language for Startups?

Many factors need consideration while selecting the best & a rightful programming language. If working with a tight budget, startups must look into consideration of the cost of developers, speed of the entire development, security, scalability, integrations, libraries, stability and the popularity of the language. This is when a selection of Python struck your mind as the best option.

Python needs no introduction as it has been in the market for 30 years and it still ranks first among all other programming languages in existence. As per BuiltWith, the profiler tool for web technology information states that 994,753 websites are customers to Python. Also, the TIOBE Index ranks Python as having the third rank in the popular languages in the world.

Yes Popular, but why...?

Python is a dynamic, high level and objects oriented language, which can be used for any projects with any size and it also entirely focuses on fast development. Moreover, Wikipedia, Amazon, Google, CERN, Yahoo, NASA, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and some smaller entities like ILM and ITA are among the largest organizations that have been using Python. Others have it in their stack of techs like 21 Buttons, TravelPerk and Festicket.

Top 8 Reasons Why Python Is Perfect for Startups

Let's dive deep into the layers unfolding why it’s highly suggested to choose Python for startups and what are the reasons behind it

Touches high in popularity

As testified by the TIOBE Index, Python is indeed the language in-demand. Even according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey having 90,000 participants, Python still was ranked fourth. This year Python even crossed JAVA. Not only this, but Python was also voted as the first most wanted language and second for being mostly loved.

Friendly with simplicity

The developers of Python are much in love with language because of its simplicity in functioning in order to maintain its user-friendly nature. Philosophy concerning Python states, "One can do something by only one best way and that is all needed for its functioning."

Moreover, the three core principles are listed below, which make the philosophy sound accurate:

Implicit is inferior to explicit.

The complex is of no use in front of simple.

The complex state is only better than being complicated.

These mentioned principles above help frame Python into a neat, intuitive, and easy to learn along with its use and also being well structured as it should be. Python is best for all startups that are well prepared in terms of budget & time along with acquainted with constraints of profitability.

Python for small businesses

High level of Security

Python provides you with high-end security, leaving you care free of all the hackers or even prevention from any misuse of the application.

The community of true supporters

The best part of Python is that it has a trustworthy audience, which never backs outs while providing honest reviews or feedback. The community is so devoted and expansive that it's hard to find another. This signifies that across the globe thousands of programmers are trying best to improve the language functionalities and features, which makes its services even more survivable.


Python is an answer to many coding referrals may it be for macOS, Windows or Linux. It also plays an important role in graphic designing applications, prototyping, and gaming, developing language and web frameworks. Moreover, recently, it has also gained popularity in being as one of the core languages used in ML.

Speed arrival at the market

The most important step for a startup is that their product should hit the market fast. In order to this, the creation of MVP i.e. Minimum Viable Product is required which initiates funding for further processing. Here, Python will come handy, due to its magnificent popularity, the reliable supporters and huge set-up of third party libraries. It is the best choice for quickly creating an MVP.

Programming Language for Startups


Considering the programming language is found to be focused on objects, it helps in combining the data with functions; one is able to reuse the codes. Moreover, when it comes to Python and its main functions, it supports object-oriented, procedure-oriented programming and multiple inheritances as compared to Java.

Highly scalable

Flexibility is required for any startup in order to fix its foundation in the market to grow. Scalability is highly unpredictable as your startup can require it anytime. Therefore, Python takes up the rest by easily scaling up and down when needed. The best part of Python is that its maintenance is quite easy and it is also capable of handling growth at a quick rate. Apart from that, the Django framework is very popular for Python making it even more accessible. This is so because the latter is independent of one another further making it suitable for all turns to take on.

There are a lot of organizations today (as mentioned above as well) such as Google, Mozilla, Spotify, Dropbox, Instagram, The Washington Post, NASA, etc. including a ton of other companies, which have been relying upon Python in order to write code with the use of Django framework. These organizations include Prezi (drag-and-drop tool online), Hudson (Recruitment Company across the globe), Festicket (website for world’s largest festival tickets), Password Boss (a digital wallet), MoneyPark (a personalized financial advice provider in Switzerland), and PADI Travel (a social and booking platform and guide for travelers and largest resource for drivers across the world).

In the end, apart from the above features of Python, it is free, no team requirement as such, comes with a source code that’s processed line by line, extensible, portable, embeddable, open-source, easy-to-read, easy-to-code, and easy programming language, which makes Python the Best Programming Language for Startups and there is no doubt about that.

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