Why Use Angular

Developers find it difficult to write hundreds of code lines, repetitively testing them to find bugs, fixing those bugs, modifying and updating things each time the bugs occur or app changes happen. It is a tiresome process and takes a lot more time and efforts of developers. Furthermore, it makes the web application perform slowly and the overall productivity also lessens.

It was a regular practice years ago and to overcome this tiring and exhausting practices, JavaScript Frameworks came into existence to make coding and developing fast, easy and streamlined. There are several such frameworks available for developers, but Angular framework is one of the most preferred frameworks used for front-end web application development.

Angular introduction

Angular is a structural JavaScript Framework solely conceptualised by Google to ease down the front-end development process. One of the best advantages of Angular is that it makes front-end development of any web application like smooth sailing. It has earned a worldwide reputation for its superior features and functionalities and developers across the globe, use angular for front-end development of web applications. The answer to the question - why use Angular for web development consists of many reasons.

In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of the angular framework that you need to know.

Enhanced Security

Data protection and security have always been a concern among developers while developing web applications. In a web application, customers too offer their confidential data to the website and it is the sole responsibility of the website owner to protect such data. In addition to that, whenever new modifications or updates are introduced in the product, the fear of a security breach is obvious. Hence, the security mechanism is something that developers need to address.

When it comes to angular for web development, developers don't need to worry as it communicates with the server using HTTP interface with the help of RESTful APIs. In addition to that, Angular is robust and versatile to handle and implement third-party libraries and packages. In short, a strong and secure mechanism eliminates any possibility of data breach and security mishaps.

Quick apps with MVC

One of the best reasons to choose Angular is that it supports MVC model and is a perfect framework for web application development. With the help of Model View Controller feature, developers can build robust, flexible, dynamic, comprehensive and user-friendly web applications with ease. One of the main tasks of the MVC model is to divide logic, process and UI to prevent any complexities and in turn, improve the lines of code and quality. In that manner, developers can easily develop superior web applications without any hassles and hindrances.

Supported by Google

The angular framework is here to stay for a long period and the reason for that is support by Google. We can say that the ecosystem of angular will scale up to new heights in the future. Furthermore, most of the Google apps are made with the Angular framework and the team is here to support you as well. For developers, it is a good sign that they can turn to the community whenever they are confused or need support.


One of the most superlative benefits of Angular framework is that it identifies errors during the code writing process, thanks to Typescript language. It is a superscript for JavaScript that also strengthens the security by supporting types. All you need to do is to integrate typescript and that will be all.

Typescript is not a standalone language and it will automatically compile down the code as per your configuration. Furthermore, with typescript, some crucial tasks such as navigation, refactoring and auto-completion can be improved to a great level.

Declarative UI

When it comes to defining the UI of the application, Angular development uses HTML rather than JavaScript. HTML is a declarative and intuitive compared to JavaScript and the best advantage of it is that angular will take care of the things such as what loads first and about program flows. All you need to do is to define what you are looking for and leave the rest to Angular.

Two-way Data Binding

The main task of a web application framework is to reduce the overall efforts of development and Angular does it brilliantly. Developers don't need to put any extra efforts as Angular supports two-way data binding to synchronise the data between model and view components.

When any changes happen in the backend, a developer can easily make necessary changes in the front-end without upsetting the app. When any changes happen in the model, it reflects changes in the view and vice versa. In addition to that, the number of lines of code developers need to write is very less. For superior web applications that are complex, Angular makes it easy, streamlined and more flexible.

Real-time Testing

Quality assessment is one of the crucial aspects of the web application development process and sometimes, it becomes a very tiresome process when the application is complex or large. Angular, smartly, makes it very simple with its built-in, real-time test modules that offer deep insights about the already developed modules.

Hence, while you are developing the modules, you can simultaneously test the components of the module. It will save time and efforts of developers and make the whole development process more simple and uncomplicated.

Single Page Application Development

The angular framework also helps developers to create high-end and responsive single-page applications as it has so much to offer to the developers including templates, modules, UI effects, in-built error validation and form validation capability. With such powerful features, developers can build their own validates and also change the behaviour of HTML elements. For a superior and robust single-page application, Angular framework is the best.

Why Use Angular


The angular framework offers some excellent benefits when it comes to web application development and you can rely on it to make complex, superlative and robust web applications. Some of the benefits of angular framework are superbly amazing and all you need to do is to hire Angular developers for your next project and that will be all.

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