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We transform your dreams into Reality

Ever Since we have opened our doors, we have developed thousands of software and websites for various brands and businesses all across the globe. Everyone in the Kody Technolab family is known for their legitimate, white-hat techniques. Our powerful services focus on offering proficient, dynamic and reasonable solutions, with on-time delivery.

Let's Introduce to Kody Technolab

What We Have ?

Even since we have opened our doors, we have developed thousands of software and websites for various brands and businesses all across the globe.

Dedicated Team

Our team of designers and developers has an extensive assortment of technical knacks.

Transparent Pricing

Everything will be done at unbeatable and reasonable price quotes with no hidden charges.


Anytime you need to ask anything please contact us on our mention numbers. We are 24*7 available with aftercare benefits.

Everyone is in House

Our in-house developers and designers strive to provide you with the edge you need to put yourself solidly in the competition.

Kody Culture

Life @ Kody

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Meet Our Team

The development process at Kody Technolab reflects transparency, dynamic environment and personal approach to cater to the unique client requirements.

Manav Patel


Mr.Manav Patel is the Ironman of Kody Technolab, the heart, and soul of the company. Although he pursued Automobile engineering but his passion and love for core technologies and trying them relentlessly he found Kody Technolab. When not pursuing work strategies, you will find him passionately being updated for the latest web & app development technology trends.

Jigar Shah

Java Developer

Jigar is a cloud and data security expert at Kody Technolab, he builds some next level high-volume, low-latency applications. He is an intense foody and his love for bullet bikes is mythical, he wishes to visit Leh & Ladakh on his bike. He is a complete nerd when it comes to working, he is always available you can reach out to him 24/7 anytime any day.

Het Shah

Java Developer

Het Shah is proficient in building scalable microservices apart from being a Sports Enthusiast, he is a complete gadget-freak and loves exploring new technologies. He is strict when it comes to team performance, he won't tolerate a single mistake, but he gets 11 out of 10 from his team-mates when it comes to rating his ability.

Sagar Bagsariya

Android Developer

Sagar Bagasariya is a dictionary of mobile development, you got a question? Reach out to him, he has a solution to every technical problem (even the most critical ones) and he will never say no to anyone. Despite being “wanna be a cool dude” Sagar always surprises with food every even day for his teammates.

Drashti Pandya

Php Developer

Despite being one of the highly passionate engineers at Kody Technolab, Drashti is an absolute Home girl coming up with a variety of home remedies. She loves being updated be it happening things around her or upcoming technologies. Her love for philosophies and books would always be discussed over chai always! Her inputs to work are matched with her inputs in her family, we always wonder how she manages both at a time!

Jatin Patel

IOS Developer

Jatin Patel is an iOS proficient along with ethical behaviorists who love to brainstorm and come up with bizarre ideas. He is an idealist with type A personality possesses logical solutions for all dilemmas. People spin the ball, but he can even Dartboard that stats he's an easy-going gamer.

Jasmin Javia


A Kody’s butterfly that no one can catch. Like butterfly carries pollen from plant to plant to help to produce new seeds, she conveys the detailed analyst to produce an exaggerate product. A versatile Business Analyst that conducts thorough research right from systems to persons, but always missed by her desk.

Hiren Chauhan

SEO Expert

Hiren has prior experience in content marketing and familiarization google analytics, he has strong organizational team management skills. Being an explorer Hiren loves traveling to places. While he believes in being quiet and let his work do the talking, you will always find him brainstorming new ideas and building Kody Technolab’s keyword ranking in allover search engines.

Ananya Mehd


Ananya is a big-time makeup junkie and she loves to educate every woman in the office about the same. An ex-Canadian relocated in India, her playlist is an astonishing amalgam of hit pop & indie rock although she loves reading and traveling a lot. Her strong interpersonal skills help us a lot with our hiring process.

Deep Panchal


Deep Panchal is a sales head at Kody Technolab. He has in-depth knowledge of foreign trades and regulations which helps us generating sales leads, and maintaining client relationships. For his deep love for Sports, Deep is a State level Boxer and part-time table-tennis player.

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