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Planning to start a retail business? What is all the buzz about the POS system for business? How does it work? How to know which is the right one for your business type?


"We know that the fear of unknown makes everyone anxious. Here is everything you need to know about the functionalities of a POS system and how to choose the right one!"

A POS system for a commoner is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. The retailers usually refer to it as the checkout point. The POS system is where the seller calculates the amount that needs to be paid by the customer and create an invoice, also making it the point where customer makes payment for goods or services bought.

A POS system can turn out to be a positive addition to your retail business. It will not help you process the transactions but also handle other things such as inventory management, returns, exchanges and most importantly know the consumer behaviour.

On the surface, most of the POS softwares look the same and promise a similar set of features. But, choosing a POS software is not something that should

Take into Consideration Your Business Needs

If this is the first time you are investing in a POS system for business, consider which functionalities will help you the best in essential areas like inventory, checkout and customer relationship management. Moreover, taking inputs from the people who are actually going to use the system will help you take a better call on the POS software purchase decision.

If your business is spread across various geographical locations, then a centralized POS system will turn out to be a great aid. The K-POS software will help you manage and access information of various warehouses or even terminals from your comfort zone. A centralized management of a POS software will save you from the trouble of maintaining individual data and analyzing them individually to come to a certain decision.

Don’t Forget about the Hardware

Before you go shopping for a POS system, take a note of the current hardware that you own. Some POS softwares require new pieces of hardware while some can be used on the hardware that you already own. Spending on the hardware to install a POS software is something that you need to think about twice.

A browser based POS system is the need of the hour and that’s why we have got K-ERP for you. In the times, when all the information is just a click away then why not your business information too!

It will also be cost effective as you don’t need to install a hardware for the same. It also means that you can have an access to the POS software over the internet without going through the trouble of maintaining complex hardware and software systems.



Budget is something that everyone decides on irrespective of the size of purchase. So, before you go ahead and buy that POS system, decide the amount of money you are ready to spend or can afford to spend on the installation of a POS software. Apart from the installation, usually there are additional support charges that need to be paid.

At the centre of KODY values, lies client satisfaction. We not only provide complete deployment and training of the software but also support for the same after deployment. What’s more, we don’t charge any support charges to the client. Ultimately, making K-POS cheaper as compared to other POS softwares in the market.

Research and Buy

A little research goes a long way in purchasing the right thing. Do your own share of market study about the features being offered in different POS systems and at what price. After collecting and analyzing all the relevant information, you can take an informed decision to purchase the right POS software according to your business.

Currently, there are hardly any POS softwares in the market that are web based and can be accessed from anywhere. And this is exactly where K-POS has an edge over it competitors. This POS software is web based and can be accessed on any device anywhere anytime you want. It’s easy accessibility will make life convenient for you and the process of taking decisions relating to business expansion quicker.

Now that you are clear about what all things to consider while implementing a POS system, let’s have a quick look at some of it’s perks too!

Efficiency - You don’t expect a carpenter to make furniture without his tools right? So, how are your cashiers supposed to be efficient without having the appropriate tools? A POS system is just the right thing for them to work effectively along with minimizing the errors and reducing the checkout time.

Accuracy - A POS system with touchscreen interface is a convenient option for your sales associates and cashiers to have all the necessary information as and when required. Not only it eliminates the hassle of maintaining a cash register, but also improves accuracy level by providing real time data.

Detailed Invoices - How about a detailed invoice instead of a simple one which only mentions the date and amount of sale? A POS software will give you exactly that! It uses the inventory data to provide information such as item description, price and savings from a coupon or sale. You can also customize the footer of the invoice to provide information on loyalty programs, return policy or promote your social media pages.

Ergonomics - Usually the retail establishments have a restricted front counter space. An all in one POS system for business turns out to be a saviour in such as case. Apart from saving space, it doubles up as an aesthetically appealing front counter. A front counter with an attractive appearance increases the rate of impulsive purchases. When there is enough space for the employees to be comfortable while working, their productivity increases.

Last but not the least, K-POS being user friendly makes it easier to use and at the same time making the training process easier!

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