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When it comes to web application development, js frameworks are the preferred platforms by developers and businesses alike. The increasing trends in web development have increased the popularity of javascript frameworks too.

More and more developers are of the opinion that JavaScript is one of the most efficient programming languages to develop web applications. Javascript development has become a popular choice among the developers due to its ecosystem which is getting richer and better with each passing day.

However, the developers also get confused when they have to choose the best Javascript framework for a project as there are a number of factors to take into consideration before choosing one. Some other factors to consider before choosing a framework are features of the particular framework, ease of integration or implementation, documentation and support of the community etc.

Here is an extensive top Javascript frameworks list for you to choose from for your project!

Angular Js

There is no doubt that AngularJs is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks for client side development. The popularity of Angular development has reached new heights since the release of its latest versions. AngularJs is known as the MVW framework and is the ideal choice for startup to medium scale businesses.

Moreover, it is one of the most preferred frameworks for the development of single page applications!

Top Reasons to choose AngularJs

Two Way Data Binding

DOM manipulation

It has detailed features with best tested defaults

Strong & long term support from Google

Large & Supportive community base

Progressive web apps (PWAs) and build optimizer support to improve the integration of Material Design


Developed by Facebook, ReactJs is one of the most used Javascript libraries to build user interfaces. You can create interactive and reusable UI components with ReactJs.

ReactJs is written completely in React. React.Js development enables you to build traffic generating web applications. The major strength of ReactJs is its ability to seamlessly integrate with any architecture. Moreover, it allows rendering of client as well as server side so that they can work simultaneously.

Another strength is the presence of virtual DOM which supports rendering of the sub-trees of nodes that actually change. It allows the developers to write code as if the whole page is getting rendered on every change.

Why choose ReactJs?

Easy to learn

Virtual DOM provides better user experience & improves performance

Reusable components

Stable code because of unidirectional data flow

Open source library encourages developers to contribute

Render react on server side

It fits well with any other framework as it is only view layer


Introduced in 2016, Vue.Js is a Javascript library for view layer like ReactJs. It also has Virtual DOM which helps in improving the performance.

If you get a better understanding of Vue.Js, you will know that it is actually a blend of features of Angular and ReactJs. If you compare its similarity with ReactJs, then Vue.js also asks the developers to store component logic and layout with the style sheets in one file.

Now, if you look at its similarity with Angular, Vue.Js has mixed HTML with Javascript and the developer has to make use of v-bind or v-if to run-into values from component logic to templates.

Another reason, Vue is coming to spotlight is the presence of Redux library which helps in developing complex and large scale web applications.

Top Reasons to choose Vue.Js

It is small in size

Easy to understand and develop

Simple integration

Detailed documentation

Vue.Js is known for its flexibility

Enables two way communication


It is a free and open source client side Javascript framework based on the Model-View-Viewmodel pattern. With Ember.Js, developers can create scalable single page applications with the help of code idiom and other methods that are most suitable for web development.

Ember.Js also renders comprehensive solutions for data management and application flow. A point to be noted is that although Ember is usually used for the development of web applications, it can also be used for the development of mobile and desktop applications. The framework makes use of templates which help to update the model automatically if there is a change in the application content.

Why choose Ember.Js?

It is known for its high performance

Ember.Js has its own debugging tool called Ember Inspector

Two way data binding

Good documentation

Faster development is possible due to Ember CLI


It is a lightweight JavaScript library based on the MVP (Model View Presenter) model and application design paradigm. It contains RESTful JSON interface which allows developers to create and design front end applications that can support and run on the browser.

You will need this popular Javascript library when you want to develop animations in an application or make some requests.

Backbone.Js will also assist you when you need to add or replace DOM elements in the application or when you want to add more lines to the code.

Backbone.Js is a more useful Javascript library if you want to make an optimal design with less coding. It provides a well organized design to your application with better functionality. Furthermore, as Backbone.Js interacts through events it becomes much easier for you to maintain your code.

Top Reasons to choose Backbone.Js

Helps you develop front-end applications easily

Enables automatic updation of HTML of application whenever model changes

Backbone.Js is well known to support versatile projects

It has the support of large community base

Syncs with the back-end


One of the major ideas behind meteor.js was to create a universal scripting language that can be used for front-end as well as back-end. With this framework a developer can work conveniently on the back-end too.

Since its release in 2012, that framework has had a major improvement in terms of performance, UI design of web pages and more. It covers all the phases of a software development cycle and also takes care of processes such as linking and files concatenation etc.

Enterprises such as Mazda, IKEA and Honeywell have used Meteor.Js for their real time application development projects.

Why choose Meteor.Js?

Meteor.Js allows using a single language

Provides facility of real time applications by default

Smart package option saves a lot of time

Exclusive support from a large community of developers

It makes the life of web application developers easy

Meteor.Js is faster to build and easier to learn

Helps you convert your web apps to smartphone apps


It is an open source and cross platform Javascript runtime environment. Node.js is very performance oriented as runs the V8 Javascript engine, core of Google Chrome, outside of the browser. Node.Js development is for server side Javascript applications. The Node.js framework renders a rich library of Javascript modules to simplify the web development process.

Top Reasons to choose Node.Js

It is very fast

Node.Js has incredible features for real time web development

Provides single code base for real time web application

Great for data streaming

Easy to find Node.Js developers

It increases productivity


Polymer is a Javascript library developed by Google that can create elements of a website without going in the complex level. This modern Javascript framework is aimed at creating fast and contemporary web design through the ability to create and reuse the web components.

Polymer.Js has made it possible for you to create your own HTML elements and combine them into complete and complex web applications which are scalable as well as maintainable.

This Javascript library is based on the principle of leveraging “native” technologies of the browser rather than relying on the increasingly complex custom JavaScript libraries.

Why choose Polymer.Js?

It uses open web technologies and new web standards

Supports shadow and shady DOM (Document Object Model)

The Polymer DOM layer is the closest to Native JavaScript layer

Onboarding is much quicker

Connecting with third party libraries becomes much easier with Polymer.Js

It is definitely one of the best JavaScript libraries for progressive web apps


Aurelia, the latest version of JavaScript, is based on ES6 and thus has the ability to function on all modern browsers. ES2016 enables you to code better with object oriented techniques. It can actually be called the next generation framework to develop a lot more robust websites.

As Aurelia is designed on a module like framework, it has various small and huge libraries that can be used in combination or individually, depending on the kind of project you are working on. Moreover, Aaurelia can extend HTML for various purposes, including data binding.

Top Reasons to choose Aurelia

Aurelia can do custom data binding with Angular syntax

Aurelia makes use of ES2016 which introduced a better way to code Javascript

Routing is better with Aurelia

Follows the model view approach better than anybody else

Its extendable HTML compiler allows you to create custom HTML elements


Mithril is a client side Javascript framework that is mainly used to develop single page applications. Implementation of this framework is easier as the functions are not derived from a base class.

This framework stands out from the rest due to its flexible library size and visionary documentation which is constantly updated as the library progresses in the development process. The two most impressive features of Mithril.Js are customizable data binding and URL routing.

Why choose Mithril.Js?

It has built in modules for common necessities like routing and XHR

It has exhaustive documentation in its Github repo

It loads in under a minute, which is faster than Angular & React

Mithril templates can be tested without a build step

javascript frameworks list


JavaScript is considered the future of web development but it is never easy to choose the right framework for your project. It's never about the number of features that a framework can render but about the number of features that you can use for your project.

However, one important factor to consider is the simplicity of the framework that you choose. All frameworks have their own set of pros and cons so it's almost entirely on your project type. Apart from that, you also need to take into consideration the current versions of the framework you choose, documentation and community support etc.

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