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App development in just a few days and not months? It looks like a surprise and a little less promising, right? Well, Yes, you heard it right, it is really possible to develop a classic application in just a few days. With the rising competition in the app market, it is the need of the hour to develop an application faster and reap the benefits. But, the main question is, How to build apps faster? How will you speed up the app development process? Which tools should you use to errand the faster development? Read this blog to find out the answers.

Let’s start this blog with the number game. Do you know how many average numbers of apps (Android) are released daily? It is 6140 apps per day. (based on the 2018 1st quarter statistics).

Do you know how many average numbers of apps (iOS) are released daily? It is 1434 apps per day. Do you know how many apps are active on Google play store? It is 2,870,000.

We would say, the moment you think of an app idea, there is someone who has already sprouted the application. Do you think that you can win over the market by using the old-school methods of app development? The answer is, in today’s time, you can not afford to lose upon the opportunity by adopting a slow and traditional mobile app development process.

You need to move systematically, yet faster than the other competitors in the market. If you are looking out for the ways in which you should move forward, then here is the list of best practices that will help you build a mobile app faster and in days (literally).

Develop Wireframes:

It is better to make changes at the mockup stage than to iterate and revamp the complete piece of code. For performing this, you can use various low-fidelity wireframes having a variety of designs, architecture and structure of UI. Define this design in front of the whole team and bring everyone on the same table.

By implementing a wireframing process, every individual involved in the development knows about their respective task and at each stage checks the function of the app. This way, you identify the bugs and get the feedback at a very early stage thereby reducing the development time.

Additionally, wireframing eliminates the chances of miscommunication within the teams, lessens the likelihood of code work and mitigates the time-consuming processes. Wireframing gives you a chance to explore the idea before you actually start writing the codes. You can use Balsamiq, MockFlow, or wireframe to prepare a digital wireframe and develop apps faster than your competitors.

Start with a single platform:

If you are planning to launch an app on iOS and android both, then it would be a time-consuming process. It would just double up the development time, the reason being, you will have to draft a native code for both the platforms. Instead, we advise that you start with one platform at a time.

We have an extensive blog on the list of top programming languages that you can choose for mobile app development. You can check out the blog here: Starting with a single platform will take you one step closer to the end goal.

Launch the MVP first:

Since you are landing into the pool of competitors, you have to ensure that the idea will be welcomed by the users. To ensure this, launch a Minimal Valuable Product comprising core functionalities in the market. Once your MVP is ready, launch it and start collecting feedback from the users.

By doing this, you can continue your work and maintain the momentum of the development cycles while you are getting the idea of how your app is progressing.

This can also be termed as a first-mover advantage, where you can know whether your app idea will work or not without investing valuable time from the project lifecycle. You can schedule frequent deadlines and release the MVP and find out your product’s market fitness.

The greatest advantage of launching MVP is, you can know the success ratio of your app right at the initial stage. And also save yourself from investing the rest of the time in building something that people don’t desire.

Go Agile:

The main focus for faster application development should be to work smarter and not harder. All the teams involved in the development process should work collaboratively and in sync. Following effective communication and agile development, developers will be able to deliver apps faster than ever before by also eliminating the unwanted features and mistakes.

Automate testing:

Automated testing allows you to run more tests in less time. Testing is the most crucial step in an app development process. If you wish to deliver a high-quality bug-free application, you need to adopt a rigorous testing method.

Mobile app testing consists of functionality testing, usability testing, performance testing, compatibility testing, UI/UX testing, and more.

If you perform all these tests manually, it consumes a lot of time and results in a lengthy app development cycle. On the contrary, automated testing procedures conduct multiple tests at a time and thereby reduce the testing cycle.

There are testing tools available using which you can get some optimum results. Selenium and Appium are used by many companies today to fasten their development cycle.

Commit to the close shipping dates:

Shipping dates compel everyone to work towards the end goal faster. A close shipping date which is non-negotiable forces everyone to finish the work by then.

Hence, commit the date to your stakeholder, and spread the shipment date across the teams. It gives the developers a psychological motivation to prioritize the work and complete it in the stipulated time.

When everyone works diligently and makes equal efforts in completing the task, you can expect the release in the expected timeframe.

Ways to Build Mobile Application Fast

Collaborate or outsource the development to an experienced app development team:

If you feel that your current team is not competent enough to handle a project, then it is advisable to collaborate with an experienced team of developers or hire mobile app developers. There are a few aspects which they understand better and others which you can sort out with the inhouse team.

The common efforts made by the expert teams and the inhouse lessens down the app development time considerably. However, be careful while choosing your development partner. Know their full potential to deliver mobile app development projects faster, check their turnaround time, their commitment level and discuss the project estimate.

Use Third-party libraries:

Your app definitely needs graphics, music, special effects, or unique code for being a successful app. If you go coding these components yourself, then you will have to invest a lot of time, resources and money. On the contrary, there are third-party libraries like BaaS, and others that allow you to integrate the code into the app directly. These ready-made solutions save a lot of your time and are considered one of the prime ways to build a mobile application faster.

Re-evaluate and Re-estimate the process regularly:

Irrespective of the strict deadlines, developers are bound to miss upon an important task. The reason, the teams lack estimation and evaluation. Hence, we at Kody Technolab, sit and discuss with the teams every week and decide upon the milestone. With effective communication and prioritization, we are capable of handling the entire project at ease and delivering it effectively. Therefore, it is important to keep a check on the deliverables, accuracy of estimates and adjusting the work plan accordingly.

As we have already mentioned a few tools for building mobile apps fast, there are quite others on the list. An app development company can not do without these tools that are mentioned below. So, let’s get familiar with some of them here.

Ways to Build Mobile Application Fast


If you wish to build a web-based hybrid app for iOS and Android, you can use this amazing tool.

The AppGyver composer 2 can be used to build multi-page apps. The tools make use of the supersonic UI framework and provide platform-specific UI elements. This is responsible for giving a hybrid mobile app look yet native feel.

As mentioned on the official site, after using this tool, you will never like to go back to coding. It allows you to build high-quality apps without compromising on any feature. It supports the pixel-perfect design, native performance, unlimited logic, provides over 500 components, powerful theme engine, and more. A developer can write the code in a custom module and run the app across all the platforms.


Appian is a tool used to develop apps for iOS, Android, and Webs. It is very much easy to process the modeler, mobile and user experience using this tool. The Appian tool facilitates your full stack automation, gives the flexibility to send data anywhere, and provides a low-code platform for 20x faster app development. The feature list includes case management, layered security with SAML authentication, event monitoring, task management, business data records, reports, etc.

The tool is extremely useful if you have a huge team of developers, users, and designers and wish to have access to the firm’s record system using SAP and SalesForce.


Do you wish to build an app at rocket speed? (not literally). But well, it is possible to build an application easily and fast using an online drag and drop designer. EachSpace is a cross-platform native app builder that ensures ultra-fast development.

This is a unique tool providing powerful plugins using which you can create a classic application in no time. If you wish to develop the most advanced cloud-based app, you should use this tool.

Here we have mentioned some handful of ways and tools using which you can build an app faster. Mobile app development is an art that becomes time-consuming, and expensive if the right techniques are not adopted. We wish that the above steps will help you in developing a high-quality application and shave off your long hours of the development cycle. If you have any queries, you can contact us.

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