Top 10 Web Development Trends

Every year thousands of websites get launched in the web world and hence it is vital to keep up with the evolving technology. Change in the digital world brings new web development trends, from which some lasts and get better and others vanish with time.

Every single year, new technologies emerge and as a result, web developers have to keep themselves updated. It might get difficult for a developer to cope up with each one of it, but then can choose to master any of the below mentioned. The listed Top website development trends are here to stay and rule in 2020.

After deeply analyzing and having a one to one conversation with our web developers we came up with the respective list based on their experience.

Web Development Trends in 2020

1. Progressive web apps

PWA is the best trendsetter in web development so far, it gives the better browsing experience by giving your users a look & feel of a native mobile application. And consequently, it is much more easier for users to interact with PWA Development.

If we look at the statistics, almost 80% of the population around the world spends more than 6 hours on their smartphones so they almost spend 80% of their overall time on smartphones. PWA provides the best solutions for the issues that a regular website doesn't. For example, poor user experience, slow-reload, and more can be solved with PWA development.

Progressive web apps are slowly making their place in the market and we can not ignore the fact that people are already loving the concept and why not? When you get a website that works like a mobile application and the users can access it without installing it. Hence, Progressive web apps stand first in the entire list of web development trends in 2020.

PWA is an amalgam of the best of the web and native applications with enriched user experience. And there are already some top-notch companies that have used Progressive web apps for their venture.

9gag, Twitter, Tinder, Yummly, Spotify, Alibaba are the most popular examples of successful PWA.

2. Push Notifications

The push notification system is most important when it comes to connecting the more and more targeted audience in both mobile apps and web apps. Building a powerful push notification system can benefit you in many ways, for instance, you can use it to inform your users about the ongoing discounts, sale, offers, etc. You can notify them about what they are missing out on a great deal and inform them about the same.

3. Responsive Design

If we precisely talk about the top 10 web development trends, Responsive web designs would still make its place in the top web design trends. Responsive web designs have become the must-have feature in applications and websites.

The design is the very first thing your users are going to interact with so making them future proof has become very important in 2020. At first, it was only made keeping desktops and computers in mind, but over the period of time the majority of people are using smartphones and tablets and henceforth making a design that performs well and gives a seamless experience to its users is important. It has become a part of customer service and customer support to create responsive websites and website design.

4. Motion UI

Millennials like everything simple and unique and to give that an attractive approach you can integrate motion UI library. Motion UI has the power to engage your users with beautiful animations and it will surely bring some sort of attention to your product by integrating beautiful design elements and color schemes.

If you use motion UI with proper implementation of work on your website or your application, your product can stand out from the common set of products. Motion UI can be integrated into flat designs, backgrounds, charts, etc. The only drill is it has to be minimalistic, interactive and should not take much load time.

5. Single Page Applications

Since we are in a world that is moving rapidly and people have no time to browse through different pages of particular websites or applications can be time-consuming. Single-page applications or websites can be a better alternative for those issues.

Not only it is a time saver but it is a simple and easy process too, users don't have to navigate through different web pages. Everything they want can be found on only one page and that too on any computer or mobile devices.. Facebook, Gmail, and GitHub are the most famous examples of SPAs.

Web Development Trends in 2020

6. Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is yet another web development trend that is already ruling the market and that is just not it there is so much more to come in its way. If we look at the statistics almost 5o% of people use voice search and it is dramatically increasing. The voice search optimization is expected to increase by 80% by the end of 2020 and we can't ignore this fact.

People nowadays have no time to stick to the phone, typing and searching what they want, and technology has always been evolving so that we can conveniently do what we want without wasting time.

Voice search optimization has become a vital part of SEO policy and hence it should be developed more.

Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, Amazon, and Alexa are the most popular examples of Voice search optimization and already breaking the voice search optimization requirements.

7. API-First Development

Since we are all in the technology-driven period, and we are hovering through the web development trends in 2020 we have to create websites that can connect with other apps. All the mobiles, tablets, and other devices should connect with each other and that's when the demand for API-first development can be integrated.

Your focus shouldn’t be on developing websites or applications or even software solutions, one must take care of API development as well. So, it is very important to create a product that performs well on all the devices.

8. Modular Design

The modular design framework is already being popular on the Java platform, developers can create pages by reusing elements. Modular design can be very beneficial for developers as they can refer to the design and build the product accordingly. So, this way developers can save time and have an easy development process and you, on the other hand, can save time.

However, it's essential to know that modular design and web site pages are related and all the sections of the design should be in sync.

9. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google always takes it seriously when it comes to improvising the mobile browsing user experience and hence Google was the first to launch Accelerated mobile pages to people.

But as of now, it has become the trendiest web development method in 2020, it encourages the websites that don't take long to load. You can easily load Accelerated mobile pages in friction of seconds.

10. Javascript Frameworks

When it comes to developing web applications, most of the developers around the world prefer the Javascript Framework. Js Framework's ecosystem is getting more precious. The developers are already considering Java Script as a future of web development.

Java can be used for web apps, Android mobile apps, etc. In 2017 it was the most recognized web development trends and it will continue to grow in 2020 with feature-rich libraries and new frameworks.

The list of the JavaScript framework is React.js, backbone.js, Angular.js, Ember.js, Vue.js.

Bottom line:

So, if you're planning to update your website, web apps or mobile apps, give this a shot and go through all the web development trends before you hire Web developers. Moreover, it is advisable to hire a Website Design & Development Company to have a hassle-free development process.

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