Python Development Trends for 2020

The industry of information technology has experienced massive growth, especially in the last 8-10 years. New programming languages and advanced technologies are entering into the world of technology every day. In the constantly changing world of technology, one thing has remained consistent. Well, as you must have guessed that is the most renowned Programming Language Python.

The massive and popular media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Uber, all are using Python Web Development to build their mobile applications more intuitive. These big companies hire Python Developers or Python professionals to do the development of their projects. According to a report of 2018, Python programming language’s reputation got the quickest growth with an increased number of users.

Without a doubt, Python is here to reach more heights and fame in 2020. So, if you have made your mind to invest in Python Web Development, this article will help you understand various current trends. Before we get into the Python Development Trends for 2020 that you must be aware of, let’s find out about the brief history and description of this programming language.

Python: A Brief Concept on Programming

Guido Van Rossum established Python in the year of 1991. This advanced and trending programming language is object-oriented and can adapt easily. Also, the readability of the program makes it easily maintained due to its bottom-up approach. Python programming language can produce web applications.

Apart from that, it is used to transform and read files. Furthermore, it can manage big data and is perfectly capable of connecting with database systems.

Now, let’s find out about the reasons for the development trends of the famous Python Language.

1. Constant Framework Upgrades

The Framework upgrade trend of Python web development promises to bring more upgrades in the upcoming years with better and new Plug-ins and libraries. In a nutshell, Python is a marvelous language with an improvised user base. Below given are some of its frameworks:

1 Django Development

If you are not well aware of this term, you are probably living under the big rock. In terms of flexibility and efficiency, Django is the best framework to date. Some third-party libraries have expanded the programming languages fame among the renowned industries like Spotify, and YouTube.

2 Pyramid

The most light-weighted and flexible framework for the development of web applications is the Pyramid. This framework can be explained with simplistic coding methods. However, beginners may find the framework a little bit hard. In the upcoming years, developers will get to see a hike in the use of this framework.

3 TurboGears

TurboGears is another flexible framework of Python. The developers will witness more stability and capability using this framework as per the Python trends for 2020.

4 CherryPy

Since the last ten years, CherryPy has remained one of the fastest and stable frameworks of Python programming language. This open-sourced framework can work over any framework supported by Python.

5 Gork

One of the famous frameworks for Python is Gork. Proposed by Zope toolkit, web framework Grok architecture encourages developers to diminish the capricious of advancement.

Furthermore, the other top frameworks that make Python the first choice for a developer are:

6 Flask

7 Web2Py

8 Tornados

9 Bottle

10 Quixote

2. Python for Data Analysis and Automation-Flexibility

This is another trend that has been added to the Best Python Development Trends list of 2020. With flexibility and easy-to-use nature, it helps the developer to modify the code to run even faster than before. Using Python indicates developers have a lot of versatility to showcase their creativity. Moreover, with data analysis as well as automation, and more than 50 % of developers are willing to work with Python. Also, it is expected that the chances of using Python will increase even more in 2020.

Trend Of Python Web Development

3. Helping Hand for Cloud Computing and Other Programming Languages

Python is one of the most suitable languages, especially when it comes to Cloud Computing. For the safety of your data, this programming language is not only used by Google, but also by lots of social media platforms as well. As Python can easily collaborate with other programming languages, it becomes the best choice for every industry to adopt Python.

4. Success in Academic

When it comes to academics, it is considered to be the most convenient option as a programming language in academic-related software. Talking of academics, we can see a huge level of interest in Python in the coming syllabuses by various universities and colleges in 2020. With the ease that it allows for a new person, Python language can be studied and learned really fast.

5. Huge Community Base around the Globe

When it comes to Python, we get to see a huge community supporting this programming language. Well, it does not stop here in 2020, but go even higher if Python keeps on to be a user favorite. Moreover, it comes equipped with defined support and added security, especially when it comes to coding patterns. Furthermore, the ease of the documentation will make it even more preferable in the coming years.

6. Easy Adaption

When it comes to the IT industry, the hilarious thing is that technology never stops. So, with the continuous changes in the nature of the IT industry, Python is also upgrading. And hence, it has become even more crucial to stay updated with at least the top 10 Python Development Trends. If not all, the top 10 can help you stay on track with your business.

Moreover, knowing is the first step before you move further to get adapted to a new trend of Python Web Development. We can blindly believe that even in 2020, this versatile programming language will be on the top for the development of web and IT technologies.

7. Smooth Integration with any Programming languages

Well, when it comes to the amazing integration feature by Python, the developers are able to work seamlessly on the web development projects. This is because there is an option to coding some part in Python and the rest in some other language. This is even a good option for beginners Python developers as they can learn to use this language better with a partial chunk.

8. Free of cost and hence, try-worthy

Since Python is a cost-free programming language, every new or experienced web developer is willing to take interest in it. The developer is able to try it and see if it could be their tool for web development projects and coding. Well, this is also because when it comes to using a free of cost language, there is hardly a thing at loss.

Apart from the cost factor, when it comes to Python, it allows cross-platform support and compatibility. So, this is how it counts as one of the Best Python Development Trends of 2020.

Trend Of Python Web Development

9. Hike in the Python users

Being open-source, Python web development also allows you to use various features like lesser lines of code and detailed documentation. Furthermore, apart from the development of applications for both mobile and web, it allows you to develop software solutions, games, etc. too. The list doesn't end here but continues in the case of Python. And hence, it's becoming way more preferable for developers even if they are using other languages to code such as Java.

10. Multi-Functionality of Python

Well, technologies are evolving and coding is becoming more advanced and rich. Moreover, to deal with this situation, computer science has taken the path of Python due to its multi-functional features. Furthermore, all of these reasons become the key point of success for the Python language. Here is how one developer can use it for:

1. Both Backend & Frontend Development

2. Mobile & Web Application

3. Data Science & AI Technology

4. Automation & Machine Learning


However, we can see that there are several programming languages like C, C++, and JAVA. But accessing Python is very easy as compared to other languages. On the other hand, it has been seen that it now provides a wide platform to promote the business successfully with ease.

In the future, our technologies can be more developed and enriched with the help of the Python programming language. So, it becomes essential to modify and accept this “easy to grasp” programming concept. And what more important is to stay aware of the Best Python Development Trends, so you can move accordingly in the market place.

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