Myths about Custom Software Development

The word custom software seems to always have certain common myths surrounding it at all times. On the contrary, the reality is that it is an amazing way to create business tools that are designed to achieve specific business goals.

Here are a few common myths and their realities for you to better appreciate the overall benefits of deploying a custom solution:

1. Custom Software is Really Expensive

Custom software can turn out to be expensive but it can also be developed to exact specifications within a reasonable budget, making it cost effective. When it is developed using free open source technologies, it can be cheaper than most subscription based products.

With a custom software, you can start small with minimum features and grow as the business grows.

2. It doesn’t matter if I have my own business tools

Business managers have failed to realize how inconsistent some of the subscription products can be even if they come from large trusted companies. While using the tools that are not owned by you, you are the mercy of others’ development schedules, forced upgrades or suggested migration paths.

The reality is that large trusted companies could have an uncertain future too, be taken over by competitors or go out business due to disruption within the organization.

Owning the software enables you to control the upgrade path as well as plan future development and support costs.

3. It’s difficult to find developers for custom software

A lot of managers believe that using large platforms such as Salesforce or Microsoft means it will be easier to find developers and those developers will be cheaper. You can always compare the hourly rates of custom developers and platform developers to only find that a business custom application can be built with popular frameworks that have a strong development community.

For those who don’t want to hire developers directly, there are also small development teams that can be integrated with your business agreements for only the services you need without a confusing pricing plan.

Myths about Custom Software Development

4. Custom software developers don’t care about your product

This myth is based on the thought that in-house developers show more dedication and involvement in product development than remote developers. This is a misconception as many remote development teams are mostly dedicated, professional and enthusiastic about the product, timely delivery and satisfaction of the end customer.

An established custom software development company will ensure that its employees treat the client’s product as their priority.

Professional custom software development company has a tendency to exceed your expectations which is what differs them from the in-house team as they have already “settled”.

5. Custom Solutions don’t actually work

Maybe this isn’t your first time with a custom software and you have spent a substantial amount of cash to get your requested solution. After receiving your much anticipated software - you find out it neither increased efficiency nor solved the specific problem you were facing.

Understanding the client’s business is the key to build the right custom solution.

Many negative custom software experiences are due to bad partnerships where you are working with software companies that didn’t really understand the needs of the business that requires a custom solution.

You might want to work with a smart team of developers which asks you questions to get to the core of your business problem. They will help you get to the core of the problem that needs to be fixed.

6. Custom Application takes too long to implement

Usually people avoid custom software development due to its implementation times. Why will you wait so long to implement when out-of-the box solution can be immediately put to use? The answer is if you really need a business custom application, it is worth the wait.

It is also worth the time to find a customized software development company that works with iterative development.

They deploy pieces of your project in multiple iterations. It means you can test each piece and provide feedback to the team. Such a method results in sooner ROI as some parts of the software are implemented immediately. Not to forget, implementation also depends on the size and span of the project.

The implementation will be faster and smoother if you choose a team that presents you with a plan about your software deployment.

Myths about Custom Software Development

7. Difficult to Upgrade

The truth is, custom software is not difficult to upgrade. The myth comes from bad experiences with software development companies who customized a software that wasn’t meant to be customized.

There are many products which are not meant to be customized. Thus, it becomes an absolute necessity to find a technology partner that has a team with understanding of these basics.

8. We don’t need a Software

Irrespective of your business type, when it reaches a certain size, there will arise a need for custom software to optimize and streamline existing processes. If done right, custom software can help you reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase your ability to support others.

A trustworthy team of developers will build a custom application only if the client really needs it. They will openly communicate with you about other secondary options you may have.

9. It’s good if it appears good

A great looking software with poor functionality or user experience is a big no-no. At the end, it’s all about making the smallest parts of software fit perfectly along with easy understanding. While developing a software, be sure that your visually appealing software also works perfectly well.

This myth arises from the people with a lack of understanding how the software is developed and the effect of it’s functionalities on the end user.

10. You need to have a full time developer in-house

While you might believe that having a full time developer or team of developers is better, it’s mostly impractical. It doesn’t guarantee quality work. Recruiting, managing and running a development team requires a skill set of its own.

On the contrary, many companies have discovered that quality is increased while working with an offshore custom software development company. Having a professional opinion beyond the boundaries of your staff may help you steer the project in a better direction.

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