Dripat is the result of millennials’ demand to get everything delivered at their doorstep - whether it is products or services. This subscription based application has saved the users from the struggle of spending their weekends in shopping for essentials.

Project idea

Dripat is a subscription based delivery app to provide the desired quality and quantity of essential items to people as per their convenience.

Target audience

The Dripat app is a general category app meant for anyone who wants their day to day needed items delivered on regular intervals.

Project Challenges

  • Streamlining the logistics
  • Customer customization
  • Accurate product categories and filters


The final outcome of all the above mentioned challenges and project requirements is a user centric and responsive application with precise search filters that will find the required items by the users quickly and easily.


Client’s project ideas included:
  • List of desired features
  • Value proposition for users
  • Value proposition for sellers
Analysis of project inputs from client resulted in:
  • 2 weeks of research and planning
  • UI/UX design inputs from the team
  • Client meetings to decide the scope of work
End Result
The result of internal brainstorming sessions was:
  • Business logic plan
  • Non Disclosure Agreement
  • App Testing plan

Want to go digital with a subscription based delivery app?

Wireframe & Design

As we follow agile methodology for development, the project was kickstarted with the designing of this subscription based application.

Development Process

After design began the development process of the subscription based mobile app - Dripat.


Exclusive Discount Offers

Providing exclusive discount offers designed for each customer on the basis of their location and address can make them feel important. Such actions convert in a loyal customer for the business.


Product Filters

It can be frustrating for the customers to search for a product but not being able to find it with the use of search bar. Ultimately he might stop using the application. Therefore, it was necessary to implement a system which showed accurate search results to the user.


Streamlining the Logistics

An organized logistics system is necessary to maintain a smooth delivery cycle without any major chaos at the last minute. Thus, we created a systematic dashboard which organized the information in order of their priority and urgency.

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Technology stack

What makes an app successful and user friendly? Its technology stack! Here are some technologies that we used to develop Dripat.

Jake Balcombe

Owner, Dripat

“A scalable and reliable product and post deployment services is all that you expect from your technology partner. But Kody Technolab has given us a lot more than that! They guided us through the entire development process so that maximum transparency is achieved and delivered a product which helped us expand our customer base.”

Jatin Patel

Project manager

“Dripat posed many challenges for us as the concept of subscription based delivery app for essential items of the users was one of a kind. The huge number of products needed an efficient admin panel that could manage inventory and delivery related to it. However, the combined expertise of our team got us through the project smoothly and we are quite happy about the end product we were able to deliver to the client.“