Student Behaviour Tracking


Our client planned to put to use a mobile app for tracking student behaviour. Basically, a better way to manage and keep student records as well as measure their performance on the basis of various parameters.

The aim was to provide access to users such as principal, teachers or parents immediately.


One of the main challenges was to provide access to users across devices with varying screen sizes. The app had to be cross platform.

As the access was to be provided to a variety of users, data creation for each of them stood as one of the major challenges in the entire app development process.


The mobile application included various modules right from registration process to managing classes and managing students. The student behaviour could be updated in real time, enabling all the users to keep a track of the performance as well as students to know which areas required improvement from their end.

As the system measured and displayed the overall performance of students, it could be implemented across schools and can be further used in universities or professional institutions as well.

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