Hairly Beauty & Salon

Hairly was developed with the aim to give users the ease of booking and managing their salon appointment on the go as nobody has the time or patience to wait in a queue once they reach the salon.

Project Idea

The idea was to give users access to multiple salons and book their preferred date and time for appointment without having to individually visit their apps/websites.

Target Audience

The app can be used by almost anyone, but it is majorly used by the millennials who have to manage their salon appointments in between their tight schedules.

Salon Appointment Booking Solution

The solution replaces paper appointment book and makes the salon business more organized from your customers’ first contact through their appointment and follow up. The Salon appointment booking app will make their experience a pleasure while saving you time and stress.

Wireframe & Design

Let’s give you a preview of our ingenious on-demand salon app like Style Seat!

UI Components

Display the services you offer, the methods you use, and the prices you charge with digital payment facilities. Customers appreciate transparency and are much more likely to book the service.

UI Components

With a simple onboarding process, keep your salon open 24/7 and empower your customers to enjoy customizable online salon booking!


The app embraces users with a tour of its Salon and gives an inadequate explanation of the features and abilities.

Sign / Signup

Users have to sign up via their social media accounts or Google accounts in the app to enable any services or functionality from the application.


After the registration process, users can book an appointment according to their schedule and requirements.

My Account

Provide a personal window to every customer to manage their account, update their contact information, and payment collaterals on your salon appointment booking app.

Salon owner app

Salon booking app solution also includes the salon owner app. All the salons associated with your app will show up in the salon owner’s app. This will also contain the utility to simply call or message the expert to ask their offerings as well as users can get personalized styling tips suitable for them.

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Technology stack

Have a look at the technology stack we used to create a responsive and engaging salon app solution!