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Millions and millions of users are using mobile phones to access the internet and the number is increasing progressively worldwide. Well, what does it mean? If this is your question, let me tell you that it signifies that this is the ideal time to bring your responsive mobile website. And, the Progressive Web Application (PWA) will help you to achieve that easily.

This is also why companies or firms are looking forward to Mobile App Development Company or to hire Mobile App Developer. They are able to see how investing in the PWA can actually be beneficial for their business. Maybe we are quite versed in the pros and cons of PW for business and the end-user experience they provide. PWAs earned a huge owing to the reliability and engaging technology.

So, follow this write-up to know how they work, how can PWA help small businesses and what the advantages of Progressive Web Apps are. You will further get to know how these apps help you to flourish your business in the long run.

How do I Reach Potential New Customers through Progressive Web Apps?

With the inception of the Progressive Web Apps by Google, there is a huge change in human perception towards the development of mobile apps.

They have the capability of fast track user engagement with the brand or the organization. This is because it can be added to the home screen of the handset. As a result, users can get their hands on native mobile apps. Moreover, it might happen that you get notifications from the apps publisher as well.

10 Benefits of Progressive Web App Development for Business

There are manifold answers on how small businesses can benefit from the Progressive Web app. Moreover, it’s time to venture into the nitty-gritty of Progressive Web Apps. We will also look at the aspects of how a progressive web app Development Company can benefit your startup.

Low Usage of Data

Data is a great chore in whatever application you are using. And hence, it is worthwhile to take care of it. There might be a situation where the entire society is seeing a major downfall in the price of mobile data. In such situations, it is advisable to use PWA since it consumes very fewer data in comparison with the native applications.


Security has become a trendy word in this tech-savvy world and it creates a problem for both developers as well as users. So the users are looking for niche since the previous HTTP norms are not sufficient for data protection.

It is essential to use PWA inside the safe environment since the majority of the websites are indulged using HTTPS. This gives customers confidence while providing required data into PWA through a secured network. All sorts of benefits such as fast loading time, optimum performance, along with app-like user vibe it offers. What more will you expect from it?

High Performance

We all know that progressive web apps are working really fast. But we are oblivious about the fact that they are faster than the normal apps and websites. There are many reports available nowadays which give the answer “Yes”.

Optimized web performance gets more response from the end-users and adds more value to the progressive web app. So what is the main reason behind this? The simple answer is that PWA works on a particular technology of caching. The website performance had a great influence on the lead conversion along with the retention rates.

Google Backup

The leading software giant Google promotes PWAs. In the I/O meeting of 2017, Google appreciated the continued development of an app like preference. From that time, Google began the promotion of Progressive Web applications.

No Installation

The most important aspect is that the visitors don’t need to download any particular app from the play store and then wait till the installation gets over. Using PWAs, they can add an app straight into their devices. It is similar to the mainstream mobile application and similar to the normal mobile application.

Furthermore, it brings the own icon on the home screen negating the sloppy and no complicated installation process. As a result, it enhances the audience’s experience. This mitigates user abandonment which implies that users will spend time on your site. Moreover, it asks the user to download these apps when they navigate to that particular website.

Advantages of Progressive Web Apps

Application Resemblance

Another major perk of using this feature is that it takes the form of true application. Yet it is blended with a plethora of traditional apps coupled with access to the database along with dynamic data. Moreover, this is in line with the concept of how the end-user gets enhanced experience from the service providers.

Special Features

The next gift of this PWA feature is the push notification. Most of the publishers use this property to produce creative solutions for popularizing new content. It is mostly adopted by e-commerce giants because it’s a brand new channel. Customers directly view the push notifications on the screen of their device.

Seamless Offline Work

This is not similar to the mainstream websites which are inaccessible without the internet connection. Due to this uniqueness, it is quite popular among the retailers since they can access the product catalogs even in offline mode. This takes place because of the scripts that work in isolation from the website.

They can extract the application features along with information from the previous history. Moreover, it has come up with an entire offline page featuring the logo, description of the product along with some distinctive features.

Low Development Cost

The development cost of PWA is much lower than the mainstream applications and so it gathers a huge group of people. A normal app must be compatible with both Android and iOS which covers the majority of smartphones. This requires huge costs mostly for small startups. At this juncture, PWA comes into the picture and decreases the cost.

No Updates

Native apps require permission during the time of manual updates whether you want to use mobile internet or WiFi. But if you like to update an application without the use of WiFi, it might cause major consumption of data which turns out to be more expensive. With the use of PWA, you don’t have to deal with such a dubious situation.

Also, you can find the update while the loading of PWA is underway. You don’t have to update this on the background similar to the native app. This also suggests that the update process is quite fast and there is no point waiting for the same.

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Advantages of Progressive Web Apps

Various Features of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Below-listed are 3 major features or functionalities of Progressive Web Apps, which makes it worth the use:

Web Payments

These PWAs are built with quality web standards that are fine-drawn and takes care of the online payment for users that visit the website. Moreover, it utilizes stored addresses along with the payment detailing. As a result, the users are not required to fill in the details in the available checkout form.

Add to Home Screen

PWAs provide the “Add to Home Screen” option and this triggers the users to install it in their device directly. Upon the acceptance of the user’s request, these web applications come with some of the native user experience present on the home screen.

Instant Load Time

PWAs require progressive improvisations and this technology triggers the user to load this in real-time. Also, it takes care of the cache of the device and minimizes the information required to communicate to the end-user.

Final words

Now you have a fair idea about the ins and outs of PWAs and if you find this useful for your business, you should give it a try. This article encompasses all the major aspects of Progressive Web Apps so that you can get a quick overview. So, go through this article once before you venture into this new field. You will definitely enhance your business domain and give your business a new direction.

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