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Django unchained is the first thing that comes to your mind when the word Django is heard by anyone. A fabulous film by Tarantino has won the hearts of people around the world. However, if you are a developer, you might not relate with Django unchained at first as the word Django might make you feel something different than others. Yes, we are talking about Django, a popular Python development framework that is widely used and preferred by python developers.

Python has carved a niche for itself by offering some unparalleled advantages and features to the developers and has earned quite a reputation and recognition in the developer community. There are some big websites built with Django framework that makes us think about the importance of the web framework.

Django Development is quick, fast and can be done with fewer efforts and time. With its popular features and excellent reliability, even beginners can make robust, scalable and comprehensive websites with Django.

There are some of the best websites using Django framework that we might not be aware of. In this blog, we will discuss some of these websites. Stay tuned!

Django Website Examples


Who does not know about Disqus, one of the most popular blog comment hosting website? There are more than 50 million users across the globe using Disqus and it is enough to show its popularity. Disqus is very easy to integrate with almost all content management systems such as WordPress and others. It also helps site owners to reach out to their communities. Disqus is a website built with Django and has served its core purpose.


There was a time when your source code was found on your machine only. However, after the inception of GitHub, the things have changed. Bitbucket is the main rival of GitHub and is highly comprehensive and scalable that allows users to push code, add collaborators and analyze commits and pull requests easily for your projects. It is one of the most successful websites using Django.


One of the most used and preferred websites for photo sharing and community builder, Pinterest has set a benchmark by offering photographers and amateurs to share photos of their respected interests and preferences. Well, Pinterest is developed is one of Django website examples that has smooth navigation, robust features and functionalities and is robust and scalable.


Does Instagram need any introduction? A photo-sharing website that has revolutionised the world by its popularity and ease of sharing photos and stories. Name a celebrity and you will find him/her on Instagram. It shows the popularity of the platform. Well, Instagram is also a website that has developed with Django development.

Django Website Examples


Mahalo is one of the most resourceful websites that allows users to learn almost everything. Whether you want to learn how to write articles or how to draw images or how to use any instrument or device. It has everything. You can also submit answers there for questions too. Mahalo is also one of the Django website examples.

Mozilla Support

There are chances that you are reading this article on your Mozilla Firefox browser. Well, let me tell you, it is one of the popular Django websites you are on right now. Mozilla browser is highly popular after Google Chrome and has some excellent features and advantages. One such example of a feature is that it lets users search with different search engines such as Google, Bing and others, unlike Google Chrome that only allows using Google search engine by default.


NASA is a space research organization that has contributed impeccably to the world space scene. Just check out the website and you will find how user-friendly and scalable the website is despite having visual content. It might not be as popular as Pinterest or Instagram, but still attracts more than 2 million users per month. Django was used to make a NASA website to make it more user-friendly, scalable, robust and secure.

The Washington Post

One of the most influential and powerful newspaper has a digital platform for users across the world and again, it is python development with Django as the main framework. Can you imagine the traffic on the world's number one news website? Well, Django makes it possible to make the website more scalable, reliable and with smooth navigation and usability.

Django Website Examples


One of the most impeccable and unparalleled platforms for event stakeholders across the globe where they can find information about various events, discuss events, book their tickets and also promote their events, Eventbrite has set a benchmark for itself by being highly scalable, robust and efficient. Well, another classic example of what Django framework can do.


Spotify is, in fact, a revolution in the music industry as it has changed the way people share, listen and promote music. Django has made it possible to create a scalable, highly-functional and accessible music website and app that can offer some superior experience to the users. With its fast backend and machine learning options, the website can suggest users their preferred music albums and songs to choose from.


YouTube does not need even a word to introduce itself. An online platform that has changed the way people can view and share videos of any niches is a revolution itself. Built with PHP first, it was later developed with Django to meet the demand for massive traffic and audience and a need to develop and implement new features.


Django framework has some splendid features and functionalities that make it one of the most preferred programming frameworks for developing scalable and comprehensive web applications. Just look at the websites mentioned above and traffic these websites receive daily. Yet, these websites never crash and run smoothly and efficiently. Django makes it possible.

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