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What is a POS System?

In layman terms, Point of Sale (POS) is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. It is usually referred as checkout point by the retailers. At the POS machine, the seller calculates the amount payable by the customer and create the invoice. It is also the point where customer makes payment in exchange of goods or services. There is an increase in the use of POS system mainly because the need for price tags is eliminated. The product prices are linked to the product code in POS system while adding stock, so the cashier only needs to scan the code to complete the transaction.

One of the major benefits of implementing a POS software is the ease of data maintenance. The quantity of each product sold and remaining can be easily determined. Moreover, important decisions regarding inventory stocking can be easily taken with the help of POS system. To sum it up it can be said that a POS system will simplify the operations task across retail chains.

Why Hire KODY Services?

Software development is not only about delivering softwares to the clients. It’s rather about rendering services that meet the client expectations and serve their end purpose. Softwares are meant to function in a seamless manner that enhance the user experience. KODY Technolab is a package of everything that you need from professional software development company. Our K-POS system can be considered an overall profitable deal for you with its extraordinary features of being a browser based POS, accessible everywhere and user friendly too!

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Benefits of POS System

When your cashiers have the right tools to support their working, the operations inevitably run smoothly. One can’t expect a craftsman to work without his tools right? So you can’t expect your employees to decrease checkout times if they are not provided with the right tools for the job - A POS system.

A POS system provides your customers with a detailed receipt rather than just the information of date and amount of sale. POS software uses inventory data to provide more information such as item description, price and savings from a sale or coupon etc. There are options to customize the footer too with the implementation of a POS software. For instance, coupons, information on loyalty programs, return policy or promoting social media channels etc can be added in the invoice when using a POS system.

A POS software with a touchscreen interface gives all the information at fingertips to your sales associates and cashiers. It eliminates the trouble of manually maintaining a cash register. POS system improves accuracy throughout the entire operation chain with real time data. A POS software also skips the task of manually uploading the data in back office systems - minimizing the risk of human error.

Many retail establishments have a limited front counter space but with an all in one POS system that doesn’t matter. Apart from saving space, a POS machine makes up for an aesthetically pleasing front counter. Also, creating more room for display of appealing impulse items. Larger the space, more comfortable are the employees. A higher comfort level will reduce the chances of errors and sub-standard services.

Business Intelligence and POS

Business Intelligence means any technology, application or practice used for collection, analysis and presentation of business information. The whole purpose of Business Intelligence is to support better business decision making. A POS system serves as an aid in providing all the relevant information to you. When you have all the data like sales, purchase, deployment of staff etc at hand, the information can be put to use to increase the sales as well as management of staff.

A POS software records the sales of all products. From those records it can be conveniently analyzed what product is sold the most during a specific month or season. According to those reports, the inventory management can be done to maximize profits.

POS software can be used to manage employee deployment as well. The POS system is going to have records of the employees working on it. The manager can analyze the time period of the day or week where the footfall significantly increases and manage the employee placement accordingly. An efficient employee deployment will decrease checkout time, avoid delay in services and improve the shopping experience for customers.

Key Features of K-POS

K-POS is a SaaS supported software. Which means you can have an access to your POS software over the internet without having to install a hardware for the same. This saves you from all the trouble of maintaining complex hardware and software systems. Even in the situation of your internet going off while you are working, the POS system will track deals and adjust them once you are back on the web.

Our POS software will integrate and manage data of multiple organizations under a single parent company. It’s difficult to maintain the records of warehouses located at different locations. The K-POS software will allow you to manage or extract data of multiple warehouses or terminals from a single place. Thus, making it easier for you to keep an account of the progress.

Consolidate all your systems into one inventory with our POS system. You don’t need to send an excel sheet repeatedly to have the latest updates on inventory. Real time inventory feature of KPOS will tell you all that you need to know about the stock position in the company irrespective of the store or warehouse location.

The POS system will ensure that it becomes easier for you to keep a record of all the transactions as well as a note of the inventory. With real time inventory management, it can be easily known which item is running out of stock and finances can be planned accordingly.
Furthermore, a record of canceled and return orders is a great help in improving your customer service for the future. A POS software will bring all this information right in your device whenever and wherever you want. All you need to do is login to the POS system!

As the POS system is browser based it is implied that it is accessible everywhere. The POS software can be used on any of the devices whether you are in the store or not. Moreover, it can also be integrated with cloud services making it accessible from remote locations as well. Let’s say you are out on a holiday and want to know the current sales, inventory etc details. All you need to do is login to your POS system and have all the information right at your fingertips

Integration of our POS system with K-ERP in backend makes it convenient for you to know all about the taxes. The tax calculations on each product sold and stock purchased will help you take decisions for business expansion in the long term. The clarity in taxation will help you manage your profit margin in all the products.

Our K-POS software is made for a smooth user experience. It will turn out to be a hassle free learning and training process. Less frustration while using the software is inversely proportional to work satisfaction amongst the employees. Increase in work satisfaction will result in an increase in employee efficiency as well.


Our Feat in the Software Industry

Passion and creativity with a genuine love for technology is what gives the KODY team an edge over others. Challenges are seen as opportunities to deliver the best in class POS software development services. In the digital times, we help or clients with consulting, strategy, development and implementation of the POS system. Our team believes in rendering innovative, cost effective and cutting-edge technological solutions to our clients.