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How about reforming a similar phrase like, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” for pest control? “A pest control on a regular basis, keeps the pests away”. Honestly speaking, pests are a real menace. These home invaders come with some severe health threats and cause acute damage to the belongings. The only solution to this problem is, pest control. In the times of apps like Uber, even pest control agencies have started developing an on-demand pest control application aka uber for pest control. In this one-stop solution app, the user can find all the services related to pest control at a single tap and get rid of the problem. Do you wish to go for pest control app development for your agency? If yes, find out the functionality and features that a pest control app must-have in this blog.

Pests aren’t going anywhere, they are here to stay and for long ( sarcastically speaking, yet the reality). Getting pests inside homes, offices, or farms is a nasty problem. But, we need to face it. Pest controlling is the only way to handle this problem and get rid of the irritating pests at least for a specific period of time.

Pests play a significant role in the spreading of unknown flu and other diseases. And it is important to get away from them especially if you have toddlers at home. However, homeowners or factory owners do struggle with the task of searching for a trustable and durable pest control service in the neighborhood.

If you own a pest control agency, it would be a great help to society if you develop an on-demand pest control app. This will help the customers in a number of ways, they can easily search for a pest controller in the area, book an appointment, and get the service done.

You may ask, how will your business benefit by on-demand pest control app development?

Well, it’s not just the customers who need an on-demand app service, even your business can benefit from it in a number of ways. Find out the reasons here.

A pest control app allows you to capture the data accurately which was traditionally done manually. This way, you mitigate the risk of data loss or inaccuracy while collecting the data.

A well-designed user-friendly app can enhance the customer experience. With just a single tap, the customer can book the service or get in touch with the service provider. This way you increase your reach to the customer.

The customer can directly get in touch with the service provider and can have real-time communication. They can solve any queries related to the service, or billing effectively.

Instant booking of service boosts your team’s productivity in a number of ways. They do not have to rush back to the office to get the appointment details. Your appointed technicians can check the customer’s information in the app and reach out to their location using the app.

You can easily keep the bookkeeping records and process the invoice faster than ever before.

The GPS service enabled in your pest control app solution allows you to keep track of the technician’s location and their work completion.

It would be a wise decision ever to make this one-time investment and reap benefits for years. Your business might need a unique design concept, and for that, you can always reach us out. We understand, analyze your requirements, and give a robust solution accordingly.

Uber pest control app is a disruptive technology that is changing the way people avail pest related services.

In the next section, we have listed various features that you can integrate into your pest control app. Have a look…

Develop an On-Demand Pest Control App

Customer’s Screen for on-demand pest control app:

Sign up:

Allow the user to log in to the app using their registered credentials or their social media accounts. The sign-up form should be as simple and user-friendly as possible so that the customers do not feel irritated for making repeated entries.

Real-time pest controller tracking:

One of the major benefits of the on-demand app is, it gives real-time data and information. Just like any other on-demand apps, your pest control app should allow the users to track their pest controllers. For this, you can integrate a Google Map API which gives them the location and estimated time of arrival of the pest controller.

Real-time pest controller tracking:

One of the major benefits of the on-demand app is, it gives real-time data and information. Just like any other on-demand apps, your pest control app should allow the users to track their pest controllers. For this, you can integrate a Google Map API which gives them the location and estimated time of arrival of the pest controller.

Scheduling a service:

Booking is a normal feature of an on-demand app, but your pest control app should be able to schedule a service for the future. Give them the freedom to choose their comfortable date and time in advance for getting the service done.

Payment gateway integration:

Allow the customer to choose their favorite way of doing the payment. They can either go for cash or for a cashless option. Hence, for a cashless transaction you need to have an in-app payment option. For this, you can integrate a payment gateway or various eWallets to ease the process of payment. Whichever gateway you choose, you need to ensure that it is secure and hassle-free.

Review and Feedback:

People trust the word of mouth especially when it comes from a user like them. Hence, allow the customers to leave a review and rate the services. Let them feel that they are being heard so that they share their experiences and grievances with the others. For a negative rating, do not feel bad, instead, take it as an opportunity to improve upon your quality of services.

Push Notifications:

The best way to acknowledge people about a new service or a discount is through push notification. Let your Push notifications give some compelling information to the customers that they feel like coming back to the services again. You can engage them over this notification feature. Also, notify them about their scheduled bookings, estimated time of controller’s arrival, and more.

In-app chat option:

Once the booking is done and the user is notified with the controller’s name and arrival time put them in direct touch with the technician. Allow them to have a chat within the app so that they can put forward their necessary concerns to them before his arrival at the location.

History view:

Collect and store all the relevant information related to the user’s service booking. This storage (history) should be visible to the user so that they can use it for future reference.

Admin’s screen for on-demand pest control app:

A pest control app development company ensures that every single feature is designed in a way that it satisfies the end-user. End-user here means even the admin and the pest controller. Let us find out what an admin will need to operate the app seamlessly.

Schedule Management:

It is the admin’s duty to ensure that one pest controller is assigned to a single duty. If there is a time-clash between two appointments, it is the admin who has to take over the control and manage everything.

Statistics and relevant information:

Admin has a lot of duty to handle and manage. Hence the admin’s dashboard should show the person’s name who booked an appointment, the timings, and the pest controller allotted to deliver the service. An admin should be able to see and manage all the requests, feedbacks, queries made by the customers. It is the admin who is going to manage the service charges and timings.

The admin considering various factors decides the service price and sends it across to the customer. An admin can either form packages of services and display it on the customer’s screen. This package can be distinguished on the basis of service nature, price, and availability.

Pest controller’s management:

It's the whole team of pest controllers who would be working under admin’s instructions. So an admin should be able to add or remove a pest controller from the platform. Suppose negative feedback is received for a pest controller, then an admin has the authority to remove him from the list.

Admin should be allowed to keep a track of the pest controller and the area in which they are delivering the service.

Transaction management:

The admin panel should have complete control over the exchanges made between the service provider and the client. Admin should be able to view the transactions made and the entire process of it.

Request acceptance or rejection:

It is the admin who has the right to accept or reject a service request. If timings may clash between two requests or if the pest controller technician is unavailable, then the admin holds the right to cancel a request after notifying the customer with a valid reason.

Pest controller’s screen for on-demand pest control app:

Profile registration:

If a new technician wishes to join the panel, he should sign up for the app. In the registration form, collect all the basic information like name, address, phone number, years of experience, etc. After enrollment of the data, send the form across to the admin for approval. Once the admin approves, the new technician will be able to get on the board.

Customer Management:

No doubt, the complete management of customers is in the hands of the admin, but the basic information like name, address, and contact details should be accessible by the pest controller. On receiving a service request, the pest controller should receive an alert with the customer’s name and other important details.

In-app navigation:

To deliver the requested service, the pest controller should know the exact location of the customer. A technician can be new or unknown to the area which makes it difficult for him to reach the exact location. To solve this problem, you can integrate an in-app navigation feature that guides the technician to reach the requested location.

Communication with the customer:

Just like the need of the customer to communicate with the pest controller, a pest controller may also need to contact the customer. For any change in schedule or delay in reaching the location, the pest control technician should be able to get in touch with the customer instantly.

Earning history:

A pest controller should be able to calculate his earning or keep track of the receipts if required. The on-demand app development company should ensure that each of these features is integrated well within the application.

Ratings and Reviews:

A customer leaves feedback or ratings to notify their level of satisfaction with the service. A pest controller should be allowed to check their ratings and feedback in order to improve with the service.

Develop an On-Demand Pest Control App

How does an on-demand pest control app work?

It is indeed lucrative to build an app for a pest control business. It increases your business reach and in return satisfies your customers like never before. The mechanism of this pest control app is quite simple.

1. A user selects a package/ service from the list of options available;

2. A user enters the details of the location and contact number.

3. Next, they schedule or book an appointment at a convenient time;

4. Further, they are navigated to the payment page where they choose their preferred payment option and request the service;

5. As soon as the request is received, the admin approves it and assigns the task to a pest control technician.

6. Technician receives the notification to reach the location;

7. Service is provided within no time at the customer’s location.

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand pest control app?

The cost to develop a pest control application depends on a variety of factors which include, features of the app, the technology you choose, the platforms you target, the countries you target, and the number of hired mobile app developers you need for app development.

It would be difficult to decide the pest control app development cost at the initial stage. However, you can always have an estimate from your development partner. The number of hours they involve in app development would decide the final price of it.

Parting Words:

In today’s time, there is a massive demand for on-demand apps in every industry. These apps have opened up a new horizon of opportunities for business owners. We at Kody Technolab provide agile solutions that help your business reach the new heights. If you own a pest control agency, it is a good time to start developing an on-demand app for pest control services today. Let’s make the world a better place without pests, together!

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