On-Demand News Feed App Development

Newsfeed App is all about providing a seamless reading experience to the app users on their fingertips. The on-demand news feed application will not only keep the readers updated but also open up new revenue streams for you.

Project idea

Newsfeed App is a newsfeed application with an engaging user interface to keep users of all age groups hooked to it.

Target audience

Newsfeed App is meant for a global audience as it portrays localized as well as global news to its readers.

Project Challenges

  • App load time
  • News on the basis of the user’s geographical location
  • Reader retention


We created a scalable, responsive and user-friendly newsfeed application for an audience across the globe including the ones that are not too tech-savvy.


Client insights on the project were:
  • Including videos
  • Push notifications
  • Local news
Analysis of initial project ideas resulted in:
  • Brainstorming sessions with the in house team
  • Rough requirement document
  • Client meetings to know their expectations from the project
We provided the client with
  • Project estimation
  • Project timeline
  • The final design of the application

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Wireframe & Design

The news feed app development process began by designing the app UI/UX first. Here is a small preview of the app design!

Main Features of the Project

Here is our developers’ journey to make an app like Flipboard!



Regardless to say it is the heart of any news app. Feed is where the headlines and bylines are displayed and it is the first thing that readers see when they open the application. Due to all these reasons, a feed is the most important part of the application.


Article Filters

Your app users will definitely need some categorization to find articles about their topic of interest. Sorting articles by content is the most essential feature. Of course, other filters were applied too in the application.



Giving the option of personalization gives more loyal users. Therefore, we implemented the option of personalization so that users can change to black/white themes as per their convenience and even customizable font size.

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Technology stack

The following technology stack helped us to make a news feed app that not only struck a chord with the audience but also worked smoothly on all devices.