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An instant rejoinder when someone asks for a solution to a problem is, 'Let me do an online search". Technology has made us so dependent that we try to search for an online solution for every problem. This dependency is positively described here because we have the utmost comfort and convenience by using this "on-tap-services." Every industry has leveraged mobile applications' benefit, and so do the car-repair/maintenance services.

A car service application keeps track of the service schedule, maintenance history, and service center details. It helps users in finding the most reliable car services near them. Also, it answers all car-related queries and connects them with an expert if required. A car repair service app takes care of the car health and doesn't even break your bank.

And for the app owner or the service provider, it simplifies the tasks to a huge extent. Service providers do not have to engage themselves in paperwork, nor do they have to market their services. People in need directly reach out to them whenever they feel the need, and their job is done.

We will also list out a few other benefits of developing a car service app for your business.

Various car service providers have their apps individually, but nothing can match the capacity of the on-demand car service application hosting multiple service providers. Various service providers register themselves on the application and offer their versatile car-specific services. So you have a higher chance of gaining traffic and thereby increasing sales. Along with this lucrative sales benefit, you get several other benefits of having a car service application. We will highlight a few of them in the next section.

It offers extreme comfort and ease of use to the customers:

Car lovers can easily book a car service sitting on their couch with just a few taps. They can download the application, enter their car details, and select a car service. The service provider will send experts for their further queries and service assistance.

Ease of locating a car service station:

It becomes frustrating for the car owner to get stuck in the middle of the highway due to car breakdown. What becomes more challenging is finding the nearest car repair service for rescue. During such scenarios, a car repairing service application can serve as a boon. The customers can easily book the services and find a mechanic any time, anywhere.

Allows you to give regular updates to the users:

A fully functional car service application has a Push notification feature in it. This feature allows you to notify the car service status to your enrolled customers. You can send them updates about their pick-up and drop-off facilities.

On your part, you just have to update the service status, and the notification is sent automatically. This way, you can get rid of the manual calling and checking in exercise.

You are free from all the paperwork:

You can digitize every operation online. The customer enters the car details, insurance details, and everything is stored in the application. You do not have to maintain an offline logbook or file important documents. The notification feature also reminds you about a customer's due service date, so you do not have to worry even about that. Everything becomes so handy and comfortable with a car repair service app development for your business.

You can offer discounts and coupons to your customers:

Gone are the days when you would need to spread the word about your services or special discounts verbally. Using the application, you can send emails and notifications to your customers about a special offer available at your service station.

You can also offer them referral points and coupons when they refer your application to someone else. This way, you can win their trust and build upon their loyalty.

You can expand your business opportunities:

A car service mobile application gives you a chance to reach out to more customers & bring them onboard. By designing unique features and collaborating with various mechanics and service providers, you can come up with a unique car service solution.

This solution would help you increase the customer base, and thereby you have a chance to expand your business boundaries. Your services can also be made available 24 *7, which would not have been possible if you would own a physical store.

Develop car service app like GoMechanic

What services can you offer in your on-demand car service application?

You can include services like,

Wheel and Tyre care;

Battery checkup;

Engine oil change facility;

Car cleaning service;

Car dent painting;

Car insurance service;

Customized repair and cleaning service;

Scheduled customer-specific servicers;

AC repair services;

The fuel filter and brake fluid replacement services;

Inspect lights, timing belt, wiper, and other services.

Suppose you choose to collaborate with other mechanics and service providers. In that case, you can ask them about their specific services, if any, and include them in your application.

How can you earn money using your uber for mechanics application?

A mechanic app development solution can try various ways of earning money. You can either go for, In-app advertisements where you allow several third-parties to display their ads on your platform.

You can also offer them a subscription-based model where the users pay an amount to subscribe to your car services. In return, you offer them with several other benefits.

An on-demand mechanic mobile app development like Gomechanic service is free to charge a service fee on every service request made by your customer using the platform.

You can also include a featured listing feature where a service provider is charged for making their services appear in the top-most featured listings.

Develop car service app like GoMechanic

What are the key features of an on-demand car mechanics application?

If you are aiming to develop a car repair and service app like Carfax application, then your app will usually have three screens, namely, the Customer screen, Admin Panel, Service provider. Each of these screens should be designed uniquely with the below-mentioned features.

Customer screen:

User Login/Registration;

Manage Profile;

Car & Insurance Details;

Location Access;

Smart Search and Filters;

Mechanic/Expert technician details and selection;

View Service provider profile;

Hire Service provider;

Book Appointment;

Schedule appointment;

Confirm and Pay for services;

Payment gateway integration;

Track service provider status;

In-app chat or in-app call feature;

Push notification management;

Feedback and Review a service provider;

Admin Screen:


User management;

Service provider management;


Feature management;

Advertisement management;

Payment details;

Reviews management;

Appointment and request management;

Notification management;

Invoices and Reports

Service Provider screen:


Create a profile;

Service Listing;

Customer management;

Approve/Reject services;

Appointment management;

View bookings;

Update service status;

Push notifications;

Service reports;

View car/ customer details;

Payment details;

Chat/Call with the customers;

View order history;

What is the cost to develop an app like Gomechanic?

It is quite taxing to go for on-demand app development. You need to do a lot of research before you end up in the sea of app markets. This research can either be done alone or with your app development partner. Along with the time investment, you would also be required to invest some upfront money behind this app development.

It isn't easy to estimate the final cost of app development. The reason being multiple reasons play a role in deciding the cost. Factors such as:

App design & uniqueness;

App experience;

Location of your development partner;

Features and Functionality integration;

The platform you choose;

Technology Stack;

Years of experience of your prospective development partner;

If you are hiring a mobile app developer for your project, they may charge on an hourly basis, which again varies from location and developer to developer. However, you can still expect the cost of app development to be around $20,000. The project can be expected to get completed within a few months of say around four months.

We would like to highlight a few things before you initiate on-demand mechanic mobile app development.

Tip 1: Keep the Price range competitive:

You would face a lot of competition once you enter into this game of on-demand. However, it is advisable that you keep your prices affordable by the users. Chart out your upfront cost of app development and maintenance; based on that, decide on the service prices you would offer to your customers.

Do not charge higher prices for services; otherwise, you may lose upon the customers. Customers check prices from various service providers and then make the final selection. Hence, do not run behind, making profits and keep the prices attractive.

Tip 2: Ensure seamless payment methods:

The whole intention behind developing an application is to ensure that they get a seamless user experience. Therefore integrate all the payment gateways keeping in mind the security of the customer's credentials. Customers love to embrace the experience they get without juggling between the screens to make a purchase.

Tip 3: Do not ignore the comfort of the mechanics/service providers:

As much as this app is for the customers' comfort, it is for the service provider. Hence, while developing the application, you need to keep in mind the service provider's journey. Make sure that they have a seamless onboarding, equipped with necessary features and transparency.

Tip 4: Focus on intuitive design:

No application can really succeed if the design is not engaging enough for the users to stick to it. Therefore ensure that you have a good team of designers on board who ensure that the design is unique and intuitive. Do not hesitate if you have to pay more for good designs, it would be worth the return.

A good design also helps in retaining customers. With minimum efforts but good design, you can build upon a loyal customer base.

Closing Thoughts:

Developing an on-demand mechanic booking application makes sure that you have business growth with convenience. You can cover a wide range of niche while taking care of the customer's convenience. Uber for mechanics app can do wonders for your car service business. The first step towards this journey is to understand the entire car application process's working and functioning. You can connect with us and have a clear understanding of how you can launch your application in the market.

Our experts have hands-on experience and a keen interest in developing an on-demand application with flair.

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