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In this 21st century, we have witnessed some rapid improvements in terms of technological advancements. The most recent one from the list is the revolution coming in the taxi services. The steps are being taken by the taxi service giant Uber towards providing the public with an on-demand helicopter service. People are eventually going to utilize this service one day as we all stuck in traffic jams on a daily basis.

We all are already doing drone deliveries, and the time is not very far when people will start their daily commute via the air taxis. Moreover, with on-demand app development nowadays, people can book these services using their phones. Also, if you want to own a startup around this concept of on-demand helicopter service, this in-depth guide will help you out. So, if you are interested in knowing and understanding the bits and bytes of the same, keep on reading:

make an app like Uber Air

What is Uber Elevate?

Uber Elevate was launched in late 2016 in partnership with some tech giants and aircraft companies. The service was introduced by Uber. The company also collaborated with NASA to get help on the infrastructure and standard procedure aspects. The service will be based on an air taxi application that will give users the details they want about the ride.

The basic phenomenon is that Uber wants to cover small distances like a ride within 100 km. This will be done with the help of an all-electric air vehicle having an average speed of 150 mph. The flying altitude will be up to 1000-2000 ft.

Features required for the On-demand Helicopter service

The on-demand helicopter service will be loaded with features. Moreover, you will see similar details as a normal Uber cab service. The app will offer features like:

Tracking location

The basic need of this service is to know exactly where the helicopter is. The customer will get to know if the helicopter is in the air on the helipad. It will also be helpful for the company to maintain a kind of transparency so that customers feel safe and don’t get panicked about their location while riding.

The location tracking can also be used by air traffic control to assist in case of any emergency. Along with this, the company will be able to see where the helicopters are in real-time. Companies like Uber hire mobile app developers to build an app according to their requirements.

Chopper details

The app will be the multi-functional one. All the details related to the helicopter will be available right on the app itself. Also, there will be some tutorial videos that users should watch before boarding. These videos are very informational and you must see them if you never rode a helicopter.

The details will be available regarding the specific helicopter and the safety measures that you must follow. Moreover, there will also some instructions and tips to reduce the fear if you are riding the first time.

Details of helipads

As the service will be from a helipad to another, it is very important for the company to provide a clear and exact location of the nearest helipad based on the user’s location. Not only the pickup location, but they should also be aware of the destination one. It will help them to decide their pickup and destination location.

The feature is made by the developers for on-demand helicopter app development that will encourage transparency and users will travel hassle-free.

Pilot info

Users should know who is their pilot. These details carry a lot of importance and weight when it comes to a better functionality of the app. The information regarding the pilot can be very useful in case of any emergency or any situation where the input from the pilot is very necessary. The company also finds it extremely helpful to organize and assign the rides to the pilot.

The details include information such as the pilot’s experience, his customer rating, etc., provide the customer with a base to feel safe and secure to ride with that particular pilot.

Calculating the fare

The fare or the price determines on the basis of the time and distance of travel along with the availability of the helicopter. The price declaration before finalizing the ride is a prominent feature for the customers.

Declared ride fare after the ride, can create misunderstandings. The feature is a very practical one and the helicopter app development company can refine it by giving some coupons or rewards.

make an app like Uber Air

How does Uber Elevate work?

The only difference that it makes is that it uses specially-designed air vehicles instead of cars to take people from point A to point B. The company is working on its very own eVTOL tech where it collaborated with NASA. The working is pretty simple, the motors provide power to its own propeller rather than two big sized engines.

How does Uber Air help to cut the traffic?

What Uber is trying to achieve here is, it wants people to change their mode of travel from one place to another. The company is trying to cut the traveling time significantly. For example, if a person is living in Mumbai, the average time he/she will take to reach the airport from the CST is around 2-3 hours, where Uber Air lessen the time to 10 minutes. The success of Uber Air rises multiple opportunities for developers to make an app like Uber Air.

Moreover, this will take time and the company is not making any commitment, but the future looks very promising. The service will be very safe and will be made very affordable. The company is also working on an air vehicle that will be automated. And hence, when people will opt for air travel, it will automatically take away the load from the roads.

The situation will get better when there will be fewer traffic jams. Now, this is something that the majority of people would prefer because they are tired of traffic jams.

What are the biggest challenges in the process to make an app like Uber Air?

There are many challenges that the companies who are in the market to develop helicopter app like Uber, including the giant itself. The biggest challenge is which type of air vehicle is going to be used, winged or propeller-styled, and there are no final details on the same yet.

The other one, which is a pretty big thing is the noise. The aviation companies aren’t able to find any solution yet. Moreover, this is the reason that the company is focusing more on the electric vehicle route. There are other challenges like clearance from the authorities.

make an app like Uber Air

How much does it cost to develop a helicopter application?

The development of an on-demand helicopter application requires a huge investment and to get started with the air taxi service. The overall cost involves the following

hiring cost of the helicopters

the salaries of the employees

the cost of pilots will also be a huge addition

As the reports state that it takes around $0.5 to cover a mile on the road, the same distance through the air will cost around $2. And hence, it will be hard to convince the customers as the market is pretty new. Along with the huge investment, on-demand app development will also require a huge amount of patience and effort.

The app should intuitive and easy to navigate for users. As much as experienced developers will be the more efficient and productive the app will be.


The air service is going to be the next mode of transport. The reason behind this is the increasing number of vehicles on the roads. The service is going to be used for short distances and Uber is trying to collaborate with the giants like Airbus. The service is yet to be finalized on multiple fronts and it is nowhere near to the launch.

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