On-Demand Dating App Development

Our increasing dependence on technology and mobile phones has made them a part of our day to day lives. It is not limited to being a part of our lives, but the same technology has started having a huge impact on our personal lives. People are of different opinion on the same, but it is ultimately on us to control the influence of technology in our life.

As we are on the topic, let’s discuss one of the latest trends in market of mobile dating apps. More and more number of people are relying on these dating services to find a partner for themselves. Well, for once we are now free from the hassles of traditional dating system.

So, who started the trend of on demand dating apps? That should not be a surprise for anyone. It’s Tinder! Immense success of this on demand dating application inspired many and thus came more number of online dating apps in the market.

Are you also planning to make an app like Tinder? Here is everything you need to know before you hire an on demand dating app development company!

What is the Success Rate of Dating Apps in Current Times?

According to some future predictions, by the year 2031, at least 50% of married couples would have initially met online.

Presently, 20% of couples have met their perfect match on popular dating apps.

Annual revenue from all dating apps is approximately $2 billion.

An estimated 60% of people use dating apps to find their life partners and not for hookups.

These numbers are a clear indication that online dating is no more a taboo and more and more number of people are open to it.

Why You Should Make a Dating App?

As if the above mentioned figures were not enough, here are a few more reasons on why you should create a dating app!

Finding partners on dating apps is no more a taboo and has become a part of our lifestyle in an obvious manner. People have become more open to find someone with common interests on such apps.

High demand of these applications is a clear sign that you can earn big bucks but only if it is user friendly and has an engaging design.

Before you create a tinder clone make sure it has all the necessary ingredients to make it a successful one.

If you plan to develop a mobile app it is always going to cost you but once it is successful, the returns on investment are high too.

How Does the Match-making Work?

Matchmaking in tinder like applications depends on multiple factors. However, the major ones are listed here.

On the basis of location - The application searches and connects to possible matches around the location of user.

On the basis of app algorithms - In this case, possible matches are displayed in alliance with the personal data and survey information of the user.

On the basis of app niche - In this situation, the user profiles are divided into special groups on the basis of their preferences, interests, gender etc.

By now you must be clear about behind the scenes of dating app development. Now you might we wondering how do these apps earn money? We have listed here a few ways through which you can earn money from your dating application!

Ads - The famous dating app Tinder was launched in the year 2012 as a free of cost version, but over time as it got popular, the app was monetized via ad campaigns. There came a point when these advertisements became irritating. So, app gave an option to the paid users to turn off the ads.

Subscription - Tinder became freemium in 2015 with the launch of Tinder Plus. Freemium version is a type of monthly subscription which provides users with premium features. You can integrate this feature to earn some bucks.

Paid Stand Alone Features - Tinder gives freedom to its users to pay for their chosen features. Right now, the only similar feature available is Boost. When this feature is brought by the user, their profile reaches on top of area list for 30 minutes, improving the chances for a match. You can always implement such paid features in your application and earn more.

Sponsored Profiles - There are various partnership programs that allow the corporate bodies to post ads which make them look less forceful.

On-Demand Dating App Development

Basic Dating App Features

Registered App UsersAdmin Panel
Sign Up/Sign InSign In
Interest ScaleSecurity
Create/Edit Profile PageAdmin Dashboard
Chat for Connected UsersDiscovery Setting
Push Notifications for Likes/MessagesAnalytics Reporting
Location Settings while TravellingDashboard Analytics
Profile Pic Flagging/ Report UsersProfile Management
View Profile Image/Bio of Other UsersManage Privacy Policy
Swiping left/Swiping rightCustom Matching Algorithm
Users Display Settings based on Gender & GeofenceManage Users/User controls

Advanced Dating App Features

Geolocation - It is the most important element of a dating app. Geolocation can be considered a critical functionality as the application is based on a user’s location and fetching to display profiles of their preference.

Real Time Chat Implementation - To understand the importance of this feature, you need to know the difference between a regular chat and real time chat implementation. In normal chat, users will have to refresh to receive new messages, whereas in the other case, the chats are updated automatically.

Undo Dislikes - As the name clarifies, you can cancel the dislikes and give those people a second chance. This feature is usually not available in free version of the application.

Unlimited Right Swipes - It is a premium feature that allows users unlimited number of swipes in a day which is not the case in a free version.

Finally, How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Tinder?

The cost of developing a Tinder like application largely depends on multiple factors such as project’s complexity, features to be integrated, third party integrations, development platforms (Android or iOS), the experience of development team and what region you choose for development purposes.

For instance, there will be a huge price difference in on demand app development cost in India and USA. Naturally the cost will be almost double if you hire developers from US or Europe.

Thus, the most cost effective option is to get your dating app developed in India.

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