On Demand Car Wash App Development

Do you remember those days when on weekends you used to take your car to the garage and wait in the queue for your car to get washed? A tiring and exhausting process that killed many of your weekends. Well, that's past now. All you need to do now is to just Google for car wash service providers near you and the car will be picked from your home and after wash, it will be delivered to your home too.

Smartphones have made the lives of people smart and convenient. We have an app for almost anything. For example, if you want to play poker, you don't need to go to the casino, all you need to do is download a poker app. If you want to book a ticket for a movie or a play, you can do it with a swift swipe of your fingers. If you want to book a meal for your friends and families, it can be done with food delivery apps. Smartphones and mobile applications have changed the way we live, do things and use technology. Such a convenient and comfortable life that saves our time and efforts.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to invest in on-demand mobile applications, going for a car wash on-demand app would be a smart idea as the demand for car washing online is increasing each day. All you need to do is offer the most convenient method to the target audience and you will get the biggest pie of the market share in just no time. In addition to that, the market for on-demand car wash is very large and you can surely make a jackpot out of it. All you need to do is to hire an on-demand car wash app development company that has earned quite a reputation in the market and has got some good reviews and ratings.

However, developing an on-demand car wash app is not as easy as it seems. You need to plan everything to ensure that you end up developing an app that is comprehensive, responsive, interactive and engaging for users.

In this blog, we will discuss a whole process of on-demand car wash app development including features, costs and other crucial details. Stay tuned!

Why go for an on-demand car wash app?

This is a question you might ask yourself when you decide to go for an on demand car wash app development. However, the answer is very simple and straightforward. In USA alone, millennials prefer to hire car wash services instead of going for DIY. There are reasons for it! First, there are some incredible advantages of hiring a car wash service provider and second, it saves time and efforts of the car owners. Just last year, the total number of users who used car wash service was 8 million on a daily basis. Also, the total revenue for last year of car wash service was $5.8 billion. Also, in the United States only, there are total 16,000 professional car wash service providers and their total earned revenue crosses $9 billion annually.

As per the experts' predictions, the growth rate of the car wash service industry is expected to be 3.3% by the year 2020.

The working module

The working module of car wash app must be user-friendly, responsive and comprehensive. Here is a list of steps that makes an app very prolific, feature-rich and easy to use.

Registration and login into the app, creating an account with Google, Facebook or username and password credentials

Users can find potential car wash service providers in his area

Users can review the service providers and send a request

Admin receives the request for car wash service from the user

Admin starts finding the best car wash service provider in the vicinity

Admin offers the car wash service provider's details to the user

The user gets multiple options and chooses one

Once the user has selected one, the service provider will reach the address

Service will be provided as per the package selected by the user

Once the service is done, the user will pay to the service provider with different payment options.

If you want to develop an on-demand car wash application, this is the standard procedure that your app must provide to the user. All you need to do is to hire a company and tell them your requirements for mobile car wash app development.

What are the features that must be added to the car wash mobile app?

Here is a list of features that must be added in your car wash application.

Subscription packages - You can add various subscription packages for users such as monthly, quarterly, annual package, etc. You can even name the packages as per your wish such as golden package, platinum package etc. The user can select any of the packages as per his convenience and preference.

Location-specific services - The app must use a GPS tracking system to ensure that the user's location is shown in the app so that they can choose services accordingly.

Tracking services - Users can be able to see all the details about the car wash service provider. With the tracking system, users can check them out before hiring them.

Push Notifications - Push notifications are excellent when you want to notify users about some special offers and discounts. Also, users can be notified when the service is done and other information.

SMS alerts - Users would want to get notified about the status of their car service. With the SMS alert, it can be made possible.

App versions

Just like any other on-demand apps, even the car wash mobile application will have different app versions for customers, car wash service providers and admin. We will discuss these versions with crucial features to be included in them.

Customer version

Here are some of the crucial features to be added in the customer version of the app.

Sign up and login - When the user downloads the app and opens it, the app will redirect the user directly to the sign-up and login page where users can create their accounts with the app. It is the start of the admiring relationship with the users. Here, you can allow the users to sign-up with social media credentials such as Google or Facebook or with a mobile number or an email ID. You can also ask users to give some information about themselves such as name, date of birth, preferences, address and other details.

Service request enabling - Users would be able to make a service request for the car wash service.

Car location details - Users can be able to pinpoint the exact car location so that service providers can know the details of the car location.

Subscribe for different packages - As mentioned above, users can avail for different car wash subscription packages offered by the car wash service providers. They can choose as per their financial preferences and convenience.

Technician availability - The users must be able to find service providers who are available at a given point of time. Users are looking for quick and advanced services and hence, they must be able to choose one who is available right now.

Online payment - Users would prefer online payment option rather than cash or cheque payments. You need to facilitate users to pay with different payment options such as credit and debit card, online bank transfer and via other payment options.

Order history view - Users want to know the services they have ordered in the past and hence, there should be a special section where they can view their order requests in the past.

Service provider panel

Here are the few features that must be included while going for on-demand car wash app development for the service provider panel.

Sign up - The service provider also has to sign up on the app to create an account with the app.

Add service location - They should be able to add the address and location on the app so that users can easily find them when they are near to them.

Push notifications - Service providers should be able to send push notifications to the users when they accept the service request and when the service is completed.

Accept or reject the request - In addition to that, a service provider should also be able to accept or reject the offer as per their convenience. Sometimes, the flow of request is too high that service providers cannot accept all the orders and they have to reject some requests.

View job history - A service provider must be able to view the job history for a particular user to make marketing and promotion decisions.

Request payment from the admin - Once the services are provided to the user, a service provider must be able to send a payment request to the admin for the services.

Admin Panel

Technician registration - Admin will be able to track all the activities of technicians and service providers to ensure transparent and honest business operations.

Manage service time zone - Admin can see all the work that has been assigned to the service provider by the user. He must be able to monitor every activity happening in the app.

Manage payment - The admin must manage all the payments coming from the users and should be able to initiate payments for service providers.

Which are some of the advanced features you can add in the on-demand car wash application?

When you make a car wash app, there are some additional features you might add in the app to make it more user-friendly, responsive and scalable. Here is a list.

Cost of Car Wash App Development

Cloud management - There are many companies offer cloud storage facilities for users. By enabling the cloud technology into the app, you are taking extra data security measures and it will be appreciated by the users. All the crucial details of the users and operations including personal information, operational history, payment history will be stored in the cloud management system.

Heat map view - With this feature, admin can easily view the exact location of the users, service providers and other stakeholders. This app will surely find its place in all the upcoming car wash apps.

In-app chat facility - There is nothing like a clear communication between different stakeholders and it can be facilitated by adding a chat facility in the app where users can directly communicate with the service providers and discuss their queries and concerns.

In-built payment - Users generally want to avoid different external payment platforms such as PayPal and others. If you have an in-built payment system, users will surely appreciate it.

Cost of car wash app development

When it comes to cost to build an on-demand car wash app, there is no fixed answer to that. The total cost is calculated approximately after evaluating multiple aspects and parameters such as the number of platforms, features and additional advanced features that you want to add, the complexity and the total size of the app.

Also, the cost depends on the geographical location of the on-demand car wash app development company you hire. For example, if you hire an Indian On-demand app development company, you might end up saving some money compared to the company located in the USA or UK.

Approximately the cost of different features of the app :

Front-end and backend development - $5,000 to $6,000

Quality and testing - $1500 to $2000

Technical documentation -$500 to $1000

UI UX design - $1000 to $1500

Cost of Car Wash App Development


When it comes to developing an on-demand car wash app, the potential is very high for businesses to make huge profits due to increasing market and growth of the car wash service industry. All you need to do is to hire the best mobile app development company for on-demand car wash app development and share your requirements with the team. Ensure that the app offers instant gratification, ease of use and responsiveness to the users to make it a huge success.

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