On Demand Babysitting App Development

We all know that parenting can be tough, especially for working parents as they have to struggle for maintaining a perfect balance between their professional and personal life. All the parents would like to spend maximum time with their kid but sometimes social or professional responsibilities become a hindrance in doing so.

The problem faced by working parents was solved by the emergence of on demand app for babysitting in the market. You might be thinking why a babysitters app? That is because the traditional babysitting services also had their own set of drawbacks both for parents and babysitters.

In the case of parents, it was not always possible to find a babysitter of their choice and hire because the number of options were limited. Moreover, they could not hire babysitter services for limited services, the only option was full time hiring which might turn out to be expensive.

In the same way, for babysitters and nannies word of mouth publicity did not always work. There were times when they did not get work for long durations. The on demand child care apps came as a positive wave for them and made life convenient for both of them.

Before we get into the details of on demand babysitting app development, let’s tell you how it works!

How does an app like Uber for babysitters work?

If you have ever used an on demand app for your other needs, then we can safely say that a usual on demand babysitters app will provide the same experience.

Here is the general workflow:

Both babysitters and parents will download and register on their respective apps

Parents can go through the profiles of different babysitters active on the platform and send them a request

Babysitters receive a notification on their app for new job requests. They can have a look at the job details and respond accordingly

After both parties have agreed, babysitter comes to the kid’s house and looks after him/her for the scheduled time frame.

After the job is done, parents can pay easily from the app and rate their services to keep the ecosystem healthy

It is pretty clear that such apps are a saviour for working parents who are juggling between their work and kids. Similarly, babysitters get a more professional channel to get new task requests.

While creating an on demand babysitting app you need to take into consideration the needs of parents as well as babysitters. We have listed them for you!

What do Parents Need from On Demand Babysitting Apps?


Both parents working is a common trend in the current times. Some people have flexible work timings and they might have to report at the call of their bosses. Thus, they may need someone to take care of their children on weekends or even overnight to take a break.

In such a situation, parents would like to be able to book a sitter 24/7. Moreover, you have to provide real time booking option.

Online Payments

The online payments feature makes the life of end users easier. They also save the parents from an embarrassing situation when they don’t know how much to pay. Moreover, you can earn extra by charging fees for the online payment option. So,it is extremely important to implement a payment system when you are about to develop an on demand babysitting app.

User Friendly

The application should have a simple flow that is easy to understand by the users, allows fast navigation and search functionality. The mobile app development team you hire should understand the importance of developing an extremely user friendly application.

On Demand Babysitting App Development

What do Babysitters Need from On Demand Babysitting Apps?


Safety is one of the most important requirements. You need to provide a secure system in place for the babysitter. You can create such a system by providing 24/7 support so that they can contact you in any critical situation.

Workload & Responsibilities

Anyone who has tried searching for a babysitting job know how exhausting it can be. Furthermore, babysitters always face the problem of undefined work responsibilities. Sometimes they come to work as nannies but end up working as housekeepers.

Precisely due to this, you need to instruct the on demand babysitting app development company to integrate a special tool which clearly states the duties and number of working hours.

You can also include a feature due to which parents can tip for additional work done by the babysitters.

Fair Pay

Wage problem is a constant issue for the freelancers. If you are not providing them with a fair pay, there are high chances that you will lose service providers. You need to ensure that your wage rates are not too low.

The problem can be solved by setting a minimum per hour rate which will help the babysitters to earn sufficient income.


Who doesn’t like additional benefits? Provide your employees with additional rewards or facilities and they are here to stay. For instance, Urbansitter provides the option to parents for covering their babysitters transportation. Such small gestures will make them stay with you.

Moreover, you always have the option to implement your own bonus system.

Cost of On Demand Babysitting App Development

Generally, the cost of on demand app development depends on the number of features you are planning to include.

In the case of babysitting app, it is necessary that all the registered babysitters are pre-screened with background checks from social media and in person interviews too. After this the parents can book their service an hour in advance. These are some of the basic features absolutely necessary in the app.

For a seamless and user friendly on demand babysitting application reach out to our expert team of developers who have years of experience in the development and can provide you the exact cost of the project as per your required features list.

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