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Since its release Flutter has definitely managed to make everyone’s heart Flutter! It has managed to rise the level of cross platform development and removed the flaws that previously existed. Until now React Native was one of the most popular cross platform frameworks but Flutter has given a tough competition to this well established framework.

One of the major disadvantages of cross platform development was that as compared to native development, it always felt as if the native feel was missing. However, in the case of Flutter, the framework could connect to the native components of the platform and you cannot tell the difference between a native app and app built using Flutter framework.

Now, let’s talk about what you can build using Flutter?

Flutter was initially introduced as a mobile app development platform. Soon, it’s stable version was released and developers couldn’t stop discussing about the advantages of Flutter for creating beautiful apps.

Once the framework established its hold in the mobile app development industry, the Google team moved to the web. The release of Hummingbird project marked the entry of Flutter in web development.

The Google team known for its innovative efforts has not limited itself to web and mobile. Flutter for desktop and embedded devices is also in the pipeline. But these two projects are currently being run on an experimental basis. Soon, the official Flutter team will be able to make its dream a reality of driving the complete system UI.

Let us get you acquainted with some specific kinds of app you can build by hiring a professional Flutter app development company.

Specific Kinds of App That Can be built with Flutter

The fundamental thing of Flutter is that it allows you to create a good-looking yet interactive app from a single codebase that can run on every major platform. (Note that desktop support is in alpha and web support is in beta) Further, it is particularly well suited for the apps that need to render brand-first designs.

In a nutshell, you can build feature-rich apps of any genre exerting device elements like geolocation, network, storage, camera, and other third-party SDKs, too. For you, we have gathered useful information on how Flutter does magic for a specific type of app, so let's get to it;

Flutter for Gaming Apps

Flutter aims to render 60fps (frames per second) and 120 fps performance on devices that are capable of 120Hz updates, which is hard to match with other SDKs. Above all, Flutter offers game engines like Flame, SpriteWidget, Quill, Feathers, and flutter_unity_widget to build high performing 2D, 3D, lightweight, simple or complex games faster.

Flutter for on-demand apps

On-demand delivery apps for grocery, transport, food are quite trending in the current business economy. Flutter's characteristics, like code reusability, platform-specific & customizable widgets, and native-like performance, enables creating exceptional end-products in record time and cost-effectively.

Flutter for exerting ML in apps

firebase_ml_vision 0.9.7 is a Flutter plugin to use Firebase ML capabilities that includes every Firebase's cloud-based ML feature and ML Kit. This standalone library for on-device ML can be used with or without Firebase. It brings Google's machine learning expertise for Android and iOS apps in one powerful yet easy-to-use package. Using the kit, flutter developers new or experienced can easily build MI-based functionalities in the app, including the face, speech, and text recognition.

We have listed down some of the best Flutter apps examples for some inspiration!

The list comprises of some popular names in the industry with Google at being the top. There are many more Flutter mobile apps in the market that deserve our attention but we have chosen these to portray how far you can take your app by choosing Flutter app development!

You might be wondering what’s so amazing about these mobile apps built with Flutter?

Well, here are some facts to get you hooked. All of these apps have at least:

4.0 rating on iOS and Android

5,00,000 downloads on Android and iOS

1,000 reviews on the App store

apps built using flutter framework

1. Google Ads

It is an app to manage the Google ad campaigns directly from your phone. This app can be called a simplified version of a desktop service which allows you to monitor the performance of your ad from anywhere so you are not tied to the office.

The app includes features such as campaign stats, keyword editing, option to update your bids and budgets, real time notifications and also allows you to call Google experts. It is an intuitive and beautiful app.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba is well known as one of the biggest online commerce companies across the globe. They have made use of Flutter to create the power parts of the app. Alibaba’s app enables the users to buy products from suppliers across the world with the convenience of a mobile app.

3. Hamilton

It is the official app for the hit Broadway musical - Hamilton. The Hamilton app was designed keeping in mind the users who want to stay updated with all music related news.

Some of the features included are a karaoke feature for those who want to sing along to their favourite tracks, access to different Hamilton lotteries, a daily trivia game and exclusive videos and slideshows. As it is developed using Flutter, the end result is a beautiful app experience.

4. Reflectly

It is an AI - driven personal journal app which makes use of cognitive behavioural therapy and positive psychology to help users deal with stress, negative thoughts and maintain positivity. It enables the users to write their feelings and take care of their mental well being.

All thanks to this app, users can get detailed insight on how their days are going and also gain insights from self help experts to cope up with mental health problems.

5. My Leaf

It is an open source application crafted as a third party alternative to the official NissanConnect app to manage the Nissan Leaf car.

The app will help you check the current battery status, initiate remote charging, retrieve your car’s last location and view the current climate control state of your vehicle.

And That’s A Wrap On Flutter!

After all the above examples and discussion it can be rightly said that Flutter is the complete package! It is not proven by us but some of the biggest names in the industry.

According to us, Flutter is a good choice especially when:

You want to develop an MVP

You need to market the app quickly

You need an application for both major platforms with a beautiful user interface that is both fast and reliable

Flutter gives you more functionality with less code and modern, expressive language. The framework is growing at a rapid speed and gaining the attention of mobile development community. The number of Flutter developers have been on a rise too due to its increasing popularity. So, it has become all the more easier for you to hire Flutter developers of your choice for your project.

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