Manual Testing services in Ahmedabad India, USA

Manual Testing Services


Manual Testing Services

KODY Technolab is a leading software development service provider in Ahmedabad India, USA. We help companies with efficient Manual testing for native and cross-platform apps across a variety of devices. Our team of QA engineers makes use of an in-house framework which relies on a successful combination of Manual testing technologies. This is how our engineers keep developing new and improved features along with discovering issues as early as possible at no additional cost.

Why Choose us?

Time Value

Our highly extensive testing framework is ready made to start off the testing process as soon as possible and you can get the ROI right from the first sprint. Our team tests the apps in real and stimulated environments to instantly spot out the defects while enabling us to speed up the delivery process.

Cost Effective Testing

We can easily increase or decrease the Manual testing contribution in the overall testing process as per the project requirements, resulting in completely custom-made testing services.

Finer App Quality

As applications and websites become increasingly complex, the enterprises face unusual challenges in testing to achieve that perfect quality of software. With the help of dynamic testing processes and technological experience, we ensure the delivery of a smooth running application to our clients.

Extensive Reporting

As a professional team for Manual testing, we provide you with all-inclusive reports along with customized dashboards to keep you updated on the testing progress and defects. Thus, making the entire process of testing lucid.

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We Have Top Manual Tester Testing For Your Custom QA Testing.

Customized Testing Services

Let’s have a glance through the range of services offered by us!

Unit Testing

Unit testing is when the individual components of a software are tested. The purpose here is to confirm that each unit is working as per the design. Unit testing, therefore, helps us eliminate any major changes after the completion of project.

Integration Testing

In integration testing, the individual units of a software are tested as a group. The intention here is to detect any fault in the interaction between integrated units. One of the major advantages of this type of testing is that errors can be detected earlier in the testing process.

White Box Testing

It is also known as clear box testing. As opposed to functionality, white box testing is used to test the internal structures or working of a software. Security holes, broken or incomplete paths and expected outputs etc are checked. Our in-house QA team sees to it that any loopholes in the coding are corrected once this test is carried out, ultimately optimizing the end product.

Black Box Testing

In contradiction to white box testing, this method examines the functionality of a software. As this test is performed from a user’s point of view, the final outcome is that the software becomes increasingly user-friendly. Our testing team usually uses this testing type if the main aim of the client is to design a user-centric application.

“We offer bespoke testing services”

Our QA Approach

KODY Technolab is a leading software development service provider in Ahmedabad India, USA. We are strong believers in agile and scrum-based workflows in order to diminish risks and deal with the changing requirements in an efficient manner, although we also support the traditional waterfall process if a project demands it. Sustained by our experience of many years in the industry, our approach emphasizes on early testing, efficient communication and detailed reporting. We are also firm believers of QA automation and promote implementing a test automation strategy whenever it is beneficial to the project.