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Mobile app development is not a difficult task, but it requires following a process that is a little complex. If you have decided to develop an app for a particular business, you need to present the required documents in the correct format. According to the latest survey, about 47% of unsuccessful apps have failed because of miscommunication with management.

And hence, it is essential to create mobile app specification documents in the correct way to present your app’s idea transparently. The first way to start the writing process is by creating notes in the proper format that will be used by your team for the following purposes:

Present to you the exact initial price of developing your app and the entire timeline for the development.

Let you access the correct application that you require and not the app that they have the idea that you want.

If you do not present all your ideas about the app accurately, then there would be a lot of miscommunication, and the final product would not please you at all. Hence, to avoid it, read the article to find out how you should write all the specifications of the mobile app. Other than that, it’s equally crucial to hire Mobile App Developers and the one who can understand your vision.

So let’s dive into the process of creating a mobile app specification document right away:

How to Create a Mobile App Specification Document?

A properly expressed document for your mobile app will help you communicate your idea more transparently and hence let the developer know what you exactly want. The reports allow the developer to use relevant information that helps them further in the developmental process. If you have any confusion about the documentation process, then read the following to know everything that matters.

One line is enough

While describing the idea for your app, always try to concise insight into a single line. In any mobile app requirements document that one line should contain the crucial features that would let anyone get an essence of the idea. For instance, if your app is about a food delivery app, your pitching line could be, “An app that lets you order food from all the nearest restaurants of your home.” Moreover, this might be anything that goes with the following line.

Experience Matters

When you start to write a mobile application specification document, you should not forget to mention your experiences. You may already have an app that you want to upgrade, or you want to build a new one that connects people. While documenting the specifications, you should mention what ideas you have about app development. If this is the first time you are getting a mobile app developed, then you should mention that too. If you clarify all these details in the said documents, then the developers will clearly understand your view-point.

build a Mobile Application Requirements Document

Compatibility of the app with the device

Technical details are an integral part of Mobile App Development. One of the essential information is the compatibility of the app with different methods. While presenting the documents, do not forget to mention the devices you want your app to be compatible with.

The reason for this specification is that many times, users get frustrated. This happens after downloading an application, they find that it is not compatible with their smartphones. You should research on different gadgets and their requirements well before stating the technical specifications.

Specification of the target audience

An important tip on how to write an App specification document is including your target audience in the papers. You must specify whom your app is for? If the developer and the application designer get to know the target audience, it will be pretty easy for them to construct the app in that way.

You can also compose a user profile stating their age or technology-awareness. Other specifications that you can mention are the amount of time spent by them in front of the TV or what are their hobbies. The more you add these details about your target user, the more the app developers will be able to do a good job.

The goal of the app

When you make A Mobile Application Specification Document, you must always mention the purpose and target for your application. You can write the goals in the following ways:

To make your business accessible to younger users and hence gain popularity among different age-groups of people.

The new app will build the brand-name for your business and would make it universally recognizable.

The documents for your mobile application must also mention the goals you are trying to achieve.

write a mobile application specification document

The operating system of the application

When you build a Mobile Application Requirements Document, you should always mention the operating system you want your app to perform on. It usually means, you are creating this app for iPhone users or Android users. If you are planning to make your app compatible with both the platform, then mention the details into documents.

Hybrid or native app

You should always specify if you want to make your app a native or a hybrid one. The native app means those apps that can run only on a particular platform. On the other hand, hybrid apps can run on multiple platforms. The hybrid ones require both HTML5 and JavaScript.

mobile app specification

Maintenance of the app

You must have noticed that apps need to be updated to function correctly. So, while creating a document list for the specifications, you need to mention the frequency of the maintenance your app needs. The developer will have a transparent idea from the beginning.

Final words

When you plan to Hire Mobile App Developers, you should always provide your expectations from your app to them in a clear and documented way. Do keep in mind; the complete functionality of the application will depend on the documents produced by you.

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