Make an Appointment Booking Application like Appointfix

The Internet has taken our lives to another level, especially if we talk about the on-demand app development sector. From ordering clothes online to booking a taxi or cab, there is almost nothing that you can’t do with your smart-phone. Everything is just a matter of a few clicks on your mobile screen. Moreover, it is not wrong to say that this advancement in technology has saved our time. It saves us from physically going to a place located at a far distance.

Nowadays, booking apps like Appointfix are gaining momentum. Booking apps allow us to make appointments or book a seat for various places such as doctor’s clinics, beauty salons, etc. If you are thinking to make an Online Booking Application like Appointfix for your business, then this guide will help you the most. This article will cover almost every crucial aspect that will help you get started with your online appointment booking app development

Moreover, to launch the appointment booking app you will require an Appointment Booking App Development Company, or you can hire mobile app developers who are professional. So, without waiting further, let’s dive into the most important factors that impact the development of appointment booking app for all businesses:

How beneficial is to Develop an Appointment Booking App?

With booking apps, users don’t need to search for your number in their contact list, nor do they need to search for a booking form on your website. All they need to do is make a few clicks on your app and fulfill their needs. So, the below-listed are a few advantages that you will get out of developing Appointment Booking App for your business:

The appointment booking app helps in easy and smooth booking with a streamlined booking form.

You can offer loyalty-points or rewards for in-app bookings to users on the app hook them on it.

An appointment booking app sends push notifications to compel users for future bookings.

Technological Aspects for Appointment Booking App Development

Before you start to make an app like Appointfix, you should know everything including the technology stack. These further include the processes required to make it perfect. Regardless of the technology used, the process includes integral components such as database needed for storage of information, web components to display information, and software that connects the database to web pages.

First of all, you need to select the software you are going to use in the Appointment Scheduling App Development. This involves every component for developing an Online Appointment Booking App, there are thousands of options for the same. The most popular combination among them is LAMP e. Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Here, Apache handles the development of web pages, MySQL is used for database and PHP works for moving data between both of them.

The next step is to create a database diagram either using a graphical tool or just a pen and paper.

Then, to proceed further to make an app like Appointfix, you need to prepare tables in the database diagram for those resources. For complex booking apps, you will have to create many tables for properly structuring your resources..

Now, the development of web pages comes into the picture to complete the making of an app like Appointfix. Web pages act as a landing page for people interested in booking any facility. It guides them in navigating the entire system. This page gives a brief introduction of how all the features work. It contains both query and submission components. One query page is made to request information from the database, one response page to display the requested information, one submit page to enter new information, and one confirmation page to submit the information.

In the next step, you need to perform the required functions by working with the link language, which is PHP.

The last step is the testing period. During this stage, you need to properly test your database, web pages and middleware with multiple options. Then make necessary changes, wherever required.

Appointment Booking App Development

Various Features and Specifications for Developing an Online Appointment Booking App

After diving deep into the technical aspects, you should know about the features you must-have in your app. Here is a list of a few essential features to make an Appointment Booking Application like Appointfix:

Integrated Calendar

Easy to manage calendar with customization options helps the user to keep a record of his schedule and avail booking facility accordingly.

Google-Map Integration

In today’s era, people rely on Google maps for directions. Your app integrated with Google maps will provide a route between the source and the destination.

Smart Search

A specific search option in a well-structured database adds value to your app. This smart search feature can have more options like similar suggestions based on search history or nearby availability. This should be integrated for the comfort of the users. To make it a handy tool for your user, you can add multiple options like price in the search algorithm.

Real-Time Booking Option

This feature allows the customer to book their appointments as per their convenient time. Users need not get indulged in the manual registration and user data entry.

Payment Method Information Storage

It may irritate users to enter their bank or credit/debit card details over and over again. Thus, your app should have a safe and secure payment method information storage. For regular users, your app should have a secure database with access to these details.

Multi-lingual and Multi-Currency Support

To increase the sales of your company, you should not limit your app. Rather than targeting the local market and local audience only, you should target huge masses irrespective of geographical limitations. For this, your app should have multi-language support. You will need to integrate the multi-currency feature for payment.

24*7 Chat and Calling Support

One of the basic rules of running an app is keeping your customers happy and satisfied. For this, you should provide 24 hours and 7 days a week online and phone support.

Ratings & Reviews

Well, this option in apps works as a word of mouth. It is like a personal recommendation on the digital platform. The reviews and ratings of an experienced user will influence people to use your services. Eventually, it is building your reputation and encourages your company to improve. Moreover, there are other features such as cloud integration, etc.

Appointment Booking App Development

An Estimate of the Cost of Appointment Scheduling App Development

On estimation, a basic booking app will cost you around $10,000-$15,000. In the case, if you integrate more complex features and design, the price tends to rise to $30,000 or higher. A few crucial things that impact the overall cost and to consider before developing an Online Booking App are:

How big or small or complex your application will be?

Are you hiring members to make an app like Appointfix from another country?

Is it going to have a couple of important features or it will have additional functions included also?

Are you utilizing the most up to date and refreshed innovation methods or technologies?

Will you require an iOS or Android platform to make an Online Booking Application like Appointfix? And more.

Considering who will make an app like Appointfix for you, what his/her charges are per hour as per their country, the cost will vary. Moreover, developers or designers, testers, etc., based in India will charge lesser as compared to the ones who are located in places like the USA, UK or other. Apart from that, the Appointment Scheduling App Development will lesser features and limited options will cost lesser. In comparison to that, the one that is fully loaded with the advancement in both functions and technology will cost higher.


Wrapping up, if you want growth of your business, boost your sales, increase brand visibility, and attract more customers, an online booking app is a perfect stop for all. Your responsibility doesn’t end after you develop an Appointment Booking App. You need to analyze market trends periodically. Moreover, you need to keep track of your competitors and improve your services or product.

Such an approach will make your app look more appealing and help you to attract more customers. Also, when the cost is taken into account, the app maintenance and up-gradation should be ticked as well. The cost of marketing your app to the right audience should also be counted while making a budget. Investors require everything to be told and explained beforehand and the cost is the most crucial factor in that sense.

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