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User interface and user experience are two main parameters that define the success of any website or a mobile application. If you don't know this basic Bible lines of web development, you are not going anywhere. If you have made a website or a mobile app and your website or app performs badly on these two aspects, you are surely doomed. All your efforts, money and time spent on the product will go in vain.

Users when visits your website or mobile app wants instant gratification. Gone are the days when if you have offered good products and services to the customers, your job is done. Currently, in the era of cut-throat competition, apart from quality products and services, you also need to make your users feel special and grateful. They should have an awesome time during their visit to the app including all features and functionalities such as smooth navigation, search bar for easy access to items or services, impressive layouts and themes, eye-catching visuals and many more.

It is the reason you need to stay updated with the latest UI/UX design trends that can help you to make your customers' user experience more fruitful and entertaining.

Here, in this blog, we have discussed some of the best UI UX design trends that can help you during your web or mobile app development project.

best UI UX design trends

Storytelling with character design

If you check out websites or mobile apps of creative companies such as advertising agencies and marketing or branding companies, you will find the ongoing trend of custom graphics used for storytelling in interfaces. Here, one or multiple characters are designed to tell the story and create a narrative to keep the users engaged and entertained. It also helps in a manner that it makes the conversation and interaction more humanlike and real. It will make the screen or a webpage more lively and radiant and dynamic and serves the core purpose too. Choosing a reliable and creative UI/UX design company might serve the purpose.

Split screens

Most and most the mobile applications are coming up with this split-screen interface and it has gained worldwide popularity too. Though the trend is not new as it comes back from time to time and again goes back. One of the main advantages of this interface trend is that it makes users more live, connected and responsive. Users don't want to miss a single detail on the screen and this interface exactly offers the same. Also, you can use different colour schemes and themes to make the whole atmosphere more radiant and live. It can also help service provider to offer two options to the users especially when both the options have equal importance. You can check out some directory or encyclopaedia websites that use such split screens for websites.

In mobiles, split screens have become very popular and user-friendly. It can be used to gain the utmost importance of the users while some decision making it other important things are taking place. The best way to design the interface is to contrast coloured screen that looks attractive and visually appealing.

Bold Typography

When it comes to text content, some part of the text you want your users to read, without fail. In such a scenario, you can use bold Typography trend that has always been preferred by developers and designers. This texted Typography is both readable and scannable and you can use even different colours to highlight that particular portion. However, you need to ensure that you choose right and visually appealing fonts and size of the fonts to make it more attractive and responsive. Also, such a bold and catchy part explains the importance of that portion of the page to the users.

Buttonless UI

We all know how useful buttons are on screen, especially in mobile app development. However, there are more and more designers coming up with buttonless UI that look attractive, stylish and impeccable. It is all about enhancing the user experience and if you can do that, you can do anything to change the UI of the app.

One of the most important benefits of it is that the screen has more space to write or display some key information. A small, visually appealing animation story that perfectly describes your app and its theme can be a good idea if you want to go for a buttonless UI.

Several interactive layers

UI designers always find new and interactive ways to create more superior, visually spellbound and appealing websites and mobile apps and one such thing that you can include in your UI is to create beautiful multilevel interactive layers that will give some good time while scrolling. It also looks original and engaging for users too.

Full-screen background images

You must have seen different websites that are newly developed with full-screen background images. It might be high-resolution photos or some other visual presentations that look beautiful and astonishing. The screen or page will look more appealing and emotionally connecting with the users. With such a creative user interface, you can instantly create an emotional relationship with the user visiting your website the first time.

Bold and vibrant colours

There was a time when developers and designers did not use particular colours that look so vibrant and bright. However, the scenario is changed completely and for good reasons. One of the best UI and UX design trends in choosing bold and vibrant colours that look attractive and visually stunning. Users love such colour palette combinations and thankfully, they don't judge brand from the colours. However, you need to ensure that the colour combinations don't harm the usability and readability.

Engaging interface animation

One of the most controversial UI design trends that have always been a favourite topic among bloggers and designers who regularly write about web and mobile user interface and user experience is interface animation. Well, the majority of designers find it a very unnecessary practice to the overload user interface with an interface animation. On the other hand, some new-age designers find it very likeable and sophisticated to use such interface animation. Even some users too want some motion to have when it comes to interface.

There are animation toggles, switches, buttons can work wonder for new UX design trends. Users would love it.

Poster style pages

Another UI trend that you can use for your mobile or website screen is to go for poster-style pages that look awesome and intriguing. Here, you will find that the website homepage looks like some poster. You can use such poster type page when you want to attract user's attention for special events or deals. If you have used the right colours and stylish typography, you might be able to grab the instant attention of the users.

Personalized user experience

Also, this year, we will surely see a new dimension opened when it comes to user interface and user experience. Designers are finding new ways to attract users by giving some personalised user experience to them when they visit your website. For example, you must have seen websites that ask you certain questions such as your theme, colours and other preferences when you visit the website for the first time. It is all about giving a personalized touch to the users to make them more engaging and appealing.

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