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When it is about room decorations, we only trust professional experts. But what if we can not reach out to one? Well, today with the aid of latest and innovative technologies, Interior designing apps have almost replaced the professionals. The craze for interior designing apps is booming like never before. If you do not know where to start, then read this comprehensive guide on Interior Design app development.

For decorating our dream abodes, we undeniably rely on expert interior designers. The reason being, we do not want to mess up the room by flooding it with unnecessary and clumsy things. However, not everyone can afford to hire a professional designer. And the solution to this problem is a mobile app for home decoration.

With the emerging demands of such applications, app development companies are struggling to build an interior design app like Houzz. If you are unsure of the app idea or have any queries then We have compiled everything here, from features to the cost of app development.

But, before we move ahead, let us know what is interior designing all about?

What is Interior design?

The art of decorating and designing the room or a space while keeping in mind its desired look, feel and elegance is known as interior design. It is the science to understand one’s psychology and adorning the place to make it more aesthetically appealing.

Do you know how perfect furniture and decor enhance the quality of life and culture? Yes, interior design has a huge impact on our mental peace and stability.

Next obvious question that you may ask is,

Why an application for interior design?

We all agree to the fact that interior design is not a Do It Yourself task. You need a consultation, either physical or virtual in order to visualize the projection of furniture and other house decors.

However, applications have revolutionized the way we used to do house decorations. With pools of ideas available on Pinterest and Houzz, there is a new wave in the industry for such on-demand app development. Design applications have become our special virtual assistants, and you can get indefinite & inspiring ideas in just one tap.

Applications facilitate humans to convey their design thoughts and also provide suggestions accordingly. It acts just like our professional interior design, but with a major advantage that applications are 24*7 accessible. You do not have to schedule a meeting or spare your valuable office time for using it.

So why spin your head in thinking about the furniture, color palette and wall art, start using an application for it. Thus, get ready to have the final image of your house today!

Mobile app developers are shifting their interest to make an app like Houzz which will help them generate millions of leads.

You may ask, Why an app like Houzz? Let’s know Houzz application in a brief:

Houzz’s application redefined the way we design the home. The application was a brainchild of Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen who faced similar problems while hiring a professional. It is a one-stop business directory to find inspiration, get design tips and discover a variety of products.

The application has something in store for everybody. An exciting feature of the application is, you can create your idea book where you can store your favorites and visit them later. Great feature, isn’t it?

It also allows professionals to create their profiles and get in touch with the audience. Houzz’s application has a pool of ideas that are contributed by professional architects and designers. These ideas are stored in the form of a guide. You can find the solution to any of your problems inside the guide.

Excited to know more about how you can create an interior design application like Houzz?

Cost to build an app like Houzz

Let’s find out what features you need to include in your interior design application.

Allow the application to allocate ideas

When you start building your application, you should allow your family and friends to share their ideas on the platform. Let the application save these novel decorating ideas and create a store book.

This store book is not just limited to the sharing of new decorating ideas only, but it can also have solutions to challenges faced. Additionally, allow people to share their home remodeling ideas on the application.

Add “find professional” feature

The application should put the target audience in touch with the professional architects, designers and contractors of the nearby area. The audience can see the work of the professionals and top designers, and give them ratings for the same. Your audience is free to select their desired professional based on their budget.

Allow the audience to shop stimulating products

You need to make the applications compatible to work across different platforms and create an app build like Houzz. The reason being, you never know which platform will your target audience browse the exciting product list. By using the shop feature, the audience will be able to shop or add in cart their favorite products.

Add “Discount” feature

It does happen many times that you like a product but drop the idea of buying due to high price. However, your app needs to provide a solution to such a problem. Include exciting discounts on the selected products, accessories and other decor items to compel the visitors to make a purchase.

Add “View Gallery” feature

The application is incomplete without the virtual cum real images of the designs and decor. Let your developed application be a one-stop-shop where the audience can view the gallery of the products effortlessly. They can shortlist their favorites and choose them later. The reason being, images set up trust amongst the audience and compel them to buy products.

Have “Ideabooks” feature like Houzz

An Ideabook is a key feature that made the Houzz application so popular. This feature of your application will be similar to that of Houzz. Professionals will be allowed to post their stories, solutions and store them on the platform.

This feature will be similar to your home notebook, where you store your ideas and refer them later.

Cost to build an app like Houzz

Once, you are clear with the features, let’s know how the audience (professional and buyers) will use the application?

You would be surprised to know that about 16 million people use Houzz each month. From this almost 90% are homeowners. These visitors are those who are searching for professionals as well as products using which they can amplify their house look.

Do you wish to cross this number of audience? Start developing an application like Houzz.

Built the profile

Allow the customer to build a profile either using their personal email id or the social media account. Ensure that the audience completes the application profile by adding the name and address. A professional visitor should add the shop name, location, postal address, so that the visitors can easily find them on the application.

Each one of them must complete the profile information right at the sign up page. Additionally, allow them to include the social media accounts, industry served and list out their profession in detail.

Allow them to upload the pictures

A significant feature of an interior design application is photo uploading. Therefore, make sure about the following things in the picture upload feature.

1. The picture should have a width of at least 1000 pixels so that a high-quality image is displayed on any screen

2. Allow only authentic and licensed pictures to be uploaded

3. Ensure that your visitors use relevant keywords in the description box. For selling purposes, the keywords should be rich and easily searchable

Now, it is the time to answer the next important question

How much does it cost to develop an Interior design application like Houzz?

Various factors contribute to the final cost to build an app like Houzz. The prospective mobile app development company you choose shall have its own quote for development. Other factors are:

1. The number of developers involved

2. Number of testers

3. Design

4. Features and Functionalities

5. customization

6. Project Manager

7. Marketing etc

You can also hire mobile app developers from a renowned development company and get your work done. However, ensure that the team of developers has prior experience in building one such app. It is estimated that app development like Houzz may take a minimum of 1200 hours. Many companies charge on an hourly basis starting which may vary between 20-120 USD/hour.

Final Words

Here in this blog we have compiled all the possible features that an interior design app needs to have in order to be a tough competition of Houzz. If you need any help further, you can reach an interior design app development company. Together you can come up with numerous ideas for designing.

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