How To Increase App Engagement Using Mobile Push Notifications?

The stakes never highly concern mobile app developers. Mobile applications are failing drastically and also losing more of its customers. Now, the point here is that they aren't able to understand the reason for this disruption. Also, the question that arises is how to prevent this from recurring and how to keep up with the app and users’ connection or how to get users back to the app. When considering solutions, how can we forget about the Mobile Push Notifications?

These types of notifications are a medium of incorporated communication with every smartphone sold or present in the market today. Their best use is engaging users along with delivering timely content. As per a recent survey conducted by Localytics, about 52% of users have enabled these notifications in their devices.

Out of many uses of enabling this feature, few are:

1. It helps to bring back the inactive users to your platform with exciting offers.

2. Allows re-targeting or getting users remembered the left items in their shopping carts.

3. It even helps to hold loyal or regular users with some sort of personalized content.

These notifications help you benefit a lot in your growing businesses. Let's see how:

Benefits of using Push Notifications in an app

If used rightly during Mobile App Development, these notifications help your users stay connected rather than being irritated. Growing and established businesses are using it as a communication channel for generating traffic consistently. Fundamentally, mobile Push Notifications are responsible for facilitating the stream of data on time. Enlisted below are some of its benefits and how you can increase app engagement with Push Notifications:

1. Increases Traffic

The push messages help your platform retain its users and help to increase mobile app engagement. Using Push Notifications you experience real-time traffic on your applications and websites, helping your content go viral and significantly increase the reach out at a higher level. These notifications also help you in increased user engagement and activity and the profits you tend to achieve from the app.

Provides Insights on Customer Behavior

2. Provides Insights on Customer Behavior

These push messages help you attain wonderful yet significant information on the customer behavior through tracking the messages, interacting through devices, situations, time and platforms generating engagement and uncovering why, when, where and how users utilize your applications. It helps you attain the modern analytics with the open rate time, engagement and the data on the delivery receipt.

3. Encourages Engagement

The company's application forms a direct line of communication with clients/users. Individuals tend to ignore such applications which consume space in their smartphones. The users prefer something compact with flaunt features. However, when an application has push notifications enabled, users feel comfortable & relaxed, from searching pieces of information repeatedly. Moreover, every message that pings have a lot of substantial information of use, which often drives users towards action.

Produces more sales

4. Produces more sales

The 50% of the generation, which uses applications by turning Push Notifications on is to get valued information regarding special and exclusive offers. In other terms, these individuals are planning for purchase from your app store and through Push Notifications you convert their desires into sales. The key that lies here is about how to help your customers benefit from opening the right optimization and retention rates.

Best Practices to Indulge for Increasing App Engagement

Over half of the users find Push Notifications of no use because of the incorrect ways companies are using it. Users are seen continuously flagging them as ‘irritating distractions,’ which is indeed setting a high alert on shifting focus in the right direction to make them crave & wanting for the arrival of notifications. Let's dig into some of the best practices which require your attention to achieve the change:

1. Mobilize your Push Notifications Volume.

Boost Engagement with Push Notifications by making your users love Push Notifications is easy if you abide by some simple tricks. Just remember to send one push messages in a week to work effectively for a behavior-based campaign. Like for instance, you are running an application like video streaming Netflix and now you want to reach a specific user who watched three episodes consecutively skipping the fourth.

Apart from that, with the help of incredible push messages and Push Notifications Strategies, you can bring the user back to the application by. As per Marketing Land, 90% of the crowd is ok to receive one type every week of the push messages. Try sticking to this rather shifting your focus by sending many and distracting their peace once again.

Push Message must be sent at the right timings

2. Push Message must be sent at the right timings

Create such timings that help you gather traffic rather than making your users leave you. Sending the right content at the right hours gets you the right traffic, making your "Push Notifications" a success. Time is a crucial part of the whole messaging process. Like for instance, if the app you are using currently disturbs you by sending messages at 5 A.M. what will be your reaction? The same goes for everyone.

Moreover, this is exactly why you need to deliver your notifications at the right time, at the right moment. As per Leanplum, the timely delivery will increase 800% chances of users opening the push messages. Also, try personalizing your content and increase the chances of opening *4 times. Just focus on providing quality content along with disciplined timing.

Other than that, this will also help your users to read the messages without dumping them because of the improper use of words. Remember content and timing go hand in hand.

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3. Selection of the Right Words

Work on your content. Choose the correct tricks and tone your words for positively impacting your users in the right direction. A couple of tips which shall help you craft your messages are:

1. Be certain and precise about what you are trying to convey to your users.

2. Don't forget to add a clear call-to-action.

3. Use your words wisely and keep your sentences short & to the point.

4. In cases of offers or discounts try utilizing phrasal words.

5. Try incorporating words like 'today', 'now' & 'off' triggers a feeling of urgency and will induce more traffic on your application.

4. Drive Revenue by providing clear Call-to-Actions

With the use of Push Notifications, you can motivate your users by time to time reminders for the left items in their carts. These reminders will trigger them into action and they will end up buying or investing time in the app. It will also increase the value of your overall messaging process.

Personalize Smartly

5. Personalize Smartly

Adding a personal touch is always the best you can do for your application. This makes your users connect more deeply with the most significant content. Personalization including the incorporation of the first name of your customer avails discount on any nearby location where he can utilize his collected credits. This will help your users to get back on the platform frequently and connect with the services more often. This feature will make your app more appealing to the ones already present in the market.

In the end, all app developers tend to focus on improving retention and also reducing the churn rate of their applications used on mobiles. This will help your users spend more engaging time on the app. Remember people want businesses to know their needs and oblige them with a certain amount of attention. That's the only thing needed. You are all set to go!

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