importance of mobile application for business

We can’t imagine a world where survival would be now possible without a smartphone. Everyone uses smartphones for multiple purposes and requirements. In short, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that these mobile devices and the various apps have influenced our daily activities to a great extent. Be it any place, the use of various mobile applications is getting more diverse each passing day.

Since the demand for these mobile applications is moving up, it's the perfect time for people to use them for the benefit of their business too. And hence, people must think of investing in a mobile app for their businesses in 2020. As we all know, everything is getting online and it's a time when we must understand the importance of mobile application for business.

Mobile apps are turning out to be one of the great modes of revenue generation. This is because the number of mobile users is increasing at a very rapid pace. 66% of the world population has been shifted to the smartphone. Moreover, the estimated revenue in 2020 from these mobile apps is found to be around $189 billion. Yeah, it's that big.

And the reason for the above is that people find apps extremely convenient. It could be checking their emails or getting their favorite meals or snacks delivered at their place right from their smartphones. In view of that, here are a few reasons why you must go for Mobile App Development for your business in 2020:

mobile app development for business

What are the key Advantages of Mobile Apps for Business?

Every business needs a mobile application in this era to grow. But before you doubt it even for a while, these fruitful benefits must be known. These benefits of mobile applications will help to facilitate your business in 2020:

Enhanced Exposure

The time spent by an average person on the mobile phone is really high if you check the average screen time for a group of people. It is true that people use some specific apps at that time but just the mere presence of your app will cement the brand in the human brain. This is one of the key benefits of mobile application because the icons on a phone screen are embedded in your sub-conscious if seen regularly.

And your mind can recall the image or information and it doesn’t matter if the person uses the app significantly. When they can look at your app logo on a daily basis, even if they don’t generally use, they will remember the service you offer when there is a need. It helps in better exposure and also, the users end up taking your services all the time.

Brand Reputation

The other significant benefit of the app is that it builds the reputation of your business in the market. Here, it can be better understood by an example. Suppose you have a business that offers services of general maintenance. Rather than calling, people find it much easier to book an appointment from the app. If your business doesn’t support app-based operations, the chances are you will meet multiple hurdles on the way.

Be it an iOS app or any other operating system app, the user base is widening. In 2020, providing an app to the users is very important as almost all the daily needs are available right at the fingertips. The app will also let you and the users easily communicate to solve an issue. This will help the brand enhance its reputation and gain more trust from the users.

Personalized Offers

The app is also a medium to provide users with some great offers and deals on various products or services. This technique will attract a whole new set of users to your business. Even, if this customer base does not come into the category of long-lasting bonds, you will be able to promote the business. Moreover, it will allow you to get a portion of these users to stay and use your services.

The app is also a great mode to promote with the help of push notifications, especially if it’s an Android app. The app will also be very helpful in sharing the load of customer calls. As there will be a section of frequently asked questions to help users go through them for little and very common issues.

mobile app development for business

Better Communication

When a customer purchases a product or is going to avail of your services, you must know how to turn them towards your business in the long run. The key is adding a mobile application to the business. There are multiple times when it feels necessary to have an app. If a person is buying the product from you, he/she should be able to connect with your brand in case there is an issue or service requirement.

The mobile app development by a team of professional developers and designers actually helps a lot in boosting the profits of your business. When a customer finds a brand that can easily resolve the issue, he/she tries to get a hold of it. The user tends to opt for their services every time they need them.

Helps Loyal Customers

When you are in the business for a long time, you gain some loyal customers. These customers will come to your place whenever they require the services you offer. Moreover, there are multiple options that you can offer. It can also be better understood by an example. We all heard of Starbucks and the giant provides a Star system through the app.

What this system does is it adds Stars to the person’s profile whenever he/she visits any Starbucks store. These stars can then be converted into some rewards. You should hire mobile app developers that have the experience so they can easily understand your requirement and provide you the expected results.

mobile app development for business

Better Marketing

The app that you got created for your business is also a tool to better market your services. The time is long gone when you needed to hire individuals to distribute the brochures and billboards were the only way to let people know of any new scheme.

Now, when your business has an application to run it better, it all became much easier. You can add a brochure and any feed related to the new service. Also, you have the option to keep reminding about the service to the users with the help of push notifications.

More Profit

When a customer is fully satisfied with their shopping on your app, it’s obvious that it will reflect in the sales figure. Many businesses think that developing a web version for the mobile, instead of mobile app development for business, is a better decision. However, this assumption is totally wrong. Going to a website is way more complicated than having a dedicated app.

The case can be very significantly seen in the food industry. When a person has the app, he/she will be able to easily place the order and the payment can also be done very easily.

Some known brands that use Mobile Apps to Boost their Profits

mobile app development for business


The giant is making use of the mobile app where the company witnessed significant growth in its sales and hence, profit generation. The app also offers a reward system where users get stars whenever they visit any Starbuck outlet. Moreover, these stars could be later converted into rewards.

mobile app development for business


The same case is with the pizza delivery service Domino’s. The company takes almost 70% of its orders through online mode i.e. an app as well as a website. Moreover, in this ratio, 85% of the orders are placed through the app. This is one of the biggest advantages of mobile apps for business.


For any service, whether to find a good restaurant or book a cab, most people prefer and rely on relevant service provider mobile apps. Moreover, in today’s world, it becomes difficult to get enough traffic for your business if your business doesn’t have an online presence. To be specific, online presence in the form of a mobile app will help the business reach its maximum target audience effortlessly. In the current cut-throat market condition, it is tough to sustain in the market with the same business strategy. And so, a business needs a mobile application to go with the flow and to generate adequate revenue.

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