With the Doosy app, people can deliver or send anything from any corner of the city within an hour. For instance, customers can send or receive a low-weight concierge from home to office, office to home, friend to friend, stores to home, family to family in the local region. It fulfills urban customers' need to request an on-demand delivery with super-fast service assurance.

Project Idea

Our client noticed that their potential customers find it difficult to receive forgotten items like books, keys, documents. Besides, coping up with shopping for household items during busy schedules is a nightmare. Hence, he wanted to build a Hyperlocal Delivery Application that empowers the customers to receive and send anything within hours or minutes. So, the core idea was to make citizens’ life easier than ever before with a mobile app solution.

Target Audience

The Hyperlocal Delivery App Like Rappi targets regions so the people living in the region become the target audience. The term is the same for hyperlocal door-to-door delivery app Doosy as well. However, millennials, working individuals, and retailers are the most potential customers for the app. Nonetheless, the seamless and accessible UI/UX with an intuitive feature set makes it easier to use for everyone.

It’s good, right? Let’s make your hyperlocal business even better!

Wireframe & Design

After iterating the design a few times to match our client and their client expectations, we finally got the perfect design architecture that turned out incredible!


During onboarding, the app engages with users by introducing them to multiple categories of services and how to send or receive the package online from any corner of the city.


A user can get started with the app in a minute by signing up on the app using their Google or Facebook account.

Home & Subscription

It has exclusive subscription plans for users who often forget their documents or laptops at home or need beers or frequently satisfy their late-night cravings.


With an accessible and navigational menu, a user can easily check the status of their order, proceed with online payment, jump on the home page, or share the app with their friends.


From maintaining multiple addresses, contact details to payment details, the feature lets users change and update their profile information in a fraction of a second.


With Doosy, customers can get delivered anything by ordering items online category wise, or schedule pick up & delivery at their convenience.

Have any out-of-the-box idea to make a superior hyperlocal app?

Technology Stack

Every project needs a technology stack that can help developers to achieve all its requirements without any blunder. Check out below the tech-stack that helped us to accomplish this hyperlocal delivery app development.