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Do you know what clients prefer to see when they are paying a visit to your website? Well, the answer to this is quite apparent i.e. User Interface (UI). An engaging and well-designed UI (User Interface) brings aesthetic value to your website and makes your product wealthy and trustworthy to the users. It also assists you in highlighting the specialties of the brands that you are promoting and targeting the website, making sure that it positively connects with your target audience.

In order to make sure your web development is rich in high-quality UI, you must opt to hire Front-End Developers that are skilled and professional. Also, you must be familiar with the difficulties that every business owner faces i.e. hiring the right people to do the right job. Moreover, the cost to hire Front-End Developers also plays a huge role so you can hire someone who is good enough and affordable too.

Here’s a brief guide that you must follow while hiring a front-end developer.

Why hire experienced Front-End Developers?

You must be well aware of the fact that developers can be divided into three different categories. These categories are comprised of Junior developers, Middle Developers, and Senior developers. But do you know how important is it to hire Front-End web developer who is experienced enough? Moreover, there are many junior and middle developers who have the right Front-End Developer Skills and expertise to do the job. However, as a businessperson, you shouldn’t be taking any such risks of hiring them without knowing their skills and talents.

And hence, we have come up with some interesting facts and an in-depth analysis on all these developers, which will allow you to be specific and relevant on hiring a good Front-End developer for your project. These will definitely help you in making an effective decision on whom to hire for your project. So below-given are the things that you must look for in a Front-End Developer:

Junior Developers

When the front-end developers are beginning with their careers, they are familiar with one or two programming languages and frameworks that they would have read about. Respectively, there is a wide range of technologies that are being used in today’s market. Also, they just require the right skills as well as an expertise level to understand.

However, not every junior Front-End developer has the right expertise and skills to understand it. Many Front-End developers have the capability to build a stable app that requires several tasks that has to be conducted carefully in this perfect world. However, when the reality is taken into consideration, these front-end developers require assistance from their seniors quite often.

So it makes it slower for these Front-End developers to bridge that knowledge gap. Moreover, it might also end up turning a bit risky for you to hire these types of Front-End developers for your important project. And hence, you can conduct an interview session with the Front-End developers, understand their skills and expertise. You can then make a decision if you would like to hire them or not.

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Middle and Senior Developers

As front-end developers work for a specified period, they try to gain and scale up their skills with time in building apps and tailoring them appropriately as it’s expected to be by applying the right business logic. The front-end developers will make sure that they have examined the aims and motives of your business and build an app or website that is beneficial for you within a limited budget. They also tend to make sure that they use the right front end technologies that are required to build a product.

While the middle developer would still be scaling up their Front-End Developer Skills, the senior Front-End developers have the expertise and skills to propose numerous alternative beneficial ways of solving issues and then describe the advantages of choosing those. After having many years of hands-on experience in front-end development, these developers can foresee the outcomes of implementing every scheme fruitfully.

Front-End Developer Responsibilities and Duties

Front-End Developer's main responsibility is to coordinate with designers and developers to develop different new products and features. This further includes the making of various interactive designs within the required time frame. He/she also helps in developing new website initiatives in coordination with the UE team. Moreover, this involves designing various methodologies and practices for innovative interactive technologies.

Other than that, Front-End Developer keeps a check at the following:

Performing quality assurance and browser compatibility tests.

Designing style sheets for the website and help the application programmers ineffective implementation.

With the help of various techniques, Front-End Developer ensures all work according to the scripting code.

Collaborate with designers and application developers to develop various customized websites.

Prepare all production documents on Photoshop and translate the same into HTML templates with the help of developers and designers.

Provide facility to introduce new features.

Develop a website with detailed content.

Ensures optimal use of web Standards tools and creates scripts for the front end.

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Who to hire for Front-End Development?

Of course, when you are running a business, you will not have the appropriate amount of time to go through everyone’s resume or count the talent of every developer. Many junior Front-End developers might possess those skills that a senior Front-End developer won’t and vice-versa. Still, there are many best ways to find out whom to hire if you know what to see in them. Here are some essential skills that a Front-End developer must possess and should know to carry out tasks with ease:

Responsive designs

Pre-processors for CSS such as SCSS, SaaS, etc.

Module frameworks help in streamlining the creation of a considerable application and the architecture of it.


js and jQuery

CSS Frameworks like Foundation, Bootstrap

Browser tools

Testing and Debuting

Module Bundlers, help in the simplification of the workflow of the developers such as Webpack, Gulp,and more.

Version controlling systems like Git

How to hire Front-End Developers?

There are many ways to hire the best front-end developers to manage your website. You can opt for vendors, professionals, outsourcing companies, freelancing portals, and many job boards in order to hire the best front-end developer.

However, all of them will have their benefits and setbacks. First of all, you will have to determine the reason for hiring a front-end developer and opt to choose for the best ones accordingly. Usually, freelancers, remote developers, and in-house staffs are the best options available for you.

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Pros of hiring Front-End Developers

Freelancers and their Hourly Rates

Freelancer Front-End developers can work at lower rates for you. Since there is a lot of competition in the online portals, many freelancers are opting to work on cheaper rates. However, a lot of them are compromising on the work quality and hence, you must ask for their portfolio or sample works that they have done so far. Other than that, if you think you like what they have done so far in their work, you can hire them at lower prices.

Although freelancer Front-End developers charge based on the number of hours they have worked. And hence, you are able to fix a price depending on the project that you are assigning. As far as the Front-End developers rates are concerned, a freelancer charges about $60 to $80 per hour. However, for different projects, it wholly depends on your requirement and the budget of the project that you are fixing.

In-house Staffs and Remote workers and their Rates per year

The best thing about the in-house staff and remote workers is that they work on your company payrolls. And hence, you are able to approach the Front-End developers to do your project work at any given time.

Apart from that, they use their productive time at their workplace or remote locations in a well-coordinated team in order to offer you the best service. So when you are in the process to hire in-house staff or a remote worker, you will have to compensate for about $80,000 to $100,000 per year to them, depending on their experience or expertise and skills they have.

In the end, the above-mentioned are some of the best facts that you can consider when hiring a front-end developer in order to manage your website and generate revenue for you.

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