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Are you looking to hire a full-stack developer? If you are, then you will have to consider a lot of factors that are crucial to look for the best ones out there. Nowadays, recruiting a skilled full-stack developer in order to manage your website is quite challenging, especially in the case of a few companies or organizations. Today, the technological world is growing at a faster rate.

And hence it has become very difficult for companies or organizations to get in touch with a skilled full-stack developer, which tends to suit their expectations and requirements. So how to hire a Full-stack developer, which could fit the profile and what he/she will do.

The HR professionals are interviewing more than thousands of candidates to hire a full stack developer every day. They chalk out a few of them who they think were the most suitable for their required profile. Moreover, as far as the statistics are concerned, about 47 to 48 percent of the candidates who are applying for jobs are full-stack developers. Well, it's a huge number.

What Front-end developers basically do is that they help present a specific set of data to users who tend to access the website through the browser. And hence, in order to target potential end-users, many technologies come into the picture, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. However, when it comes to back-end developers, they are considered where any business logic is involved. They are also contacted in case of any specific data that has to be examined in a web application. Let's get into the architectural details first:

The Architecture

When web development is taken into consideration, there is always a three-tier architecture that comes into the picture. The process of implementation occurs when there is a typical architecture pattern of the client-server software. Moreover, the whole full-stack development process can be divided into these categories, which can be presented as below:

The layer of presentation, which basically focuses on resolving User Interface (UI) related problems and how to make sure that the data being uploaded on the website, is quite presentable.

Also, the layers of business logic where data validation and its processing are considered in order to generate information and data for the users.

The layer of data accesses that basically deals with the persistence of data and its storage in the background.

Other than that, all of these layers have to be operated and programmed by professional developers or a full-stack development Company. These professional developers include front-end as well as back-end developers. The server is something that is controlled by the back-end database system in order to exchange valuable data.

After that, they generate the display of the data to the consumers in a presentable way with the use of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many more.

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What do you mean by full-stack development?

Many services are included in the job description of full-stack developers. Here are some common things that you must know:

Writing the right codes for a website: A full-stack web developer will use the codes related to HTML, CSS, HTML5, or JavaScript-based on the requirement that you have.

Writing codes for receiving the information from the users and then save it in the databases: For manipulating the information and data collected from the users, full-stack developers tend to create algorithms and business logics by utilizing many prominent languages such as Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, and many more.

Managing Servers: When it comes to the services, a full stack developer will host a database system. Any individual can access the website that you have created online, and the same person can access the site that is being hosted on a specific server.

What does a full-stack web developer do?

There are many things that full-time or part-time full-stack web developers do to earn his or her living. They know to work on both platforms, mobile as well as web. There are two things associated with a full stack web developer: frontend developer and backend developer. These developers are responsible for maintaining the proper functionality of the website and its looks.

An expert who is sitting at a senior level position of the developers has the right skills and expertise of a full stack developer. Such professionals have experience in handling projects in many areas such as system administration, configuration, maintenance, and management of computer networks.

Cost to Hire Full-stack Developer

Full-Stack web developers contribute in increasing your business

As mentioned above, these developers are very much efficient in handling both the mobile as well as web applications. Frontend and backend developers can formulate the look of the website. This helps in order to make it more appealing and attractive to the eyes of your target audience.

Moreover, these developers are also capable of enhancing functionality by scripting the right codes. The website’s database systems on the server are hosted by the full stack developer who takes care of the day-to-day operations. The full-stack developers assist your business in converting the potential customers into your business partners by offering an efficient and attractive website.

Companies, businesses and organizations require experts who can manage to multitask. It helps companies or organizations to reduce the expenses that are incurred when hiring multiple developers, coders, or programmers. Therefore, whenever you are hiring frontend and backend developers, there are high possibilities that you create job opportunities for these developers in the market.

Another benefit of hiring these developers is that companies and organizations can switch the development process based on the requirements and demands that they have.

Why Are Full stack developers now in demand?

Endless development and enhancements have been taking place in the market. So it's essential for you to have an efficient website that not only looks appealing but also should look promising. According to statistics, in the year 2018, the job opportunities in this specific field increased. They went to more than 20 percent when compared to the year 2017. The reason being every business is now opting for an efficient website to mark its presence in the market.

The full-stack developers are the professionals who are involved in every stage, and dimensions of web development. These include layers of business logic, presentation, and database management.

Why are full-stack developers much better than the usual ones?

There are many reasons why full-stack developers are much better than the usual ones. Some of the best reasons are listed below:

The expertise that full-stack web developers possess is something that you won’t find in the usual ones.

They can manage and maintain the entire application by themselves.

They take care of the end-to-end web development process.

Hire a Full-Stack Developer

Cost to Hire Full-stack Developer

Cost plays an important role when you are looking forward to hiring a junior full-stack developer. You will have to compensate a minimum of about $70,000 to them annually. Moreover, you always want to hire a full-stack developer who is an expert who has experience in this field. And hence, you will have to pay them more than usual i.e. about $120,000 per year.

Although, these salaries vary based on the market rates, skills the developer possess, and their last drawn package; however, it’s worth paying them as they take the responsibility to manage your entire website.

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