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What is MuleSoft Framework ?

Connecting your digital ecosystem, customized digital strategies, consultation to ascertain and achieve your business goals is just a part of our MuleSoft services. Our experienced MuleSoft experts will design scalable architecture which supports multi-platform integrations all of which is based on your business needs.

KODY Technolab, with an in-house team of certified MuleSoft experts, offers a full range of MuleSoft development services. Our proficient MuleSoft developers render enterprise level integrations, which function within your existing database, allowing tailor made applications and result oriented solutions.

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Service Oriented Architecture and Legacy Modernization

Our team of MuleSoft consultants in legacy modernization will help you effectively manage services using Mule ESB - an integration platform to connect enterprise applications on the internal server as well as cloud.

Map and Transform Data using Mule ESB

The team of MuleSoft developers at KODY will help you easily map out complex data structures using Mule’s data integration framework. Data can be transformed to and from any formats or improve any incomplete messages.

Certified MuleSoft Developers

When it comes to a team of MuleSoft developers, KODY Technolab is proud of having some of the best MuleSoft developers in India.Whether it’s a simple MuleSoft integration project or a design and developments project in progress, our MuleSoft development team can fully utilize the potential of MuleSoft Anytime Platform, warranting seamless integration between multiple technologies, resulting in rewards of a connected business.

  • Ability to provide MuleSoft architecture and development
  • Cloud and system integration
  • Tailor-made database integration
  • Digital strategies which integrate with MuleSoft
  • MuleSoft consulting
  • MuleSoft continuous integration experience
  • 24/7 support for MuleSoft product and services

An Enterprise Service Bus for Modern Enterprises

For businesses planning to modernize and expose the value of existing systems and applications on their premises, an enterprise service bus serves as an important foundation layer for service oriented architecture. When Mule ESB is deployed, it combines data and application integration.

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MuleSoft Development and Integration

KODY offers the complete range of MuleSoft development services. Right from architecture to support, data migration to system migration, we connect your IT ecosystem and render custom MuleSoft digital solutions. With MuleSoft Anypoint Connectors, we create instant API connectivity, making the process of delivering integrations quick and seamless.

KODY’s MuleSoft platform integration experts stand out in helping organizations and businesses connect their systems. Whether it is about integrating applications, enabling APIs or connecting cloud to cloud or cloud to the in house server, KODY has the technical skill and expertise to make it happen.

MuleSoft Consulting

  • At KODY, our certified team of MuleSoft experts will discuss the digital strategy with you and show how it can be integrated with your overall business requirements. As a part of our MuleSoft consulting process, we address and deliver customized MuleSoft integrations.
  • Our MuleSoft consultants will advise you about the right digital strategy, one which offers value for money, with custom integrations by using MuleSoft Anytime platform to develop and put your strategy to use, making your business connected like never before.
  • KODY’s MuleSoft consulting services are designed to highlight and enhance your strategy and implement integration services that fit best in your business model.

Why KODY for MuleSoft Development

Adopting agile methodology helps us in keeping the clients in loop with the progress of the project as well as ensure proven, rapid and trusted delivery of MuleSoft integration services. For every MuleSoft project, we adopt collaborative, transparent and client focused approach. Various modes of communication such as email, phone, chat and Skype assist us in clear and constant communication with the clients. KODY team has a proven track record of successful MuleSoft project delivery. Looking for MuleSoft project quotes? Make sure you talk to one of our experts! We are well known for our competitive MuleSoft project quotes.