Managing business data has turned out to be a major set back across industry verticals in the current times. The enterprises do have records of their different departments such as sales, purchase, manufacturing, marketing etc but are not aware about how to use the data effectively.

Let us first know what exactly is ERP!

“Organizations with broken systems typically suffer from broken business processes and vice versa”. - Phil Simon

The modern business organizations are in need of a technology that can act as a bridge between the business processes and employees. ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. When you are heading a business organization with multiple departments and teams, an ERP system serves as guiding tool to take important decisions by keeping all the records in sync. Moreover, with the implementation of an ERP system, the entire process chain can be smoothly implemented.

How about a quick introduction with K-ERP to make life easier for you?

K-ERP is KODY’s in-house product. With us everything is about innovation and thus, K-ERP has turned out to be a leading ERP system that streamlines business procedures across industry verticals. Our ERP software is currently being offered for 15 industries, multiple languages and across the globe. Flexibility is one of the major advantage of K-ERP as it is entirely owned and developed by KODY Technolab. K-ERP is basically engaged with SMBs and large enterprise systems allowing them to easily expand their functions along with maintaining a simple and flexible state of ERP business system.

Probably the next question popping in your head would by why K-ERP? And how will it make things convenient for my business?

There are thousands of ERP software companies that develop ERP application for a small industry or business sectors. Generally, the ERP systems tend to be very specific to an industry and it is difficult to deliver a complex product that makes sense to small business enterprises as well. Here, is where the easy customization feature of K-ERP comes into the picture. This is possible because our ERP software is developed on open source platforms making it highly flexible.

Most people who purchase the ERP software are business owners or people involved with the top management. Therefore, there are chances that they might not be aware about everything technical. So, here we are listing down a few points to help you make the right choice!


Informed Decisions - As discussed earlier, the ERP systems create a shared database with accurate information along with real time data ultimately helping you to take an informed and precise decision for business growth.

Flexible Implementation - As our ERP system is based on open source technologies, it’s easy for us to customize the ERP application as per your industry requirements.

Long Term Viability of ERP Software - K-ERP complies with the industry standards and utilizes tool sets that support these standards thus enabling us to change the underlying building blocks. The availability of source code with us enables us to provide support for a longer time period. Owning the source code makes the ERP application highly scalable to meet organic or explosive growth through acquisition.

Organized Reporting with ERP Software - Improper reporting is rarely addressed in an organization. It is related to a lack of complete reports along with cross department data. K-ERP system will provide you with accurate reports along with real time visibility in the status of all processes.

Automated Processes -

“Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing, layout, processes and procedures”. - Tom Peters

Many large to medium corporations still rely on paper for different processes such as manufacturing, inventory management, sales, finance, human resource management and budgeting. Why go through the hassle of physically maintaining the records when there is a complete ERP system for the same.

Traceability - The ERP software assists us to track a product through the various processes in an organization. Right from entering the raw material department to delivering the final product to the customer, the status can be known.

Lower costs, Increased Competitiveness - Increase in efficiency level ultimately reduces the number of errors and decreases the business costs. Reduction in costs will allow you to increase the profit margin as well as reduce the selling price as costs are cut down.

Low Customer Retention - An ERP software is proven to have positive effect on customer retention rate. Well co-ordinated and informed departments are able to address customer needs faster along with timely and accurate decisions.

To wrap it up all it can be rightly said that K-ERP is everything positive that is waiting to happen in increasing your business efficiency and achieving your goals!

Ready to take full control of your business already?

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Sanjay kidecha