Good Bad and Ugly about Python

Web developers must have heard about the amazing programming language Python. It is important to add a fact that python is one of the most loved and preferred programming languages among programmers and developers due to certain advantages it offers to them. Some of the Python features are simply outstanding that help developers to build web applications with ease and comfort, without putting many efforts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Python

The python web development is all about focusing on code readability and compared to Java and C++, developers can code in fewer efforts, thanks to the syntax in Python. It is an object-oriented functional programming language that is used by organizations as it has a comprehensive and giant library with superior features and automated memory management.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of python programming language. Stay tuned for a detailed overview of the pros and cons of Python.

Pros of Python

First of all, we will discuss the advantages of python that has lured developers and programmers across the globe

A constantly evolving programming language

First and foremost, one of the main reasons why python is preferred over other contemporary programming languages such as Java, C and C ++ is that it is a constantly evolving programming language. Since its inception, new versions of python have been released after every few years with new add-ons and features that make programming smooth sailing for programmers.

For example, Python 1 had a Modula-3 system with different functioning tools and Python 2 had different new features introduced such as garbage collector and Unicode support. Python 3 came in 2008 and had a highly constructive design that facilitated programmers to avoid duplicate modules and constructs. The latest version is Python 3.5 with different new features.

Versatile features

Another reason why python is a hit among programmers is its versatile features and no requirement of lengthy coding. It is interactive, interpreted, object-oriented, portable, extensible with other programming languages and dynamic.

Extensive support libraries

Libraries are always loved by developers and that is the reason why python is loved. It has superior, standard libraries for internet, web service tools, protocols and operating system interfaces. It is one of the best pros of python.

Integration feature

Enterprise Application Integration is simple and easy with Python. Developers can easily develop web applications by invoking COM or COBRA components. Furthermore, python can run with the same byte code on almost all the modern operating systems. It also processes XML and other mark-up languages.

Productivity improvement of programmers

When it comes to improving programmer's productivity, it can be made possible with python programming that has a giant set of libraries and clean object-oriented designs. Hire python developers who are experienced and possess sheer expertise and your web application development would be smooth sailing.


Python has powerful process integration features, superior control capabilities and a unit testing framework that make it easy for programmers to develop robust and scalable web applications quickly and without making any errors.

Good Bad and Ugly about Python

Cons of Python

So far, we have seen some of the advantages of python and now it is time to discuss some of the cons of Python that makes its use limited to a few application development projects. It still has not made its place in the industry due to below-mentioned reasons.

Speed Limitations

Though programmers can develop code with the Python language quickly, the execution takes more time than expected due to its interpreted nature. However, if you have to deliver the project in a stipulated time period, using Python language for web application development is not a right and recommended choice.

Poor performance in mobile computing and browsers

Mostly, python is a server-side language and its usage in client-side applications is very limited due to obvious security reasons. Furthermore, it is not used to implement smart phone-based applications. When it comes to data security, python is not preferred by the programmers.

Design restrictions

When you write python codes, you generally type it dynamically. You don't need to write the variable while typing the code. This is known as duck-typing. However, though it seems simple and easy for programmers, it often results in run-time errors.

More testing time

There are many developers who have complained that it takes more time when it comes to testing Python-based web applications. It is also a concern when you have to deliver the application in a stipulated time frame.


So that is it. These are the disadvantages of python. However, despite the number of cons of python programming language, developers still use Python to develop end-to-end, quality and robust web applications. Most often, the pros of python outshine the cons. It is a great programming language with some excellent advantages such as easy use of code lines, smooth maintenance and easy debugging. 

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Mihir Mistry