Geolocation Technology For A Mobile App

The technology is working efficiently to make people feel secure, especially when it comes to an era where everything is digital. Gone is the time when people used to think twice before giving out their address to some other person or firm. Now, people are willingly giving their location to mobile applications to get better services. And this is happening every second with millions of people who work online.

When it comes to the role of Geolocation in Mobile App Development, even entrepreneurs have started taking interest in this facility. Geolocation feature was first used in 2011 in mobile games but it gained momentum. Moreover, it happened when Pokémon GO, a location-based mobile app cracked the records of popularity. According to the Pew Research Center, people of all age groups use location-based apps for various purposes.

Moreover, a total number of 74% of adults use this facility to get directions, while the rest 12% use it to share their location with friends. Overall, geolocation apps are not only beneficial for cab booking apps, but they have become an essential feature of the eCommerce apps as well. And hence, we have now come to the fact that how important is Geo-location in Mobile App. The feature is quite influential as it can be a worthy asset for your business and its growth.

Also, when we talk about the future of location-based marketing; the use of Geo-location can change the entire scenario in 5-10 years from now.

Benefits of Geolocation Technology

Benefits of Geolocation facility in Businesses

When it comes to the benefits or the importance of Location-Based Mobile App in Business, they are quite favorable for the owners. Moreover, its beneficiaries are as follows:

Attract more Customers

Geolocation apps are one of the best media to target more audience. Such an app can offer the real-marketing feature that means reaching out to people when they are demanding your products or services. Apart from that, it will help you to get more customers on the board.

Convert Impulses into Sales

Such apps give you the exact location of the customer. Also, one of the best ways to use Geolocation to increase revenue for a mobile app development company is notifications. Yes, this will allow you to send them notifications of the region offers and discounts.

You may also send them notifications once they enter into your area. Furthermore, this even allows the customers to locate your store easily through navigation. This may also increase your store’s footfall.

Increases Visibility and Brand Awareness

Do you think that you are feeding good content to your customers and your content is moving in the right direction? Well, if yes then your every step is creating brand awareness and increases its visibility. Moreover, the greater is the engagement, greater will your sales. Eventually, it will boost the profitability of your business.

Collects Data of Customers

You can get a chance to collect data from your customers with geolocation technology. Also, you can keep a record of the number of customers who have checked in and the number who has availed offers/discounts. Furthermore, this will help you to strategize your next move for the profitability of your business. This will also solve your query about how the Geolocation apps for business will boost your business in the long run.

Establish better Connection

Such apps also helpful to establish a cordial relationship between you and your customers. A better connection with your customers will help you to know more about them, their likes, and dislikes. Moreover, based on this activity, you can target the audience of a specific area.

You can also get an insight into customer reviews and their thoughts. Also, this will not only help you attract more customers but also keep your existing ones content and satisfied.

Tracking Facility benefits your Business

Geolocation apps provide the tracking facility to the users so that they can track their products or demanded services. But it is lesser-known that this tracking facility is beneficial for your business as well.

You can integrate a rating option based on the delivery time. If you can deliver products/services on time, then this rating feature is going to help you for sure. Additionally, you can suggest some routes to the delivery person in case he is stranded somewhere. With this feature, you can improve your services and also win your customers’ hearts.

Reward Loyal Customers with Offers and Discounts

If you are still wondering how to use Geolocation based services, the geolocation facility informs you about check-ins. This may help you to know about the customers who are loyal to your business. In order to keep them engaged with your app, you can reward them. Moreover, you can give them attractive offers and discounts so that they stick to your app.

Benefits of Geolocation Technology

Working of a Geolocation App

Well, there are multiple ways to control the geolocation facility on an app. Below-listed are some of them:

GPS: This is one of the most common methods used for geolocation tracking. This method uses global satellite systems whose receivers are built in the smart-phones. GPS satellites scattered on the geostationary orbits around Earth detects the device’s location accurately. Moreover, based on different visible satellites the device finds out the users coordinates in the globe.

Cell ID: The location can also be traced by the signals of cellular base stations to which your smart-phone is connected to. Moreover, the geographical coordinates rely on the radio signals given out by the different mobile operators.

On-Premise Position Technologies: Some technologies allow the collection of Geolocation data inside the buildings. Also, this facility enables users to navigate large-sized buildings through the notification system.

Integration of Geolocation in Mobile Apps

It is important to get into the technicalities or hire mobile app developers that are professional for this technology. In developing a Geolocation-based mobile app, both Android and iOS provide feasible APIs to make detection possible. Moreover, these APIs help developers to the maximum such that they need not focus on the coding of drawing a map.

They just need to connect one or two APIs. One is used for finding out the user device and the second one for drawing maps. In the case of developing a Geolocation-based Android app, you will have to use either Google Maps API or Android. Moreover, while in the case of iPhone applications, you will have to use Google Maps Geolocation API, iOS Maps or the Core Location API.

Final words

Well, the above-mentioned points cover the most important aspects and a complete package of how adding Geolocation features to your app can boost your sales. Now, logically your next step should be hiring a team of mobile app developers and integrate the feature into your app as soon as possible. Moreover, if you have gone through each point and decided to use it in your strategy, you are good to get started.

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