Full Stack Developers vs Specialized Developers

The world of technology is changing at a constant pace, this makes it necessary for companies to do the same. While hiring an employee, companies think about the needs that their skills are going to fulfill. Considering the constant change in the industry, it is not easy for companies to recruit new employees for every new technology that arrives. Today's scenario requires individuals that are capable of performing different tasks efficiently.

The same types of problems and thoughts go when companies have to choose between full-Stack Engineers and specialized developers. Well, both of these come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. And hence, it's only up to your requirements that you want to hire full-stack developers or specialized developers. Moreover, this guide is on Full Stack Developers vs Specialized Developers, which has covered every crucial aspect to help you make a decision.

Furthermore, you will have clarity about who you should be choosing while looking for either of these. So, let’s get into the Full Stack Engineers vs. Specialized Developers analysis right away:

Full-stack developer

The very first thing that must be made clear is that the tasks a full stack developer is concerned with. In simple words, a full stack developer can work for both, the entire development process and handling the clients. To understand this further, a full stack developer is the one that works on both, the back end as well as the forth end app and web development.

If you hire Full-stack developers, they can handle both the aspects of website and app development. Also, full-stack developers are skilled in various fields. These various fields can be the development of both ends, database (what it's all about), and much more.

When it comes to the duty of a full stack developer, most people think that it's majorly the coding part. But it's not fully true, with the introduction of many software, new libraries the coding part has become comparatively easier. Depending on the situation, a full stack developer can be concerned with any work, be it of the front end or back end.

Moreover, all of the above-listed reasons clear up the fact that knowing various fields can be a boon. And these were the basic reasons that make a full stack developer a good choice. Now, let's take a closer look at the major pros and cons of having a full stack developer.

Difference Between Full Stack Developers vs Specialized Developers

Pros of hiring a Full-stack developer


Hiring a full stack developer can be very costly and time-efficient. When it comes to Full-stack developers, they possess the knowledge to take the task to completion without much aid from others. And hence, if you have a knowledgeable full stack developer in your office, you might not need to hire any other expert. Therefore, spending a bit more money after full-stack developers is likely to be worth it.


Well, it is another great aspect that makes it worth hiring a full stack developer. Full-stack developers have the flexibility to do different tasks ask according to the required scenario.

So, in this case, if you want an application to be created by a single individual, you can rely on a full stack developer. He or she will be able to allocate different things to be done at your convenience.

An all-rounder

This simply means that a full stack developer can do different tasks as per what the client asks for. You don't have to worry if you are short on an employee with database expertise. In this case, too, you can handle the work to a full stack developer. This might take a bit more time but you don't have to worry about the work being done.

Cons of hiring a Full-stack developer

Time management

This is the risk that you face while working with a full stack developer. Though he can do all the tasks, it might take him way more time as compared to other developers if you hire mobile app developers’ team.

Not being able to get along with trends

Due to being an all-rounder, he might not be able to keep himself updated with the latest trends and technologies of each field. Moreover, this can lead to a comparatively poor quality of work later on. So, when it comes to working with teams, different people with different kinds of expertise and awareness about trends can work better.

Specialized Developers

As the name suggests, a specialized developer is only concerned with a specific sort of work. One should not confuse it with the knowledge of a specialized developer. When it comes to specialized developers, they can also have a good amount of knowledge regarding the app and website development.

The difference here is that a specialized developer is hired or recruited considering a specific task. Moreover, this task can be anything from design, database design, and domain modeling, to entity framework. Now, let's take a look at the pros and cons of a specialized developer.

Difference Between Full Stack Developers vs Specialized Developers

Pros of hiring Specialized Developers

Quality work

If an individual possesses a high amount of knowledge of a specific field, designating that work can mean excellent outcomes. Moreover, the excellent quality of work is the biggest reason behind hiring or recruiting a specialized developer.

Allocation of the task is easier

Having a specialized developer makes the work of the bosses even easier. If you are aware of the specialty of an individual, it makes it easier for you to allocate the concerned work.

Stay updated with latest trends

Being an expert in a field means you are a gem in that field. Moreover, this helps the individual to keep himself updated with everything without putting in any considerable effort.

Cons of hiring Specialized Developers

High cost

Well, this is the disadvantage of having a specialized developer for your work. The cost of hiring or recruiting a specialized developer is high. Furthermore, Specialized Developers charge for the expertise they have in a specific field.

Dependency on other staff members

This is the biggest disadvantage of having a specialized developer hired for your important project. Due to being an expert in only a single field, specialized developers can't do all the development work alone. Moreover, they have to rely on other members of the team.

And hence, this can result in loss of time and efficiency as compared to hiring a professional full-stack developer or a Mobile App Development Company.


Considering the major aspects covered in Specialized Developers vs. Full Stack Developers analysis above, hiring any type of expert has its own sets of pros and cons. Also, it all depends upon your project and your requirements or needs related to that. Well, it's quite simple, if you want to save money and are ready to gamble with time, you can opt to hire full-stack developers. On the other hand, if you want a specific part of your project to be a great success, go with an expert or Specialized Developers.

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