Flutter for MVP Development

Development or the launch of an app is neither simple nor a complex process if things are dealt mindfully. But what concerns a client the most is the estimated cost of the product/app development and the amount of time required in order to develop it. Moreover, this is where the potential competitors have an edge over other companies including yours.

So, the question might occur to you are, what is Flutter, and why must you choose it for your app development? And what is MVP development? What impact will it make on your business and budget?

Let’s find out.

Why an MVP and how does it benefit Companies?

Well, an MVP or Minimum Viable Product is basically a minimum required working software or a basic model or version created with deep market research and more, which helps in knowing the user interests or requirements and improvising the product by using their and early adopters feedbacks faster even before the actual product gets launched in the market. Basically, it is the simplest form of a software. It helps to test the app on the parameters listed by customers as due to high competitive view; the products get daily damaged or affected.

Apart from that, an MVP might have been developed and kept cost-effective with limited functions in order to test the product on a small scale to a particular group of people; it is a great initiation for taking the product on a larger scale by eliminating or minimizing user concerns regarding any errors in product quality, features, cost or more.

And hence, this process also helps in promoting a product ahead of time, which is a plus point for any company. It helps the companies to hit the marketplace with their magnificent products along with gaining traction even before other competitors. Not only this, but it also gives your product early access to views and also makes it an expectant. It has been rated as the best strategy that helps you review your plans and ideas honestly and also flourish it in the right direction.

Moreover, it never demands extra, the only thing needed is a great focus on necessities. Remember that it focuses on all aspects right from functionality to usability. Developing an MVP with Flutter could let a company validate their business idea, understand if their product has the potential to do well in the market place and stand apart with a better product to provide its users as compared to their competition. Here is how:

Well, Google released Flutter 1.0 in 2018 where they were using the Dart programming language. Moreover, the developers who knew Java or C were able to adapt to and use the Dart language quite easily in order to develop apps or anything on the web, servers, and desktop. And hence, developers have also been continuously building an MVP with Flutter since then.

Developing an MVP with Flutter

5 Brands that Implemented MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) Successfully


Since Dropbox was found to be facing some hard financial difficulty before an MVP could be put out, in order to give a clear idea on how Dropbox cloud storage platform would work, Dree Huston developed a video MVP as a solution to this concern.


Airbnb began as a company who would provide travelers with budget stays or cheaper ones. Airbnb was basically attentive to the feedback of the users and hence, they had implemented an MVP, which would have pictures of their flat and more.


Buffer, which once began with their app with limited functions, is another company that implemented MVP where the lean methodology was used by the developers.


Well, Instagram is today’s most famous platform to share a photo or video using various filters. Instagram was developed (initially for iOS) as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and since it has been successful, they have been adding a number of features continuously till date.


Uber, which has completely changed the way transportation worked years ago, implemented MVP in order to check if people could book a taxi or cab via their phones where GPS was also kept in mind to track the user or taxi locations and more and it definitely worked for them.

Flutter is...

a software development kit for the applications of mobile provided by Google. It comes with significant tools, widgets, and the needed framework in order to process a bit faster. Apart from that, the final product beautifies itself by working both on iOS & Android. The best use of Flutter is tremendous efficiency, which is showcased by mobile development. Moreover, being open-source as well as free of cost makes it even handier for use.

Why is Flutter so popular?

As far as the popularity of Flutter among the community is concerned, Flutter has huge user support.

Businesses hardly like paying big bucks and with Flutter, which costs nothing, they are able to carry out experiments on their app.

Flutter helps in speeding up the processing in an app and hence, the development of an app becomes easy.

With the help of a great user interface, Flutter helps in accessing the various inbuilt tools as well as features.

Building an MVP with Flutter

How to go about Developing an MVP with Flutter?

Well, these are the top 4 Ways Flutter Can Help in the Development of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Hot Reload function

Speed is all that matters when development is in process. Flutter has been found to possess a hot reload feature, which makes the process faster than before. Apart from that, if any software change is made, the developers can easily view it right away without much delay. Moreover, this feature also helps developers in the case of fixing bugs and also with the addition of new elements within seconds. This further makes the experimentation fast as no coding is required again.

Development of cost-efficient apps

In earlier times, the main hindrance of launching apps was money especially when users would have to spend hundreds or thousands on licensing fees in order to experiment with things. Now the free of cost Flutter doesn't interrupt any such changes. Being supportive of developing cross-platform apps makes it durable for the use on both on iOS and Android platforms. Apart from that, not only it has eased out the cost pressure but it has also improved accessibility for developing apps. It also enables app developers in order to access the features of old apps. They are further able to reuse code; moreover, a single code base is sufficient in order to fix many issues. And hence, everything gets more than sorted with the use of this single language.

Minimal Coding needed

Since the majority of the code is shared among Android as well as iOS applications which make coding quite simple, with Flutter, there are lesser chances of bugs as app developers don't need to code much. Also, because its layered structure helps with proper customizations which results in quick rendering and designs that are flexible.

Attractive design attracts investors

Flutter consists of the latest technology with a varied collection of interactive designs as well as UI features, which is altogether sufficient for attracting a wide audience across the globe. Flutter not only supports the accessible widgets but also it has been found to help in their customization as and when required. 2D GPU accelerated APIs are also kind of supported under Flutter. It supports the material design and Cupertino, which further helps with highlighting the overall design of the product. As per User Interface (UI), variety of themes can be used.

Final Verdict

Since Flutter has been launched by Google, with a great team of people working on it every single day makes it a reliable option when people ask why choose Flutter for MVP Development.

Moreover, there are huge brands that have been using Flutter in order to develop their applications or in order to modify the existing ones, which makes it even more, trustworthy and user-friendly option while you are developing an MVP for your app.

In the end, in order to be always upfront among your competitors, an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with Flutter acts as the smartest strategy for enormous companies.

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Sagar Bagsariya

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