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Flutter App Development Company

A leading Flutter app development company in India and USA helping startups and businesses to develop a promising Flutter application. Our veteran flutter app developers practice the flutter development religiously and help you in crafting scalable, and award-winning applications.

We offer tailor-made solutions that help you in achieving your business goals. We master the art of deploying with sophisticated, robust, and native-like experiences.

Flutter Mobile App Development: Code Once, Deploy multiple applications.

Flutter is warmly embraced by the entrepreneurial community because it makes app development like a breeze. It is highly convenient to use Flutter for POC and MVP development.

Flutter is an open-source cross-platform framework released by Google used for building next-gen applications having extra-ordinary UI. It lays a ground where you can experiment without boundaries.

Flutter uses Dart as a programming language that is relatively new but easy to learn. Flutter has pre-built rich widgets making it powerful to resolve any level of complexity. By using the Flutter features, our developers will blend the native quality and cross-platform flexibility flawlessly.

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Music App in Flutter

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Flutter App Development: The ideal choice for cross-platform app development:

Reactive Framework:

Flutter is more convincing over other frameworks because it allows you to see the changes made to the source code immediately.


Flutter is a golden-egg that lets you develop apps for two-platforms at the cost of only one.

Access to original source code:

Flutter makes it extremely easy for developers to understand why an application is behaving in a certain way. The easy access makes everything transparent to update.

Improved performance:

Flutter applications will never disappoint the users because it will launch the application in a few seconds. Dart uses ahead-of-time compilation which results in faster loading.

Material design and Cupertino:

Flutter apps let you enjoy both the experiences, Material (Android), and Cupertino (iOS) together. Explore the widget library that blends the native and cross-platform elements.

Suitable for MVP:

Flutter is an ideal choice when you have a short window of time and wish to release MVP to showcase your application’s capabilities.

Advantages of Flutter App Development

Flutter is a powerhouse of features and functionalities. It has its own rendering machine Skia that assists in launching apps across various platforms. Today, Flutter is not just limited to mobile, you can build apps for web and desktops using Flutter.

By making use of expressive widgets, Flutter allows you to customize any screen regardless of the complexity. Flutter holds the potential to build an application having a lightning speed of 60FPS.

Rich Widgets

Flutter is all about widgets. It allows you to customize and create appealing UI aligning with your app design.

Simple and Fast Coding

Flutter is a perfect choice for sharing codebase between platforms. Developers write a single code, unify it, and share it across.

Hot Reload

Hot reload features allow developers to make changes in UI and review it instantly without disturbing the existing code.

Speedy Testing

Flutter uses a single code base across the platforms. This makes it easy for testers to check the code and expedite the process.

Libraries and Detailed Documentation

An integral part of Flutter application development is the availability of a pool of libraries. The extensive documentation allows you to fix any issue in no time.

Google Firebase Support

Flutter is backed by Google and hence complete support of Google’s Firebase at the backend to scale up your application.

Flutter App development: Pool of features.

Flutter is winning millions of hearts by providing an unmatchable list of features. You can have a quality-rich interface that can be shared across multiple platforms.

Developers can write a few lines of code, use the widgets and libraries, customize it, and build it their way.

Flutter makes it extremely easy to debug and update the code, which in return reduces the application’s time-to-market.

We are early adopters of the Flutter framework which lets us have an upper hand in the market. Our developers have hands-on experience to deploy reliable and high-quality applications.

Flutter Mobile Application Development: Allowing you to meet modern-day needs.

Flutter Mobile Application Development

Flutter has been the talk-of-the-town ever since its release. It lets you accomplish almost everything that seemed impossible to achieve using native technologies like Java/Kotlin/Swift.

It bridges the gap between the native app and the cross-platform app so beautifully that you can deploy it respectively on Android and iOS.

The design-centric widgets, advanced APIs, and some stunning animation packages allow you to customize the application as you wish to.

Why Choose Kody As your Flutter App development Company?

We at Kody technolab work with utmost transparency and try to provide everything under one roof. Our experienced team ensures that the aesthetics of the application is maintained throughout the app development process.

Kody technolab focuses majorly on developing a unique and customized application. We stick to our deadlines and believe in maintaining consistency throughout the process.

You will always have our back whenever you need help. Kody technolab extends its support even after the application is deployed and running.

Our expert team is available at your assistance 24*7. We are a power-house of Flutter application development services when we work as a team.

Best Flutter App development Company

Become competitive in the market with Flutter app development

Our Approach to Build an aesthetically pleasing Flutter application:

Flutter has zillions of things to offer to the developers. But, our approach to Flutter application development services makes all the difference. We understand the brand’s needs and show them an effective way to succeed.

When you approach us, we listen carefully to all your requirements. Our experts talk with you and explain the Flutter development process in depth. We believe in keeping things transparent from day one.

We have no hidden cost to charge. Our price quotes are crystal clear describing every charge respectively.

Our team of designers capture all your visual requirements and prepares a wireframe. This wireframe can be referred to at any point in time during the entire development process.

Our veteran developers initiate the development process. They ace the art-of-coding and create tailor-made, few lines of code for your application.

We have an in-house team of testers who makes sure that no product is compromised over quality.

Once the app is ready for demo, we ask the client for any feedback or improvements. We iterate the application based on the feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to develop a captivating MVP or an application having a fascinating UI, but in a short period of time, you should go for Flutter app development.

Our Flutter team works round the clock to meet your project deadlines. However, there are a few factors that affect the time of building a flutter application.

Application’s complexity

Application category

App design

Location of your partner/agencie


The experience level of the team

Quality testing

You can connect with us to know an estimated time of delivery of your project.

Developing native apps for Android and iOS with Flutter takes about ⅓ of the time than other frameworks such as React Native and Xamarin. Hence, Flutter is the fastest framework among other cross-platform frameworks. Other features that stand Flutter apart from other frameworks are:

Flutter is the only SDK that offers reactive views without requiring a JavaScript bridge

Much lightweight and exceptionally high performing UI than React Native’s UI

You can reuse Java, Kotlin, Swift, or Objective C codes within the framework

Hote Reload feature that makes the app development lightning fast

N number of open-source packages to simplify any complex task

You can add Flutter into your existing application piecemeal as a library or module

Absolutely, Flutter can be the right choice for any application you wish to develop and market in a shorter time. It relies altogether on the development team’s efforts and how they accomplish the project.

Notwithstanding, we would like to suggest you opt for low or medium complexity of the application when choosing Flutter. Subsequently, the developmental efforts would be fewer, and the time to market would be high.

Mobile operating systems support Flutter: Android Jelly Bean, v16, 4.1.x or newer, and iOS 8 or later.

Mobile hardware: 64-bit iOS devices (starting with iPhone 5S and newer iPhone models), and ARM Android devices.

Flutter supports developing apps with Android and iOS devices, besides, Android emulators and the iOS simulator.

Furthermore, to build Flutter apps, it supports Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Flutter is the best suite for developing 2D mobile apps for Android and iOS with Material Design. The reason being, it was created using the Skia 2D rendering engine. However, support for developing an app for Windows, macOS, and Linux is coming soon, and Google has to optimize 3D API in the long run.

After working with Flutter, some experts and experienced developers believe that it has the potential to replace Java to develop mobile applications. Some of the reasons are;

Flutter makes the development process less complicated.

Many features and widgets that Flutter encompasses are absent in the native app development.

Flutter uses Dart programming language that eliminates the need for JavaScript bridge and speeds up the communication between the mobile application and the device.

Hot Reload feature of Flutter enables developers to see any changes made in the code right away without any hitches.

Yes. Flutter offers developers absolute access to some platform-specific services and APIs from the operating system. However, it encourages developers to use Flutter’s asynchronous message passing system to build their own integrations with the platform and third-party APIs.

By outsourcing the software development services, especially from India, you can shorten the time to market your project with the best price and improved quality. Look at some benefits to outsource Flutter app development.

Quickly get started your Flutter project

Pocket-Friendly development services at offshore development companies

Save time from hiring and training and retaining Flutter developers

You will get an experienced and well-organized developers’ team

Robust end-to-end service and support

Outsourcing Flutter development will also reduce the risk as the company ensures on time and budget delivery

Yes, Kody Technolab always got your back even after developing a Flutter app. Our team can investigate complex errors in your app to identify and mend or work on the same. You can get in touch with us for a free consultation at your best convenience.

Our values

We believe in building long term relationships with our clients. And the pillar of any relationship is trust. We keep everything accessible to our clients, be it code, processes, or communication.

We adopt Agile methodologies for giving optimized business solutions. Our price quotes will never include any hidden costs and we discuss the estimate with our clients in advance.

We understand that every business is thriving with us to be in the top game. Hence, we offer them customized business solutions. We work religiously for our client and hence offer them the flexibility in team selection, hiring our dedicated developers, methodology, and more.

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