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Considering this era of digital technologies, people have become habitual of the convenience of having about anything delivered at their homes or workspaces with the use of an On-Demand service app like TaskRabbit or so. People are seeking out ways to speed things up with the use of technology and hence, they worry less about their busy time schedules.

Apart from that, customers, nowadays prefer services online in the comfort of their places and hence, online businesses and shopping apps have completely changed the way people shop in the last 5 or more years. Since customers prefer apps, businesses have taken a huge shift to go from retail to online in order to increase their customer base along with providing the convenience (offers or discount coupons or rewards and more) to their existing users.

So when it comes to the features for developing App like TaskRabbit, it completely depends upon the type of business, requirements or services such as food delivery restaurant or salon or other. However, below-mentioned are the top 7 Must-Have Features for an App like TaskRabbit, which are crucial for about any type of business:

Push Notification

Well, this is no complicated thing as you may have seen notifications of several types that pop up from time to time on your smartphone. They are basically push notifications and are one of the key features of On Demand Service App. With the use of these notifications, application owners are able to send out messages (live offers, discounts, and more) that they want to convey to their users, which the users can check out by click-opening the notification pop-up.

Moreover, this is also one of the most used strategies in order to keep their customers updated about the new stuff relevant to their business. For example, 30% or more discounts or offers related pop-up will make the users open the notification in order to save a few extra bucks on their shopping. And hence, push notification is a great feature to include in the On-demand app development of your service app.

Social Media Connectivity

Considering social media as an integral part of advancement in technology, it is highly recommended among the features of On-Demand Service App to be used for business promotions. By the use of Social Media Connectivity, customers can understand the usability of an On-Demand service app like TaskRabbit in a better way. Moreover, people are able to sign-up or log-in in an app without the need for filling their details again and again by just opting for a social media account. Apart from that, business owners are able to reach out to unlimited potential consumers with the help of social media.

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Well, it doesn't matter what type of on-demand service app you have relevant to your services, it's important to keep track of every little thing. This includes details such as the activity of the users, their experience, what products are working best for the customers and more things like that. Moreover, analytics is one among many On-Demand Service App features, which helps the business or app owner to provide their users with the necessary upgrades.

Multiple Options for Payment

Apart from other features for developing App like TaskRabbit, providing the customers with multiple options for payment such as credit cards, debit cards, COD, or more is a major feature that has to be included no matter what services are provided in the app. The only reason behind doing the same is that customers nowadays, prefer using digital payment methods as a convenient way as compared to COD, although, there are places where COD option also allows them to pay by card.

Simple Registration & Easy Navigation

As mentioned earlier in this article, nobody likes to fill up same sign-up or registration details again and again and a lengthy registration form is one such thing that annoys users the most. And hence, it's crucial to have an easy or quick to fill-up as well as a simple registration procedure or tool among the key features of On Demand Service App.

Moreover, when it comes to navigation, it has to be easy to move around by allowing the user to enjoy having a glance at the entire service or product display without taking up much of their time or energy, adding up to the user’s convenience once again.

Develop an App like TaskRabbit

Customization Option

Another important one among the features of On-Demand Service App is the option for customization which is crucial for the promotion of users’ interests. In includes the provision of some features that can be customized along with the provision of certain options so the users are able to select their preferred ones. Apart from that, the customization feature is great for giving the users easy navigation as well as a problem-free encounter.

Giving Rewards to your Loyal Users

Well, rewards features have been found to be working as a great way of keeping your loyal business customers engaged and connected with your services or products. It could be in the form of a loyalty bonus or coupons or discount offers sent via email newsletters or more. Once a user makes a purchase over your business app, he/she is able to earn rewards depending upon certain conditions such as amount of the entire order or so.

Afterward, the reward could be used in the next purchase allowing them the convenience of saving a few bucks on each transaction through your app offers. And hence, the key features of On Demand Service App like Urabanclap must include this feature to keep your clients coming back to your app services.

In the end, considering the features to make an app like TaskRabbit mentioned above, an app could be a huge success for the long run for any business. And hence, make sure you get these features installed in order to create a user base, which is loyal as well as strong.

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