features of taxi booking app like lyft

Today in the on demand economy, a lot of taxi booking applications have solved our struggles of finding a fast and affordable commute. The taxi industry has seen a rise since its launch and it is continuously making profits. Of course, the industry has its own set of challenges. The industry has seen the rise and fall of many cab-hailing services.

Not every taxi application is able to become successful. Many of them have shut down due to losses. However, we have multiple names who managed to be successful and managed to create a brand reputation. Some of them are Ola, Uber, Lyft, Easy Cabs, Gett, Grab and S’hail. They are successful because of a careful selection of features before developing app like Lyft.

How does the app work for taxi booking?

Gone are the days when booking a cab at night was a difficult as well as expensive task. Taxi booking mobile app and its related services have entirely changed the taxi industry.

The On-demand taxi booking app features solved the issues of traditional taxi service and now cabs are just a few clicks away from you!

Features provided by an on-demand taxi booking app:

The options for features of car and taxi booking mobile app are huge so make sure you choose them carefully. If the app is difficult to use then there are high chances it will not be accepted by users.

As one of the basic features to make an app like Lyft is real time tracking, the above mentioned taxi applications have managed to be successful. Moreover, to gain trust of their customers, these companies have improved their working over time.

List of must-have features:

Here is a taxi booking app feature list that will help you know the must-have features of any cab booking app.

on-demand taxi booking app features

Easy Sign-up

Signing up with the app is the most crucial step as a difficult sign up process may become a reason for the loss of your potential rider. Features like sign-up with social media should be added so that it reduces the amount of information that the user needs to provide.

It helps make a good impression of the app too. A difficult sign up may lead to losing a potential rider as in many cases people tend to save time and avoid disclosing their private information.

features of taxi booking app like lyft


Car-pooling benefits in many ways, one it reduces the cost of travel as the price is shared and it also helps you cater to the requirements of multiple customers at the same time.

Moreover, this feature is truly beneficial for the environment as it helps save fuel and causes less pollution. In recent times, with pollution on such a rise, it is good to stop and think of the environment.

taxi booking app features

Automated tracking:

Automated tracking is one of the key features of a taxi booking app. It is not only for good user experience but also so that they know about the whereabouts of a ride, but it also makes the ride safer as GPS tracking can be shared with a family member or a friend so that quick actions can be taken in case of emergencies.

The introduction of GPS tracking services helps build the trust of women riders as after it's installation in the app, the cab companies have seen a surge in app downloads by women customers.

features of car and taxi booking mobile app

Friendly cab booking:

To retain your potential riders it is great to have seamless booking options. Your app is more likely to be used when you are able to deliver important information like estimated fare, estimated time of arrival and car availability easily.

If the users can navigate with the tabs easily and make pickup and drop stop clearly on the map then it helps both - the driver and the user to get started with the ride.

on-demand taxi booking app features

Real-time notification and status:

Integrate push notifications to help you and your driver regarding app, deals and offers. It helps the user know that the driver has arrived at the pickup or the destination.

This is a great feature as it helps you interact with your user and keep them updated about the discounts.

features before developing app like lyft

Reviews and Ratings:

Reviews play a crucial role in today's cab industry. The idea of maintaining a proper rating can help maintain a balance among the users and drivers. It helps make things a bit more professional.

You can pay your excellent drivers bonuses which will encourage good quality services by the drivers. You can also award your important customers with high-rated drivers so that they get better services and don't stop using your app services.

features to make an app like lyft

Ride History and Detailing:

Any user might need information regarding the rides they have taken. It may be to calculate expenses and it may be to get invoices ready so that they can be claimed with the company in case the employer of your rider is not ready to pay it.

For any such reason, the details of the ride should be available to the customer even after the completion of the ride and the user must be able to access that information.

on-demand taxi booking app features

Cancel Booking:

Both the drivers and passengers should be given the option to cancel their bookings. It is necessary because the ride might have been booked or accepted by mistake or they might have just changed their mind. So they can revert their actions.

The cancel booking option will not make them feel obligated for their actions, thus, increasing satisfaction on both ends. Increased customer/work satisfaction will help you retain your drivers as well as customers.

on-demand taxi booking app features

Multi-currency Support:

If you are planning to develop a taxi app like uber for multiple countries or on a global level, it is important to include this feature. The multi currency feature will help you run the same app in multiple countries, without having to change the code at the backend.

Thus, saving you time and effort as well as making the app user friendly and increasing customer satisfaction. Just make sure that your taxi app development company. understands the importance of this feature and implements it seamlessly.

Multi-language Support:

features before developing app like lyft

Just like the multi currency feature, this feature can be applied in the same situations. The multiple language support features will make the app user friendly for people belonging to different nationalities. Moreover, if a person is travelling to a different country, he/she will be able to use the app in their native language.

Again, building an app with this feature will increase the level of customer satisfaction. Thus, making your app a popular choice.


Here, we have mentioned a lot of features for a taxi booking app. There are many more features that are going to be introduced in taxi service apps, but take in mind the fact that there are some basic requirements that any cab service provider must provide to make the app successful.

Booking a taxi is simple, the services offered are vast. Just try to make your journey safe by using the feature of emergency contacts. Make sure you add a few family or friends in case you feel bad about the trip. You can use a button to alert the people and then they can help you out with the situation. Hope, that you enjoy a safe and happy ride!

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