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The number of people who enjoy and even love sports is very high. One such loved sport is football also known as soccer. Football is famous in the entire world. People love both to play and watch football. The immense love for football is also being used as a business plan by a lot of organizations. This is because this sport is one where people invest both time and money to watch, and there is a billion dollars industry for fantasy football.

Moreover, businesses invest to build soccer fantasy mobile applications so they can make huge chunks of money out of it. So, in the case, if you are looking forward to fantasy football application development, this article is for you. In this article, we will talk about how you can develop a fantasy football sports app.

We will cover different aspects of it such as cost, features, and how do people make money out of it. This will further help you get started with your On-demand app development the correct way. Before we get into the other details, ensure that you hire mobile app developers that have a good portfolio and experience. Let’s get us started with the various aspects that impact the overall Fantasy Football Application Development cost:

How to Generate Revenue by using Fantasy Soccer Mobile App?

Before you hire a Fantasy Football App Development Company, you must figure out a way to generate revenue. When it comes to investors, they don't use a single method for making money using a fantasy football app. There are plenty of ways that can be used to earn money from the considered app. Below-listed is some:

In-app purchases

The in-app purchase model is the most common way to make money using an app. When it comes to your Fantasy Football App, users are charged for features that are not available on the free version.

Talking about fantasy football apps, these apps offer users to play without any cost but don’t allow them to make any profit. In order to enjoy the full benefits of the app, users use these in-app purchases. Moreover, there are various features available that can be unlocked by an in-app purchase.

Entry fee

This method is successful in making money from hardcore fans of the game. Either the app is made available to the user after payment or the user has to pay for every match he plays. The scope of fantasy game apps is good.

According to a survey, fantasy sports garnered nearly USD 3 billion globally in the first quarter of the year 2018. Users pay the entry fee in the hope of winning a certain amount of prize. Also, fantasy football is liked way more than any other game of the same type.

Advertisement on your Fantasy Football App

When it comes to generating revenue out of your Fantasy Football App, this is also a convenient way of generating money. The app developers charge different companies for their showing their advertisement on their app. Moreover, the app developers also charge from the users if he wishes to remove the advertisements. Well, this comes in the form of the premium version.

Crucial Features to Make a Fantasy Football App like NFL Fantasy Football

There are certain features that should be considered to make a Fantasy Football App like NFL Fantasy Football. Some crucial features are listed as:

User profile: A user profile is a place where the data of the user is saved and displayed. A profile in a football fantasy app has matches played, team, etc.

Join league: This feature allows the user to join different leagues that are running on the app.

Home screen: This is a place where all type of information about the game is displayed. There are also shortcuts present, which can be used to use other features of the app.

Drafting team: This is an important feature for an individual playing fantasy football. The user can form his or her respective team using the feature.

Live scoreboard: This is a simple feature that keeps the user updated about what's happening in the game.

Make a Fantasy Football App like NFL Fantasy Football

Additional Features to Develop a Fantasy Football Sports App like NFL Fantasy Football

AI (ML) based Algorithm: This can be proved to be an extremely important feature for this type of app. This can be directly helpful for the admin to help different chances and odds of the game. Implementing the features will make the game feel more real. Also, the feature is ML-based, which means the app will learn from your behavioral pattern.

Chatbot Integration: This is a feature that can be seen implemented in new apps. Users may come across with difficulty or have any question on the app, a chatbot can be used to answer those questions. Also, these chatbots can be helpful for gathering information from people.

Payments: It has been a considerable time since the introduction of online payment, but people still hesitate in making an online payment due to fear of stealing their money and leak their personal account details. By introducing a better mode of payment we can gain in the form of new customers when it comes to making a fantasy football sports app.

Technology Stack for Fantasy Football Application Development

Real-Time Analytics: Apache, Cisco, Flink, Big Data, IBM, Hadoop, and Spark

Database Management: Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MailChimp Integrations

Payment Integration: PayUMoney, E-Wallets, Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, Net Banking, E-Banking

Front End: Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular.js, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5

Sports API: Goals serve, Sportsmonks, EntitySports

Cloud: Azure, SalesForce, Cloud Foundry, Google Cloud, AWS

Push Notifications: Map, Urban Airship, AdPushup, Twilio, Amazon SNS, Push.IO

Make a Fantasy Football App like NFL Fantasy Football

Cost to develop a Fantasy Football Application Development

The cost to develop an app like NFL Fantasy Football is a bit different than the other apps. There are various reasons that affect the overall Fantasy Football App Development Cost. Let's take an in-depth look at these crucial factors:

1. The platform for Fantasy Football App Development

When it comes to the Fantasy Football Application Development, just like other apps, it requires a platform such as Android, iOS, or both. If you want your app to be compatible with both Android and iOS then it'll cost you more. You can think about your targeted users and select the platform accordingly. Moreover, the cost to develop a Fantasy Football Application Development will vary as per your choice of app platform.

2. Time invested to build Fantasy Football App

If you are thinking of developing a fantasy football sports app on your own, that's a different thing. However, if you are getting your application developed by a firm or Fantasy Football App Development Company, they'll charge you depending on what they invested. The cost to develop an app like NFL Fantasy Football will vary as per what they charge per hour based on their location.

3. The complexity of the Fantasy Football App

As you know that you can go with the basic features if you want to add that'll cost you low. If you are planning to make your app feature-rich, then you'll have to pay more. The cost to develop a Fantasy Football Application Development will rise with the number of features you will add to the application.

Furthermore, depending upon the technology stack, which you will choose to invest in while you go for Fantasy Football Application Development, the cost will change.

4. Size of the development team

The factor is dependent on the complexity of your application. The more complex you want your app to be, the more members or a bigger team (developers, manager, User interface designers, testers, and more) it'll take to get developed. And hence, this will raise the overall cost of the Fantasy Football Application Development project.

In India, the rate of a developer charge is about $20-$70 an hour. However, when it comes to the developers based in the US/UK, they charge around $70-$250 an hour. Also, in Eastern Europe, this cost charged by developers is about $50 to $150 an hour.

5. Third-party API Integration

Well, this is another important aspect that can alter the cost of Fantasy Football Application Development. Different APIs allow different features of the app to work. The more the number of third-party API Integration, the more will be the Fantasy Football App Development Cost.

Considering everything that is listed above, the total cost to develop a Fantasy Football Application Development, it comes around $35,000 to $50,000.


Considering the huge number of football fans around the globe, fantasy football is a profitable business to lead. In this case, if you want to start your business with this type of mobile application, the process is not difficult. Moreover, if you are clear with the above things that you want in your Fantasy Football App, you will start good enough.

In the end, you must ensure keeping in check the costs that will be involved in the maintenance of the app in the future. You will need to be ready for the same when starting with a new venture. It will help you stay longer and build better products for the users.

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