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Why Implement ERP System?

Business data has turned out to be a major cause of concern amongst all the industries. The businesses although have records of their sales, purchase or manufacturing data they are not aware about how that data if organized can be used to increase the profits. ERP system comes to the rescue here! An ERP software will present the reports to you in an organized fashion making it easier for the higher management to take decisions for future.

The current business organizations need a technology with complete functions that can bridge the gap between business processes and employees. ERP is actually an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. When you have to run a large organization with multiple departments and teams successfully an ERP system serves as a helping hand by putting all information and communication within the organization in sync. With the help of an ERP software, the entire project value chain is aligned and important processes can be run smoothly.

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Why opt for KODY ?

At KODY everything is about innovation! We remove the limitations in the existing systems to make life easier for you! K-ERP is not just another ERP software. It is a result of our passion for everything technological to make your business goals achievable without having to face the hassle of organizing the data. Let our experts know all that you need in your ERP application and watch it being converted into reality!

How K-ERP will solve problems?

Separate Systems

If an enterprise is not using ERP software, then there are high chances that they are using different applications for each department such as accounting applications, spreadsheets, desktop applications etc. All these chances increase the chances of contradictory data as they are hard to update and maintain. With an ERP application everything is done at a single place.

Inventory Management in ERP System

One of the major problems faced by enterprises is having a record of inventories on paper or in a different software system that is not integrated with manufacturing and sales. Our ERP application is proved to provide accurate numbers which in turn helps in sales and marketing of a product.

Organized Reporting with ERP Software

Improper reporting is rarely addressed in an organization. It is related to a lack of complete reports along with cross department data. K-ERP system will provide you with accurate reports along with real time visibility in the status of all processes.

Automated Processes

Many large to medium corporations still rely on paper for different processes such as manufacturing, inventory management, sales, finance, human resource management and budgeting. Why go through the hassle of physically maintaining the records when there is a complete ERP system for the same.

Low Customer Retention

An ERP software is proven to have positive effect on customer retention rate. Well co-ordinated and informed departments are able to address customer needs faster along with timely and accurate decisions.

Avoid Data Repetition

By using ERP software say bye to records of repetitive or contradictory data. One system maintains all the data across enterprise and eliminates chances of duplication.

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What is K-ERP?

K-ERP software includes the main business functions of an organization. It’s a leading ERP system that streamlines business procedure across industries. ERP software is currently being offered for 15 industries, multiple languages and across the globe. Various third party tools can be easily incorporated in the ERP application. Integration with other products of KODY Technolab business suite that includes CRM, SCM, Finance, Manufacturing, Inventory along with KPOS and K-Ecommerce and business intelligence tool FACTIS is possible too. The above mentioned solutions are owned and developed by KODY Technolab. It is engaged with SMBs and larger enterprise systems allowing it to easily expand its functions while maintaining a simple and flexible state of ERP business system.

Key Features of K-ERP

As our ERP software is developed on an open source platform, it allows standardization, stability and interoperability of systems. The users can have a clear and view-able descriptions of the data. Moreover, the flexibility feature also includes hardware and operating system independence.

It complies with the industry standards and utilizes tool sets that support these standards thus enabling us to change the underlying building blocks. The availability of source code with us enables us to provide support for a longer time period. Owning the source code makes the ERP application highly scalable to meet organic or explosive growth through acquisition.

K-ERP has APIs designed to allow integration with other applications to avoid any errors or duplication during data transfer from one software to another.

The overall cost of ownership ultimately reduces as there is no software license fees of this ERP system. Furthermore, no annual upgradation charges. Thus, reducing the cost of ERP software ownership for your business.

The ERP software being based on open source allows us to customize it as per your business requirements. Any module can be added or removed in the ERP application as per the internal processes of your business. .

Statistics Of K-ERP

  • 14+ of Modules.
  • 140+ of Reports.
  • 15 Industry Verticals.
  • Open Source
  • Platform Independent
  • No Lock in Period
  • Regular Updates and Bug Fix

Our Feat in the Software Industry

Our team of experts has backed us in serving our clients efficiently. The client demands for customized softwares has been fulfilled only due to innovation and constant efforts of the team. Being well-versed with the latest technological updates is what KODY is known for! To know more about us have a look at our portfolio or have a talk with one of our experts!

Advantages of K-ERP

  • Try Before You Buy - To help our clients decide whether our ERP software is suitable for their business, we provide you with all the required modules for trial at our premises. You will not get the same option everywhere!
  • Low Support Costs - Support charges after deployment are included in the overhead costs. It is noticeable that support charges of the ERP application are comparatively lesser than the current market rate.
  • Open Standards - KODY’s ERP system can be supported through open source environments like Open Source Server, Open Source Database, Open Source Operating System which ultimately results in cost benefit to the organization as extra costs are not incurred to procure licenses of Severs and Operating Systems.
  • Fewer Bugs and Faster Fix - As we own the source code of the ERP software, resolution is faster for the same. Meanwhile, in other cases you will have to challenge for bugs and longer time to fix them as the source code is not owned by the provider.
  • Security - Source code is owned by us, so finding loopholes in the ERP system and rectifying them with updates can be easily done.

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