Build Doctor Appointment Booking App like Amwell

Medzone is a doctor appointment booking app that assists patients to ensure they receive the right care, at the right place, at the right time. It brings urgent care, therapy, psychiatry, nutrition, and many more health services in patients’ palm.

Project Idea

The central concept was to Doctor Appointment Booking App like Amwell to offer health care services like schedule a visit with a doctor on-demand virtually with home comfort. The app works for both service providers and patients and offers versatile and mobile telemedicine systems to connect patients to remote providers and facilitate remote examinations.

Target Audience

An Appointment Booking App like Amwell targets patients and doctors both. Patients can visit their doctors for the check-up regularly, and doctors can widen their audience by providing virtual health support to patients out of their region.

Develop an appointment booking app like Amwell to a pioneer of the telehealth industry!

Wireframe & Design

We had to keep patients’ convenience in an emergency at the center and design the user journey to frontend design. Our focus resulted in stunning design as below.


During a user’s onboarding, the user will get a journey around the app and its fundamental to top features, with a transition demo.


To get complete access to the app and explore doctors and available health services in the city, a user will need to sign up on the app.

Home & Subscription

Once the scope of work was fixed, the team of designers started the UI/UX design process of the doctor appointment booking app like amwell.


The menu screen helps users to navigate to any option like order history, payment details, order status, etc.


Virtual doctor visits offer a safe environment to patients for health care and secure positive outcomes. The Medzone app ensures both parties get high-quality video and uninterrupted audio experience.


A user can choose the type of appointment they want to book with their doctor, online or offline, and schedule their appointment on-demand.

Have you got a similar app idea for telehealth services?

Technology Stack

To build an app like Amwell with aiming a superlative app functionality, we opted for the below eminent technology stack.