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The international success of Uber inspired every transportation service to follow its success mantra and surpass it in terms of popularity. This new wave of being inspired by Uber has been termed as “Uberization” and is spreading quite quickly in the logistics industry.

Are you one of those people too? Are you planning to develop a trucking app? Well, here is the cheat sheet to develop a popular on demand trucking app like uber freight!

Let’s start with a basic question though.

Why does the trucking industry need a mobile app?

Even in the digital age, some industries are still struggling with offline management of the business. The logistics and transportation industry is one of those. When Uber Freight was launched in the year 2017, they noticed how cluttered the industry was.

It took a lot of time, effort and multiple communication means to book a single shipment and get it going. A logistics management app can help resolve the issues and make the process faster. Transportation apps can increase the quality of services that trucking businesses offer.

Apart from management, another major issue that the industry faces are freight brokers. The intermediaries who have control over the industry. The booking process through these intermediaries usually takes 3 days as well as burn a hole in your pocket but with logistics and transportation mobile app the same work can be done in 30 minutes.

To inspire you more, here are some successful examples like Uber Freight!

uber for trucking


uShip is one of the most popular and largest online shipping marketplace as it is crafted to facilitate any kind of shipment requests. The platform cooperates with large companies as well as solo truckers.

It is user friendly and has a lot of advanced features for shippers, carriers, trucking businesses and even the brokers. The company is based in Austin, Texas and has a branch office in Amsterdam.


Established in the year 2013, Cargomatic is an outstanding example of uber for logistics industry. It is based in Long Beach, California and targets shippers and local trucking companies to help them fill their trucks for parts of a trip in which they don’t have full loads.

In August 2018, Cargomatic managed to raise $35 million in B series funding to rebuild and grow after a low stage of business development.

Cargomatic offers two apps - the shippers app and the drivers app. Moreover, it has transparent pricing policy as how much the driver earns is calculated on the basis of weight of goods and the distance they have moved.


Convoy, based in Seattle, is an online freight marketplace and one of the fastest growing start-ups. The company’s main aim of development was to bring about revolutionary changes in the on demand freight industry through the latest technologies.


Founded in the year 2013 and based in New York, Transfix is a company that offers online brokerage to achieve full truck load. The main idea of establishing Transfix was to help carriers find loads and make the arrangements with shippers easily and quickly.

Its application allows the users to track shipments in real time, receive notifications about the shipment’s status and upload pictures as a proof of delivery.

We hope that we managed to motivate you enough. Now, let’s discuss the essential steps to build a trucking app like uber freight!

Steps to Develop a Trucking App

Decide the kind of logistics app you want to build

There can be two scenarios in the case of logistics app development

First, that you already have an established business with a fleet of trucks and want to streamline and expand the business with the help of a mobile application.

Second, you want to build an app to create a marketplace where shippers can get in touch with carriers.

If you want to make an app like uber freight, then it works on the second model. It is a marketplace which allows the carriers to seamlessly get in touch with the shippers in their area.

Find a Professional App Development Company

It is a crucial step as it will affect your business in the long run. The essential qualities of any uber for trucks app is that it must be highly functional, easy navigation bar and a user friendly interface.

If you are new to the IT world, then you will be confused with the number of options available. Therefore, you need to carry out a thorough research, check previous client’s testimonials and a few other things to settle for the best mobile app development company that fits your requirements.

Validate your App Idea

Once you have found the right on demand app development company which matches your requirements, the next step is to validate your app idea. It includes an in depth market research to see if your app fits in the market or if some changes can be done to get better results.

Validating your app idea can prove to be an essential step as it will help to certify that all your efforts and investment to develop uber for trucking app don’t go in vain.

make an app like uber freight

Decide the Features for your Application

To start with, launching a minimum viable product is always the logical option. You can launch an MVP of your product, gather feedback from your users and develop a loyal customer base.

Moreover, you can add some unique features apart from the usual necessary ones to make the app even more attractive for the users.


A good logistics software has the potential to enrich your business, making you and your customers happy. Not only will it help to manage the supply chain and lower expenses with the help of advanced analytics, but it will also help you to find other ways to grow and eliminate possible risks.

So, we are sure that by now you are clear about what you need and what goes behind a trucking app development project. There are a number of factors to consider and steps to follow when you plan to build a successful logistics app like uber freight.

For instance, the revenue model you want to implement in the app, the features and the kind of UI/UX design you want in the app etc. Furthermore, you need to make sure that your application is absolutely transparent for all stakeholders.

To succeed in the long run, it is recommended to invest in a custom logistics management app that conveys your brand value.

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