Develop a Photo-Editing App like Pixlr

We all know that, at present, the online app market also known as App Store or Playstore is filled with thousands of applications. They are different mobile app types for different purposes. Photo Editing Apps also have a special occupancy into these and there are again many apps with kind of similar features. Also, there are some that have better quality and better functions but the purpose remains the same and that is "editing an image".

Since the usage of social sites like Instagram, Facebook, and more similar apps is increased, the photos sharing activity on such sites has also increased at an extend level. This is happening on a huge level and it's not just youth but every user is getting stimulated to share their own photographs over these sites. People love sharing pictures of what they are doing frequently. And hence, the need for editing photos has increased to a great extent.

Moreover, they are looking forward to making their pictures look better than other people using advanced photo editing app. This has given rise to the Photo Editing App Development. Furthermore, people start moving towards this niche so they can also set up their business around the same. Since the opportunity is good enough, there is no way you would want to miss out on it.

So, if you would like to hire Mobile App Developers and want to start with the creation of your own photo editing app, this is the right time. Moreover, this guide will get you to move up the ladder with the right instructions. So, let's start with the first step and move to further steps one by one:

Market Research

Whenever you start with a new venture, even if it's an online business with a mobile app, you require doing complete research about it. It involves knowing everything that is possible so you can provide your targeted users the best solution possible. And hence, make it certain that you don't miss out on checking what's working and what's not by keeping eyes on your competition.

What kind of functionalities are lacking and what a user requires apart from what already exists? Where is your audience based at and how you can reach them? And many questions like these come into the frame, one more addition to this questions, hiring a professional Photo Editing App Development Company.

How Does a Photo Editing App like Pixlr Function?

Well, although there are tons of options available, which work in the same manner as mentioned below, however, a few still come up with variety when it comes to filters and presets. Also, there are also quality variants such as image editing options. So, to make an application that stands out from the rest, ensure you make it functional in the most convenient way.

Users want extra options that can enhance the overall image quality and hence, provide them with that. Here is a quick mechanism to make you understand where you need to focus:

Registration: This is the very basic and first step in any application. Users have to register via email or similar ways to use the app.

Photo Upload an Image: This is the very basic and first step in any application. Users have to register via email or similar ways to use the app.

Use a Preset or Filter to enhance an Image: Once the image is uploaded to be shared on the app feed, there is another step where a user can make changes or basically edit the image slightly to make it look better. It can be done by applying the filter or a preset that enhances the overall image quality or appearance.

Edit an Image: This step basically involves cropping an image or adjusting certain things that are optional just as filters. But it also helps image get rid of unnecessary stuff. And hence, it is a must for an application that is meant for photo editing specifically. It further involves certain options like enhancing the contrast, highlights, saturation, blur effect, and more.

Save an Image: Once all the changes are made as per the users’ choice, they can save the image as a new image. It won't affect the old image that's already saved. Instead, it will get saved as a separate image in the folder.

Share an image: This option involves sharing the final or edited photo to various platforms such as Instagram or other.

Development Team for Photo Editing App like Pixlr

Once you have done your market research, it's time for you to opt for people who will be best suited for the making of your photo editing app. And hence, to create a Photo Editing App like Pixlr, you will need to get in touch with the following professionals:

UI/UX designer

Database Experts

QA Experts

A Project Manager

Android or iOS developers

Back-end developer

Front-end developer

Photo Editing App Development Company

Various Features (Basic and advanced) for Photo Editing App Development

A few crucial features to create a Photo Editing App like Pixlr are:



Save Photos

Collage Loading

Adjusting Brightness






Built-in Photo Timer

Short video creation




Crop a section of an image and re-save it to use it just like a sticker later

Personal account for users

Sync with Social media




Image Loading

Edit Photos

Eliminate red-eye

Whiten teeth

Rotate or Align or crop images


Effects powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence)


Various Templates

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Development for Photo-Editing App like Pixlr

Once you are sure with the list of what you want to equip your photo editing app with, it's time to create an MVP. An MVP i.e. Minimum Viable Product, basically, is created to test among a few trusted people like early adopters. Moreover, they are then able to help you with their feedback and you are able to improve the product. This further helps with the early marketing of your photo editing application.

Once you have made final changes to the app, you can then go ahead and launch it. Moreover, this is where marketing also comes into the frame. Moreover, various digital influencers also come into the frame, with the help of whom you can market your app even better.

Business Model to Make a Photo Editing Application

When it comes to investing in the creation of On-demand app development, it's crucial to figure out how you will make money out of your creation. This is the most important when you are looking forward to doing the long-lasting business. The business model for developing a Photo-Editing App like Pixlr involves the following options to generate revenue:

Adverts: Placing ads in an app is a great and widely used strategy for making money from an application or other websites. You can allow various brands to place ads if you have a huge user base. This way, they will pay a huge chunk of money to allow them to make users watch their product ads. What happens with this is that the users can click through to check it out further if they like the product advert.

Paid Applications: Well, this model basically means that you are putting your application out for users, however, you are only allowing access after the user pays for it. You may also create an option of premium or advanced features access when users opt for the paid version, keeping your app free for basic features.

In-app purchases: This model further involves providing an extra bunch of features, filters, or other stuff. Users can purchase these and use them to make their images better from the rest of the people who aren't using the paid options.

Photo Editing App Development Company

How to Calculate the Cost to develop a Photo-Editing App like Pixlr?

Well, when it comes to calculating the cost to make a photo editing application, various deciding factors are there. These are crucial to be taken into consideration as they keep changing with the advanced technology and market or user needs. And hence, let's get into these factors and understand how they impact the overall cost to develop a Photo-Editing App like Pixlr.

Different App Platforms for Photo Editing App Development

Choosing an app platform is the most important factor before you start with app development. This is because a single platform will cost you less as compared to an app that has multiple platforms. You can opt for iOS or Android or both as per your preference. The overall cost to develop a Photo-Editing App like Pixlr will vary as per the same.

And hence, the better budget you have the more user base you can reach as people use both of these platforms a lot. Moreover, opting for one platform can result in lesser reach.

Development team, Location, and time

When it comes to developing a Photo-Editing App like Pixlr from scratch, the team that is required to do the execution, the time for execution and their location play a crucial role. Depending upon how many people will work including photo editing app developers, application designers, testers, and more, the cost changes.

People who are based in India will charge lesser per hour as compared to people who are based out of India. They may be located in any part of the globe. And hence, as per the currency and costs of work based in the specific country, the overall cost will get impacted hugely.

Online payment model

In the case, if you have made a decision to make a Photo Editing App such as Canva or Pixlr, payment mode has to be decided too. Since everything now has become digital along with the payments too, it's crucial for your app to have an option of online payment. Moreover, it will enhance the cost of the Photo Editing App as new modes of digital payments are getting developed.

Various Features to develop a Photo Editing App

Well, the more features (basic and advanced) you are willing to add to your photo editing app the higher the cost will be. An application with basic features will cost a lot lesser than an app with too many features. If you are instilling a huge list of functions for the users, it will make them happy; however, you must keep your budget in mind. Moreover, the maintenance charges will also need to be kept in check.

If you hire a known company to make the photo editing app, the estimated cost of this app will be around $10000 to $30000 and even more. Moreover, depending upon what stack of technologies you are including in your app, the cost will go up or down accordingly.


Considering the tons of options available in the market, there is a huge competition when it comes to a Photo-Editing App. This is an old idea; however, if you bring out something unique that any other app doesn't have, you can leave a mark. Moreover, this is not the only way, you must ensure your photo editing app functions better with a good UI.

Moreover, it should have exceptional filters, image-enhancing options, etc., so the users feel excited to use it. They can also share their images, which will look a lot different than others, on multiple social platforms. This can act as a marketing strategy in the long run.

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